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35). No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell Steam Release Trailer

Developer: No More Room in Hell Team

Genre: Survival horror


A mod for Half-Life 2 that got too fun to only be featured as a simple mod, No More in Hell is inspired by the Living Dead Series, which means it’s about zombies. A lot of them. You take the role of one of the survivors after a Zombie apocalypse that must defend themselves until they’re rescued. So load your shotgun and fire away.

Shotgun? Who needs a shotgun with THESE guns? *points at muscles*

Using more than 30 weapons, including handguns and the aforementioned shotgun or even the mighty chainsaw, you must defend your shelter as if your digital life depended on it. Because it does. If you choose the objective mode, you actually have to look for the rescue vehicle, which will never be at the same place twice. And if you choose survival, you’ll have to tackle wave after wave of the zombie horde, until the vehicle comes to you.

Other survivors? No dude, it’s just me. TAKE OFF, NOW.

Either way, you need to be a team player and blow the brains out of any zombie you see. With critical acclaim and a continuous development, this not so little mod is expected to surpass expectations, which is a lot to say, because even now it’s really fun to play.

Abrasive Saw - NMRiH 1.10 Patch Highlight

34). Neverwinter

Neverwinter - Jewel of the North Trailer

Developer: Cryptic Studios

Genre: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Theme: Fantasy adventuring

Do you know about Dungeons & Dragons? The tabletop, pen and paper original RPG? If you don’t, suffice to say that all RPGs owe something to the granddaddy of them all. If you know about it, then you’re in for a treat, as Neverwinter is set in the world of D&D. Having just repaired a city and trying to expand a little, it turns out a crazy Lich Queen decides to attack and spoil everyone’s fun. It is up to adventurers like yourself to follow the plot and make everything right again, by killing lots of monsters and talking to everyone you encounter.

I get the feeling I should be attacking the giant spider rather than the ground.

The combat is not rolling a dice and waiting it to do something. Oh no. It is fast paced real time combat, with no auto attacks and no automatic targeting. You can choose between one of the eight classes of D&D, which are: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer and Warlock. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, and although you can play solo, it is geared more for party play than anything else, as you can then take a support role without fear of being too squishy for bosses.

Right in the neverwinter. *giggles*. Yes, I’m an adult, why do you ask?

Apart from all the loot and the well-crafted environments, you also have quite a unique feature: the Foundry. Feeling too bored with the available content? Well then, create your own and stop whining. The Foundry lets players do just that, technically offering infinite gaming possibilities. So hold my calls; I’ll be quite busy.

Neverwinter Gameplay First Look

33). War Thunder

War Thunder - 'Victory is ours!'

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment

Genre: Massive multiplayer online combat game

Themes: World War II, military history

So another one for war history enthusiasts, War Thunder allows the player to take control of several vehicles to wage war against your opponents. And I say vehicles because you can use either planes or tanks, which are designed with an emphasis in realism and as a tribute to their real world counterparts.

Fly with me, let’s just fly away. Dun du dun dun dun.

The matches are team-based, where you can take the role of a soldier of one of the featured nations, and you basically have to kill the other team. For aircraft, the nations are the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the Japanese Empire and the United States. For tanks, we have United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Russia.

Uhm, was this your wall? Sorry, it’s my first day.

But even if the combat is quite exhilarating, especially when soaring the skies with an enemy hot in your trail, if you are a hardcore fan, you can actually crank the difficulty to “realistic”, where the usual assistance is no longer found, and you really feel as if you are inside an airplane ready to fight. Or you can wait until April Fools day comes around and you can fly magical ponies. But still, it is quite an ambitious game that will definitely surprise you. So, give it a go, will you?

War Thunder Gameplay - Wild, Wild, Wildcat!

32). PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 Official Trailer -- Epic First Person Shooter!

Developer: Daybreak Game Company

Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Shooter

Themes: Futuristic warfare, sci-fi planet, war

Did you see the “Massively” right there in the genre? I wasn’t kidding. Imagine a first-person shooter with over 2000 players at the same time, and then stop imagining and play Planetside 2, for it is exactly that. Pledge allegiance to one of the three empires and fight for control of the planet Auraxis, winning over territory and becoming an unstoppable force of war.

Play “Ride of the Valkyries” for full effect. Tan ta ta TAN TAN!

You can be one of the several classes, ranging from heavy armored to engineers, each with its own weapons and abilities. So infiltrate a base secretly with the aptly named Infiltrator, or just blow everything up with the Heavy Assault. The point is to gain control of the hexagonal portions of the map, cooperating with hundreds or thousands of other players in a full blown war. Each territory has resources for the war effort, so it’s not just blindly attacking. Strategy goes a long way.

Cool guys look away from explosions.

It is one of the best free shooters out there, with plenty of futuristic and specialized guns that you can upgrade and acquire, researching new abilities and killing people of the opposing factions. Holder of the Guinness World Record for the biggest first-person shooter battle with 1158 players shooting at each other at the same time, you’ll probably find some action that will cater to your taste.

PlanetSide 2: Ep2 - Cover to Cover

31). Gems of War

Gems of War Promotional Trailer

Developer: Infinity Plus 2

Genre: Puzzle, Strategy

Theme: Fantasy, shiny jewels

You like all the RPG elements of a classic fantasy world, but think your games need less gore and more razzle dazzle? Well then, let’s step away from dirty battlefields and play with little shiny gems, as you take on the role of the leader of an adventurer band that will take on enemies and monsters, exploring different kingdoms and battling on a match-3 puzzle board.

Are you striking me with YOUR soul, or are you hitting mine? Because that’s rude.

What is a match-3 game, I hear you ask. Well, it’s basically a puzzle game where the objective is to move around the pieces in order to match 3 of the same type. But because we’re adventurers with magic, the little gems are not purely cosmetic: each of them corresponds to a certain attribute. So if you need a fire attack to be more effective, you have to match three little flames. Each character you unlock and use to play has a different ability, such as a healer that, well, heals, or a warrior that’s best suited to cracking skulls.

Hope you brought your walking shoes, because there’s a lot to explore.

There is of course a story mode, and each of the seventeen kingdoms offer 35 challenge matches, so there’s enough content to keep you busy. The PvP is separated, and you can either progress enough to battle human players in the Arena, or just invade their game and automatically play against an AI with their cards. So, casual and fun if you like to try, quite challenging if you obsess over being the best and grinding daily. Have fun with your jewels.

Gems of War: 0 Loss Arena Gameplay

30). WAKFU


Developer: Ankama Games

Genre: Tactical MMORPG

Themes: Fantasy, Sword and Magic, Drunk Pandas

In Wakfu, you need to defeat an ogre who murdered her love and cried for a thousand years atop a mountain. And that’s one of the weirdest sentences I’ve written. It makes sense in context. But whatever the goal, you must explore a colorful and rich environment with your hero, battling enemies in a square grid with sword, magic or fists. The world is yours to explore and change, so have a blast.

Break the laws of physics, I won’t judge.

You must first create a character, choosing from the 16 classes available. And don’t worry, this is not like other games where you hit the max level just to realize those shiny late-game abilities are actually boring: each character starts with all spells and abilities, with leveling up being used to strengthen the ones you actually like. Combat is turn-based and takes place in a grid, borrowing from tactical RPGs where position is as important as strength. So if you’re squishy, get yourself a tanky friend so no one touches you as you fling spells like a maniac.

Are we over or underwater? *Shrugs* I’ll just attack everything on sight.

Visually distinctive and cartoonish, Wakfu mixes a good amount of humor and serious combat, as well as beautifully designed characters and environments for the delight of your pupils. There is, in fact, a French cartoon based on the characters and world, and it has been a while since they launched a kickstarter to dub it to English. So if you fell in love with Wakfu, maybe that’s something you might want to check out.


Wakfu Boss Ultime Dragon Cochon

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