[Top 15] Best Ninja Games To Play Today

Top Ninja Games 2020
A character in a Warframe readies for an attack

15.The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game PC / PS4 / XBO

The Lego Ninjango Movie Video Game Gameplay 

It's a lego game with all the good and bad that that entails. A giant cast of characters and the spam of bolts everywhere this game still offers a lot of fun and value. Work through levels while wall running, high jumping, and slashing your way towards the end of the game.

One of the ninjas in the game rides a dragon into battle

14.Onimusha: Warlords PC / PS4 / XBO

Onimusha Gameplay

Intense swordplay, a fun story, and an amazing soundtrack are more than enough to carry you through this game. Test your abilities against enemies and bosses reminiscent of dark souls in their abilities and power behind their punch.

A woman kicks an enemy ninja in the head.

13. N++ PC / PS4 / XBO

N++ Gameplay 

Not a traditional ninja game but still tagged as one in N++ you meet difficult platforming perfected. At times it feels more like a rhythm game than a platform when you hit flow and start moving with the amazing soundtrack. 

The character jumps up walls to reach the goal

12. Ronin PC

Ronin Gameplay 

Ronin is a bit slower than the rest of the games on this list falling into the turn based side of action platformers. Sneak your way through the levels and assassinate anyone who gets in your way and use the combos and special attacks at your disposal when things start getting a little dicey.

The titular character runs an enemy through while enemies take aim.

11. Mini ninjas PC

Mini Ninjas Gameplay 

Mini ninjas is a 3d action game that puts you in a cute world just brimming with potential for exploration. With either enemies or secrets around every corner you can discover you'll enjoy every moment. In combat, fight your enemies directly or use a sneak attack to get the upper hand, no matter your playstyle there's enjoyment to be found. 

A character dodges an enemy while a giant enemy looms over them.

10. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 PC / PS4/ XBO

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay

The ultimate ninja storm games are flashy kinetic fighting games based on the popular anime Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden. Letting you play as almost any character from the anime with attacks based off of scenes from the anime, ultimate ninja storm is the dreams of any fan of the series.

One of the characters from the cast unleashes his devastating ultimate attack.

9. The Messenger PC / PS4 / XBO

The Messenger Gameplay 

A love letter and spiritual successor to the classic franchise Ninja Gaiden. The Messenger has you take control of where you jump and slash your way through the levels. With a Castlevania Symphony of the Night like Gameplay change, this game cannot be missed.

The character jumps preparing an attack against a boss

8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PC

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Gameplay

Not a conventional ninja game but it feels like you're playing as one. Revengeance is a platinum game and it wears that badge on it's sleeve. Revengeance challenges you to hack, slash, and dodge your way through enemies and bosses while marveling at the game's setpieces.

Character slashes enemy with trail following the sword

7. Strider PC / PS4 / XBO

Side Scrolling fast paced action is what this game offers. Still technically a ninja but more punch them in the face approach than take them out from behind. If you like Metroidvania type games this is the game for you, pulling together the large worlds and action oriented gameplay with constant additions to the toolkit you have at your disposal. 

Strider dodges a blast.

6. Shadow Warrior 2 PC / PS4 / XBO

Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay 

A ninja with guns, swords, and magic. Not the usual sneak up and take them out approach but it definitely works, combining the kinetics of a first person shooter with swordplay and magic make this game one you cannot forget.

Character runs a chainsaw through an enemy creating a spray of blood

5. Mark of the ninja PC / PS4 / XBO

Mark of the Ninja Gameplay 

Mark of the ninja blends side scroller platforming with stealth action to truly make you feel like a ninja. Sneak up on enemies, assassinate them and move on while trying to make it through to the end.

The character walks on the ceiling sneaking past enemies

4. Nioh PC / PS4

Nioh Gameplay 

Nioh has gameplay reminiscent of FromSoftware games. Meaning a tough challenge rewarding gameplay and creative enemies. Slash through your enemies as you work towards the gratification of taking another one down. 

Characters fight a giant demon with a variety of the available weapons

3. Warframe PC / PS4 / XBO

Warframe Gameplay 

The concept behind Warframe is an MMO space ninja game. Pick different suits of armor to power yourself up while taking on missions on a variety of planets. Expect all the trappings of a free to play MMO but beneath it, all rests a solid game that asks but never begs for your money.

Character takes aim while enemies are closing in from behind 

2. Katana Zero PC

Katana Zero Gameplay

Fans of Hotline Miami's intentional gameplay will instantly love Katana Zero. Move through levels while carefully planning what enemies you plan on taking out and when. Patience is key when learning where to strike and when to hold back.

Character dashes through an enemy

1.Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PC / PS4 / XBO

Sekiro gameplay

From the makers of dark souls expect nothing less than a brutal and fair challenge. In Sekiro you make your way through a world full of monsters and bosses. Standoff against a variety of enemies and use the game's new grapple hook mechanic to traverse through the world. 

Enemy misses a strike against the main character while the main character prepares to strike. 

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