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53). Fistful of Frags

Fistful of Frags 3.9 - Do you want to shoot?

Developer: Fistful of frags team

Genre: Action, Shooter, Indie

Themes: Wild west shooting.

Enough with the improbable and unrealistic weapons. Let’s go back to a simpler time, a more brutal time, when men were men, women were women, and guns were slow and crappy to aim with. Let’s go back to the wild west, where tumbleweeds and trains decorated each and every town and you could murder anyone you didn’t like.

And everything looked like a Clint Eastwood movie

In a Fistful of Frags (a not so subtle tribute to the movie a Fistful of Dollars), you are part of a team of different players, be it cowboys or bandits, that has to kill another team of cowboys or bandits. And that’s basically it. You can use old timey rifles and shotguns, which are slow but pack quite a punch, revolvers, tomahawks, axes or your fists. You can even kick a fool and make him fall down a flight of stairs, for all I care. Just have fun.

And don’t forget your face mask. Wild west towns are dusty.

With a small but dedicated community, it would be a shame that this game went into obscurity. After all, it’s really well implemented, maintained and executed. So have a go at it, and start shooting people while making your best cowboy impression.

Wild West Shooter-Fistful of Frags

52). The Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - E3 2015 Teaser Trailer

Developer: Bethesda

Genre: Trading Card Game (TCG)

Themes: Fantasy.

Too much running around for your taste? You like strategy but also a game with well thought lore and characters? Look no further, for The Elder Scrolls Legends the whole history of the franchise into one Trading Card Game that’s sure to make you happy.

You can’t go wrong with the lizard people. They will rule the world, I tell you.

Drawing inspiration from other card games, this game encourages to collect new cards to build decks and battle other people. You do the battling part by using creature and equipment cards, and making them clash with your opponent’s cards. Apart from the Elder Scrolls Lore, what sets this game apart is the lane system, in which the location of the card will determine how effective it’ll be, for you can only attack creatures in the same lane, be it the left, middle or right one.

Although it is a card game, there are plenty of dramatic explosions. Hope the table doesn’t burn down.

Albeit new to the Trading Card Gaming scene, the official site does offer tutorials for beginners and advanced strategies, and the cards themselves draw from every game and piece of lore of the whole saga, so it’ll have something for fans and non-fans alike.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Gameplay Overview

51). Marvel Heroes 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 Has Arrived! - Launch Trailer

Developer:  Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios

Genre: Massively multiplayer online action role-playing

Themes: Superheroes.

Chances are you like superheroes. And why wouldn’t you? Even if you’re not a fan of the comics, the movies are quite enjoyable and action packed, with colorful heroes and villains. And with Marvel being such a big hit these days, wouldn’t you like to actually control one of their amazing heroes? To thwart a supervillain plot of world domination? To wreck whole city blocks, while wearing cool armor? Well then, Marvel Heroes is for you.

Admit it Hulk, this actually makes more sense than purple shorts.

In this MMOARPG (that’s quite an acronym), you take your superhero and basically fight anything you would expect him to fight, from faceless spandex wearing goons to supervillains and even other superheroes. But this is an action RPG, so you’ll attack and dodge in real time, with no auto-target, except for abilities that make sense. As you level up and complete quests, you’ll obtain different powers, abilities and items that will help you smash your enemies, investing in several character-specific ability trees and unlocking new characters.

Team up and irresponsibly open fire in a crowded city, with no regard for human life. It’s awesome.

So jump in and show the world you too can shout catchphrases while mowing down hordes of nameless villains. Or just troll everyone with Deadpool. Your choice.

Marvel Heroes 2016 Gameplay (PC HD)

50). DC Universe Online

Throwback Thursday! Relive The Original Cinematic Trailer for DC Universe Online!

Developer: Daybreak Game Company

Genre: Action combat MMO

Themes: Superheroes

So, not satisfied yet? What about not choosing an existing superhero, but creating one? Or how about a villain? Take control of your own custom-made superhero and get thrown into an apocalyptic scenario inside the DC universe, where you’ll decide the outcome of the Earth.

If you want to do so by shouting, be my guest. It apparently works.

As I said before, you have the liberty of creating your own character, choosing gender, features, personality and abilities. Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll join either the Justice League or The Society (depending on alignment), and continue leveling up and investing points in abilities and powers to make your own creation a force to be reckoned with. Combat is largely similar to other action oriented MMOs, so you’ll run around punching and countering enemies in large stages.

Wave that chain in the air as if you don’t care.

Apart from constant updates and DLCs, you’ll find a series of seasonal events and missions, that will only be available for a month or so, making them an exciting change of pace for your character. So, if you want a universe that’s a little grittier and a little different, but still plagued by supervillains and superheroes, this is your game.

Preview: War of the Light Part II! New DLC Just Announced!

49). Freestyle2: Street Basketball

FreeStyle2: Street basketball- Buzzer Beater Cinematic Trailer

Developer: JCEntertainment

Genre: Sports, Online Multiplayer

Themes: Street basketball, Hip-Hoop (pun lifted from the official website, don’t judge me)

Who says every online game must be about monsters, robots and swords? What about some love for sports? Welcome to Freestyle 2: Street Baskteball, where you will dribble and score in style with or against your friends, playing matches and earning virtual street cred.

The angrier you look, the better you play.

The matches are played in a half court, with street basketball rules. These aren’t so different from normal rules, and they are explained both in-game and on the website. You play 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3, with statistics and points awarded according to your performance. You can then use these points to buy skills, clothes and accessories, with real money being an option too.

Pictured: Normal street clothes, obviously.

The graphics are cell shaded, and both the visual design and the music is crafted to match a Hip-Hop vibe, but also allows for a multitude of silly costumes. So prepare for an urban style with lots of shirtless dudes with updates that introduce martial artists and Mexican hats.

Ace of Wulin

48). Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla Open Beta Trailer

Developer: Blue Mammoth Games

Genre: 2D Fighting Platformer

Themes: Lots of fighting, colorful characters

If you want quick matches, colorful characters and not a second of bothersome plot details, Brawlhalla has you covered. With the simple idea of having fun with entertaining and fast paced brawls, this 2D action packed fighting platformer is lightweight in memory size but quite addictive.

I love how the guy on the left has a smirk while hiding from the action.

Characters range from knights, cowboys and samurais to undead and Vikings, so you’ll find plenty of options. Every one of them has two weapons, different stances and many alternate appearances. The movesets are unique yet structured the same way: you have a quick attack, a heavy attack and you can throw stuff.

Everyone has a similar moveset, and some characters even have the same kind of weapons, so you’ll find that all the lance users like stabbing from a distance. However, depending on the character you choose, you will find they each have a signature move. So if you can master a mace wielding character, you’ll be able to play with other characters who uses  a mace, but will still find it fun to try new characters.

You know you’re in trouble if you start leaving puffs of smoke around.

With constant updates, a simple yet complex gameplay and a variety of characters to choose from, and the fast pace of the matches (and the fact you don’t need to sink hours of gameplay to have fun), I cannot stress how simply addictive this game can become. Beware, but definitely play it.

Overview of Brawlhalla Season 1 Gameplay Changes

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