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29). Defiance

[NSFW] Defiance Free-to-Play Launch Trailer

Developer: Trion Worlds Inc.

Genre: Action, Adventure, MMORPG

Themes: Post-apocalyptic world, lots of guns

*With cinematic trailer voice* In a world where Earth has collapsed into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, lawless groups scour the land in search for stronger technology. You must choose one of the different factions, strap on a gun, and go find an adventure.

Boom! Or your death. Depends on skill, really.

A third person shooter with an overabundance of giant mutated monsters, you are given the opportunity to explore the open world and change it as you see fit. There is no reset button, so if you crashed and burned into a rock, next time you are by that rock you’ll see your charred hopes and dreams again. Loot is to be found everywhere, and even if you choose a race and alignment, those purely determine how you start, as no weapon or ability is barred for any “class” or “race”, so you can just pick up every single weapon you’d like.

Sonic has seen better days. Kill it with fire!

The combat is fluid and the enemies are quite well designed, so it is quite satisfactory to mow the floor with them. You will find quests and missions, and many other players too, so you have everything you need to have a good time. It also bears to say that this is a tie-in with the TV show of the same name, so if you’re crazy about lore and the story, you have an entire different medium to keep exploring this crazy and dirty world.

Defiance – Gameplay


HAWKEN - Official Launch Trailer

Developer: Reloaded Games

Genre: Vehicular combat, First-person shooter

Themes: Mecha suits shooting at each other

We have plenty of games in which players shoot at each other. They’re fun, they’re quick, and they satisfy our violent needs in a harmless way. But it’s time to bring the big guns now. Instead of being soldiers with an unrealistic tolerance for bullet wounds, Hawken lets you control a mechanized suit as you kite through the battlefield looking for other heavy metal murder machines, in an effort to shoot them until they explode.

Everyone knows the shark paint makes it more resistant to gunfire.

Played from a firsr-person point of view, you control a biped battle mech that falls under one of three categories: A-class, B-class, and C-class. A-class are light and agile, but not as well armored as the heavy but slow C-class, with the B-class falling in-between. But don’t expect the heavy ones to take a single step every hour, as each mech is equipped with booster packs and can slide through the ground with deadly grace. Weapons have infinite ammo, although they can overheat, so fire away but…responsibly, I guess?

Nothing like a searing-hot steel ball to melt competition away.

Its different game modes involve team versus team battles, where you have different objectives from collecting Energy Units (so you can launch your team’s battleship to the enemy base) to just killing every enemy you see. With its nine maps and constantly introducing new vehicles, it is not a game you can whine about not having enough variety. The level up system that lets you customize your mech with new items or paintjobs, as well as acquiring and customizing new mechs, so this is the perfect game for people who like lots of ammo and robotic battles.

Hawken Dev Stream - Friday Fun - 1 / 2

27). World of Speed

World of Speed: Race the World!

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios

Genre: Racing

Themes: Cars. Lots of them.

Here’s something for all car aficionados. Embark in the frenetic world of urban racing, going around the globe as fast as your car will let you. Be it alone or as a part of a team, World of Racing will deliver high octane races for everyone who dares.

In case you forgot which game you were playing, here’s one giant reminder.

The car models come directly from the heavy hitting auto companies such as Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Renault, etcetera, so expect to drive everyday your-grandma-make-own vehicles to luxury you-must-sell-your-liver-to-afford supercars. Races are of course the main focus, but there is a constant stream of challenges and team-based competitions, where coming first gives you points, but doing it in style gives you more. You can even crash into someone else who’s trying to complete a challenge, if you’re feeling particularly evil-minded.

Just try not to crash because you were distracted by the shiny lights, ok?

An unusual entry for multiplayer online games, it offers a refreshing experience to those who are fed up with so many bullets and instead crave for speed and internal combustion engines. So give it a ride, and try not to hit too many buildings.


World of Speed - Alpha gameplay 201626.

26). Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot Game Trailer

Developer: Kabam

Genre: Card Game

Themes: Medieval Fantasy

An exclusive title for mobile devices, Heroes of Camelot will let you become a hero… of Camelot. Pretty self-explanatory. What you don’t know yet, though, is that you will have to use wits and patience to ultimately defeat the Black Knight, enemy of King Arthur and Merlin. Recruit your allies and take control of legendary characters as you battle your way to fame.

Without this game you can be cool, but you’ll never be I’m-riding-a-battle-wolf cool.

You do so by collecting and upgrading cards that represent your character. Quite simple compared to other games, your entire team shares both health and attack, and it’s a matter of reducing the enemy’s health to zero before he can do the same to you. The abilities of each card are what make or break the match, and they all can be leveled up with enough experience and patience.

Remember the schoolyard “My father can beat yours” drama? Father Maleficent is the winner, hands down.

Another feature that is sadly missing from many card games but is included in this one, is the opportunity of create and customize your own guild, making friends and banding up to take on bigger and more difficult bosses. So, given the simplicity of the gameplay and the quick and enjoyable pace, this is great for both adults and kids to enjoy.

Heroes of Camelot Android Game Play (HD)

25). Street Warriors Online

Street Warriors Online

Developer: Crazy Rocks Studio

Genre: Action, Fighting, Online Multiplayer

Themes: Street fighting

When you’re playing an online capture the flag match, do you often ditch your weapons and go full melee on your naïve enemies? If you said yes, you fun psycho, Street Warriors Online is for you, as it features team matches with nothing but your fists and feet, and the occasional flying barrel.

Do a barrel roll! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Set in the underworld of street brawls, you must team up with a bunch of other fighting enthusiasts and beat the crap out of the enemy team. Simple, violent and fun. You can either choose to be a quick Swarmer with health regeneration, a heavy-hitting Bruiser, or the all-around balanced Slugger. You also have lots of attacks at your disposal, but will have to earn experience to unlock them and customize your fighter. So if you want to be a specialized dropkick master (why wouldn’t you), you’ll have to earn by punching people. And that’s a sweet progression system, right there.

Nothing personal, I just want to punch harder and your face is great practice.

Being a game in development, it nonetheless has a great variety of clothes and power-ups (in the form of cards you unlock through more fighting). The objectives of each match are quite standard for team online matches, so you have your usual capture the flag variation, the conquer a territory, and the fan-favorite death-match. So knuckle up, and see you on the streets. The virtual ones, mind you, I don’t really encourage you to go out and punt a puppy or anything. Just good and harmless fun.

Street Warriors Online - 7 minutes of gameplay capture the bag HD 60 FPS

24). Echo of Soul

Echo Of Soul - Announcement Trailer

Developer: Nvius


Themes: Fantasy, sword and magic

The World Tree is in danger (haven’t we had this problem before? No?). You have flashy weapons, magic and a thirst for adventure. Logic dictates you must quest to the unknown, battle monsters and pick up whatever isn’t nailed to the ground, in this fast paced online world where you reap (and thus, rip) the souls of your enemies to strengthen your own abilities.

You also get to smash strangely looking robots (that heap of parts on the left) with a giant sword.

You can play as one of five classes: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, and Sorceress. With a more traditional MMORPG gameplay in mind, you will use your abilities by clicking on them or using hotkeys, targeting enemies and dishing out damage. Experience is abundant and level progression is actually fun and not a chore, so you won’t have to wonder if the bazillion enemies you just obliterated actually helped you in any way. And when you’re tired of battle, you can actually pick up a hobby, such as alchemy or cuisine.

Or killing more stuff.

Perhaps one of the most fun experiences is being part of a guild, and then declaring war on another guild. The battles that ensue will make sure no one crosses you again… or make you so hated you will be crossed again, constantly. But barring any warmongering tactics, this game offers a fun yet more traditional experience, with lots of dungeons and quests that can actually be replayed as a stronger version of themselves, so you will always have something to do. And before you go, do keep in mind that the developers actually have a free companion app that lets you manage stuff from outside your PC, so that’s quite handy, too.


Echo of Soul - EP 018 [No Commentary]

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