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23). Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb: Scrubs Trailer

Developer: Splash Damage

Genre: First Person Shooter, Action

Themes: Radiological aftermath, shooting people

Set in London so everyone knows that the US is not the only place where videogames take place, this first-person shooter will throw you into the aftermath of a radiological attack. The ensuing chaos is perfect for a trigger happy crew of mercenaries who will wage a street war against each other.

It's quite difficult to throw a grenade with such a big backpack, but it’s worth it.

You choose three mercs from the available characters, with the option to freely change to one of them between lives. As in, you cannot change while playing, but you can do so when waiting to respawn. Separated into teams of two, players must then fulfill objectives before their enemies do the same in order to win. And of course, these objectives always include a healthy dose of bullets, as they’ll have you plant bombs and defend extraction vehicles, among other things.

There’s also an unusual amount of spanking, it seems.

Apart from the obvious upside of being a fun shooting game, players can obtain several cards with different level of rarity. These cards will give different customization options, from new hats to augmentations, so you can move faster and look more dandy. Being that each merc comes with a specific pack of weapons and abilities, you’ll find the gameplay to be varied enough to keep playing past the point where it’s healthy to have so much fun.

Dirty Bomb: Aimee - Merc Role-Call

22). Double Action: Boogaloo

Double Action in One Second

Developer: Double Action Factory

Genre: Action, FPS

Themes: Sylish gunfights

Have you ever watched a John Woo movie before? Because you’re actually going to play in one of them. Double Action is not about shooting your enemy, but rather shooting them in style.

That is both impractical and awesome.

Originally a mod for the Source engine, Double Action places players in the shoes of characters with no discernible or deep backstory, instead just being cool or silly avatars of all your stuntman dreams. You must proceed to battle opponents, survive checkpoints, capture a briefcase full of money or be the first to take down a wanted criminal.

And scaring the sh*t out of doves.

Being able to choose from five “style skills” (marksman, athlete, bouncer, reflexes, nitrophiliac) that augment an aspect of gameplay, such as the slow motion or how hard your fists hit, this game will have you wondering how can something so silly be so fun.

Double Action Boogaloo Gameplay 2 (No Commentary)

21). The Expendabros

The Expendabros Launch Trailer

Developer: Free Lives

Genre: Action, Side-Scroller

Themes: Pixelated action movie

Taking a hint from “The Expendables” movie, Broforce the game has evolved into this free to play 2D mayhem called the Expendabros, where the pixelated graphics don’t actually obscure that much the bloody limbs and the awesome explosions. The plot loosely follows the movie, but you only need to know that you and your aging but still cool bros are going to kill some bad dudes.

Love it how they’re like “What?” even when they are already falling to their death.

The levels are sweet and short, and the objective is simply to get to the end while killing everything in your path. To this effect, you must choose one of the 7 different characters inspired by the movie. The thing is that each of them have different weapons, like guns or knives, and abilities like climbing vertical terrain. So even if you play the same stage over and over again, each character will offer a completely new experience.

I hadn’t even noticed I had to save something, with all the death-blades around.

A nice little feature is that the environment is actually destructible, so if you want to avoid a trap, you can actually just explode the ground under it and tunnel your way through. It also warms my heart that this game features local co-op, seeing how rare it has become, so even if you’re connection goes down for God knows what reason, you’ll still be able to play with a buddy in your computer. What are you waiting for? Go explode some pixelated butt.

Stumpt Plays - EXPENDABROS - #1 - Flex Your Pecs!! (4 Player Gameplay)

20). Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet [Trailer]

Developer: Fishing Planet LLC

Genre: Sports, simulation

Themes: Fishing

Fishing Planet is about exploring the vast underground fortress of… just kidding. It’s about fishing. But not any kind of fishing, though. What this game has in store for you is deep, visually stunning and nerve relaxing fishing. You’ll strive to lure the biggest and meanest fish, while using your dexterity and specialized equipment to capture a true river monster.

Nothing that can bend my fishing rod so much is going to be cute, I assure you.

The fishing is done through an interface that makes you take control of direction of the pitch, the reel speed, how you move the rod, etcetera. Be careful not to break the line, and scout for the best area to corner that sneaky fish that you’ve been trying to catch. As a sportfishing simulator, there is great care placed in the different equipment you can unlock, with each having its own characteristics and advantages depending on what you’re fishing. Cheap and low quality bait will be good for Panfish, but Channel Catfish might be a little more picky.

They won’t comment on your hat, though, so go nuts.

With each fish caught giving you experience and access to more and better areas, the game offers you a progression system that’s natural and gives you something to work for, even if you’ve had a session of bad luck. All in all, relaxing but quite complex, this is one simulator that will de-stress you without all the mosquito-bites.

The Alligator Gar Hotspot - Fishing Planet Gameplay w/leeroy

19). Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul: Launch Trailer

Developer: Team Bloodlust

Genre: Action MMORPG

Themes: Martial Arts, Fantasy

A Korean martial arts game, Blade and Soul offers the opportunity to reach into your inner lifeforce and launch a chi attack that will knock the sock off anyone who opposes you. Guided into a path of betrayal and combat, you must overcome your enemies and unlock the true power within.

And apparently, my power within is just a giant squirrel. Figures.

Tailored as any MMORPG with character customization, item gathering, quest fulfilling and enemy slaying, Blade and Soul does something really well: combat. It’s quick, seamless and encourages (and is quite dependent on, honestly) combos, making it closer to a fighting game than other titles in this list. The moves are flashy and fun to watch, so you’re sure to spend an inordinate amount of time honing your battle skills. Of course you will have masters that guide you and help you obtain new skills, but because you have an open world and many challenges, it’s up to you how you want to progress.

Like progressing into the stomach of this fool with my flaming shoe.

Being an MMORPG, character customization is quite expansive, as you’ll always find new items to fiddle with, ranging from the useful to the silly. If you want to become a martial arts master but dread exercise, behold your fun alternative. Good luck.

Blade & Soul - Kung Fu Master Gameplay - Part 2 - 1080p

18). Unturned


Developer: Smartly Dressed Games

Genre: Survival horror, open world

Themes: Zombies, cube graphics.

Have you ever dreamed of being naked in a zombie apocalypse, where everything kinda looks like a cube? If you have, you seem like a fun weirdo, and we should definitely hang out. But even if not, Unturned will totally persuade you that you’ve been missing out, as you loot and fight your way through hordes of the undead.

Just be happy no one expects you to clean up afterwards.

At the beginning of the game, you get thrusted into the map without anything. You must then proceed to find and loot tools and weapons that will help you against a never-explained undead assault. But this is “survival”, remember? So you also need to guard off cold, starvation, thirst and disease. This complicates matters, of course, but will let you explore and come up with nifty strategies that will offer an engaging experience that will have you figuratively glued to your seat.

Don’t know if a zombie or a player that hasn’t slept for days.

The multiplayer mode is lots of fun, too, as you can share and cooperate between players. Or, if the server allows for it, backstab everyone and steal all their guns and explosives, strapping yourself with inordinate amounts of C-4, and run into a mob of zombies head-first.

It’s also interesting to note that this game was done by a single young adult (is that how you call them? I feel old). Call me dramatic, but to think this was done by a 18 year old while I have never developed a videogame makes me feel a little useless. Whatever, I get to play the game for free and receive constant updates without actually doing something productive, so ha!

Unturned ➤ Diamond City Base Expansion! - Fallout Wasteland [Unturned Gameplay]

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