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47). World of Tanks

World of Tanks: 9.0 Update Trailer

Developer: Wargaming Minsk

When we talk about war games, we usually control a soldier on the battlefield. And that’s fun, for sure, but sometimes you just need a little artillery in your life. Enter World of Tanks, where you are thrown inside a virtual but realistic tank, in a battle for survival against an enemy team.

Sniping is more fun when you know you’ll leave a flaming crater on the ground.

The gameplay is basically either a deathmatch where you have to eliminate the enemy team before they destroy you, or a capture the base mechanic, where you must hold a certain position to win. The maps are randomly generated, and the tanks are divided into several categories, including light, heavy, medium and so forth. The designs are based either on historical tanks, designs that were never built but existed, and creative tanks that have never existed. To further make customization possible, tank parts can be upgraded separately, so you can pick and mix guns and armor.

Or if you don’t care for design and planning, you can ram into the enemy and hope for the best.

With an interesting concept and fun execution, World of Tanks will please both the hardcore military history buff and the casual admirer of artillery-caused explosions. Be careful where you aim.

World of Tanks PC - The Grand Finals 2016 - Top 10 Moments

46). Elsword

Elsword Official - New Promo Trailer

Developer: KOG

Genre: Hack n’ slash, sidescroller, MMOARPG

Themes: Manga-like characters, Swords and magic.

Continuing with the 2D theme for a little longer, here comes another title that will make you appreciate quick combat on top of platforms. This time is the sidescroller adventure called Elsword, where you create a character with powers and abilities that let you interact with a colorful world brimming with action, monsters and rivals. And it’s an MMORPG, so you can make friends and punch enemies until you faint from exhaustion.

Or punch friends and make enemies. I won’t judge you.

Inspired by the Japanese comics called Manga, this cell shaded game will bring plenty of over the top magic attacks, big weapons and big monsters. You can collect new items by killing stuff, as well as leveling up your character and investing your experience points in new abilities and attacks. All while you explore a sidescrolling world that’s surprisingly deep for only being 2D.

Oh, and don’t forget gravity defying hairstyles. It has those too.

With so many different customization options, it will be difficult to find someone who looks exactly the same as you, as you create your very own strangely attired party. So hop in alone or with a friend, and let the fight begin.

Elsword Rose gameplay (Random Leveling)

45). Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Open Beta Trailer

Developer: Robot Entertainment

Genre: Action, Strategy

Themes: Humorous fantasy, Orc slaying.

With so much seriousness going around in some of the entries of this list, it is refreshing to see a game that provides a more tongue-in-cheek experience, and still can get deep and enjoyable. In Orcs Must Die! Unchained, you have to…well, kill orcs. With funny voiced characters and a humongous amount of traps.

So many body parts, so little time.

This is a Tower Defense mixed with a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. What this means is that you’ll have a path to defend from hordes of evil minions that will try and destroy your base, and you can do that by placing traps and using your character (hero) and his or her different abilities to exterminate the enemy before your base becomes rubble. With different heroes, plenty of traps, ranks to gain and upgrades to find, you’ll definitely spend time planning and customizing until your murder-stages are just right.

If I smile, no one will notice I’m running the hell away.

With the option to battle other players and send minions of your own, or just teaming up with your friends, Orcs Must Die! Unchained deserves to have an exclamation mark in the middle of its name.


44). Warframe

Developer: Digital Extremes

Genre: Action, Shooter

Themes: Space combat, ancient races, space ninjas

What’s better than being an awesome space ninja in a highly detailed galaxy, with awe inspiring spaceships full of sparkly lights and weird looking, hostile aliens? Being part of a TEAM of space ninjas, of course. Warframe will let you do that when controlling a “Tenno”, master of blade and gun, in a futuristic and carnage-filled deep space conflict.

Dashing through your skull, in a sci-fi spaceship hall. It’s Christmas.

A third person shooter, Warframe lets you cooperate with other players in order to assault enemy forces in a multitude of stages, using various skills and abilities specific to your own warframe (that’s what we’re calling armor, ok?). You keep playing, you keep unlocking warframes and abilities, being able to tackle more and more difficult objectives.

You will need a bigger gun if… Oh, nevermind.

With constant updating, fluid and fast gameplay and animations, and a cool factor that cannot be measured without making up new words, Warframe is an excellent cure for that space gun-wielding ninja itch you didn’t know you had.


Warframe Profile: Loki

43). World of Warships

World of Warships Exclusive E3 Trailer—The Storm

Developer: Lesta Studio, Wargaming

Genre: MMO

Themes: Warships, warfare

From the makers of World of Tanks, we have another war game that will satisfy your desire for explosions and military warships. World of Warships lets you take command of giant, floating killer ships and sail away to adventure and conflict.

By the way, that is an unacceptable landing technique.

The game is played in team matches, with each player controlling a different ship. Through teamwork, careful planning, dumb luck and lots of explosions, your objective is to sink the enemy team and protect your teammates. Easier said than done, though, as each ship has its own classification (destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers), and thus will vary in armor, speed, firepower and how cool they look. To make matters even more unique, each ship has access to a different tech tree (determined by their allegiance to one of the 8 different navies) that will allow you to level up and strive to have the biggest, meanest warship of all.

I just killed a seagull, destroyed a plane and sunk a warship. Ok, I actually just shot randomly. Don’t judge.

Because you get paired with people of your own level, it is easy to enjoy it as a beginner or advanced player. So you can shoot blindly and hope for the best, enjoying the resulting fireworks, or get really serious and use the historic and detailed vessels to brew the best strategy you can. Either way, I’m sure your warmongering hours will be epic.

United States Navy Gameplay Video

42). Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Free-to-Play Launch Trailer

Developer: Cryptic Studios


Themes: Space combat and exploration

Based on the popular TV show that spawned a successful series of movies, Star Trek Online offers you the opportunity to take on the role of a starship captain and fly into the galaxy, managing resources and completing missions for your chosen faction. And you’re at war, by the way, so try not to die or get your crew killed.

And try not to start a diplomatic incident by correcting Klingon pronunciation, either.

As a captain, you have the option of completing missions and upgrading your ship, waging war or exploring different planets. You can do so by yourself, by using your crew as an armchair tyrant, or joining up with other players. And you can do all that with a truly unique character, as the amount of options between races, skills and ships will make you able to tailor your game to your exact needs.

Even if your needs are to destroy everything that reminds you of your Tetris-based frustrations.

With lots of detailed lore for anyone who really likes the Star Trek universe, but just enough information for anyone who would rather just start shooting at things and teleporting to unknown planets, this is one game that continues to expand and please their player base. And with more than 5 years’ worth of updates and expansions, there’s always something to do.

Star Trek Online - Mirror Invasion Event 2015

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