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I face you, monster, with a raging heart and a full wallet.

11). Hearthstone

Hearthstone -- The Tavern Is Open Trailer

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Genre: Collectible Card Game, Strategy

Themes: Sword and magic, Fantasy

A new take on the characters of the gaming juggernaut that is World of Warcraft, here comes this collectible card game to guarantee hours of simple yet addictive fun. So get ready for spellcasting mages and backstabbing rouges, with hundreds of different cards to choose from, and nine different heroes that will be your face on the battlefield. And although their names might be familiar to Warcraft players, as they include Uther Lightbringer, Valeera Sanguinar and Garrosh Hellscream, among others, they fall under more recognizable classes for the uninitiated, such as druid, hunter, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock and warrior.

Is it wrong if I choose based on how good the gear looks?

The chosen hero impacts the battle in two ways: first, there are some cards that are only useable with one or two heroes. Second, every one of them has a different ability, such as summoning extra troops or damaging the other hero directly. As with other card games, you must use creature, spell and weapon cards to reduce your opponent’s life to 0, winning the match and giving you bragging rights. But Hearthstone is different in that it chooses speed and simplicity as the main focus: the cards have few stats, they must be played before a countdown timer expires, and you cannot interrupt the opponent’s turn.

Even when it’s painfully obvious you should try to make it stop.

Simple and quick, yet complex and engaging, Hearthstone is a very easy game to start playing immediately, but will require ability and patience to truly master.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - Mage vs. Shaman

10). Rift

RIFT: 5 Year Anniversary Trailer

Developer: Trion Worlds


Themes: Fantasy, interdimensional shenanigans

Trapped in Telara, the place where different planes and dimensions intersect, are big nasty dragons that want to conquer and enslave civilization, as they are prone to do. Being either a pious Guardian or a scientific Defiant, your task is to kick the interdimensional pests from the Rift they came through. And you’ll do just that with pointy weapons, magic and awesome mounts. Buckle up, for it’s quite the ride.

You get to ride an amphibian shark. Enough said.

So you have your classic MMORPG with quests, loot, internal economics and improbable revealing armors. However, the one point where Rift will blow you away is the level of customization. You may choose one of five classes (Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage or Primalist), but then you earn more and more “souls”, which work like subclasses, for every single one of them can be trained in its own progression tree. And even if you fined-tuned your damage dealer to your liking, but would want to be a healer just this once, you may save up to 20 different soul configurations, so you can change your “role” on the fly. So that’s a lot of options so you can just go and kill stuff.

Kill it with fire! Oh, wait…

Adding a fun and thematically appropriate housing system which lets you literally have your own little plane of existence and customize it to your liking, this is one MMORPG that, although doesn’t break off from the traditional gameplay with crazy ideas, manages to do extremely well in what it sets out to do: give you the freedom to really choose who you want to be.

RIFT Gameplay 2015 - Free to Play (F2P) MMORPG

9). Magic Duels

Magic Duels: Origins - Official Trailer

Developer: Stainless Games

Genre: Collectible Card Game

Theme: Magic and multidimensional travel

One of the most influential games of its genre, Magic the Gathering comes to digital form in this updated and free to play game. You take the role of a powerful summoner called a Planeswalker, using magic and creatures to beat the living crap out of your opponent. Being the digital counterpart to the daddy of modern trading card games, you’ll find all the core mechanics that have been copied and explored in all the others: it’s a turn based battle in which you must play creature, artifact and magic cards to defeat the enemy.

Die for me, my minions. Fulfill your duty. Muwahahaha.

To play the cards, you’ll need the mana provided by special cards called lands, which will give you a colored or neutral mana point. Red mana conjures red magic, green powers green, etcetera.

I call this deck the “That was part of my plan, you simpleton.” It’s not popular.

Given the quality and care that the developers have invested for decades in the physical game, you’ll find deep and rich strategies that will leave your opponent bloody and beaten.  The game updates by season, and each season brings a new campaign and, more importantly, new available cards and pre-built decks. Even if it can be a little more difficult for beginners to grasp all the special mechanics, it is nevertheless a fun and engaging game. Anyone want to battle me?

Magic Duels - RG Landfall

8). Wildstar

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic

Developer: Carbine Studios


Themes: Science fiction, planet exploring

A new planet. So much potential, so much to discover. And apparently kill. When you play Wildstar, you will arrive at the planet Nexus, ready to discover everything it has to offer, while you back one of two opposing forces looking for the lost technology of an ancient race: the Dominion or the Exiles.

Which of them owns the monstrous laser sight behemoth? Because I’m with them.

With these enchanting setting, you will find the planet is not only big, but it is a persistent world that will reflect the impact players have on it. So you can actually go where no one else has gone before and claim the land as your own discovery. Additionally, there is the traditional quest-based storyline, item drops and plenty of customization to give you a true role-playing experience. Combat is fast and moves tend to project a “telegraph” of where they will land, giving you flexibility to launch your attacks however you want.

The hoverboard is great, but I’m freezing.

Arguably the most attractive feature is that the game world allows for different playing styles, and actually rewards you for choosing exploring rather than fighting. As you choose one of the 4 character paths that are loosely based on your gaming preference, such as achieving everything, socializing, pvp, etc., and they will level up independently and reward your actions. For example, if choosing the Explorer path, it’ll become more important to discover new places, rather than randomly killing wildlife.

So no matter what you enjoy doing, it’s probably developed in the beautiful world of Wildstar.

Wildstar - Ruins of Kel Voreth: Final Boss (Warrior Tank)

7). Team Fortress 2

Meet the Spy

Developer: Valve

Genre: First Person Shooter

Themes: Mercenaries, zapping sentries

Another battle between RED and BLU, this one is actually quite funny. Welcome to the critically acclaimed Team Fortress 2, where you join other players in a cartoonish team of mercenaries whose objective is to eliminate a team as cartoonish as themselves.

Tell me you don't imitate the Spy's French accent after every kill. No? Just me?

Although with a pretty simple and common premise, the gameplay is quite varied and entertaining due to the amount of different choices that impact the gameplay. There are 9 classes to choose from, each with its own abilities. Each class also has lots of different tools to choose from, so characters can become quite unique. Will you be a sniper that kills from afar and throws jars of piss (seriously, he can do that in-game) or an assassin who stabs people while invisible and impersonates your best of buddies before twisting the knife?

Or will you just run away like hell?

Funny visuals, fast paced action, creative stages and an inordinate amount of hats that do nothing useful but still everyone wants, this game has come a long way from being just a tiny mod. Play it if you haven’t, and I assure you it will make you laugh and enjoy yourself for quite a bit. I mean, even their trailers/movies are freaking hilarious, so go watch those if you’re not convinced.

Team Fortress 2 Gameplay | Flying Warrior Demo

6). League of Legends

Welcome to League of Legends

Developer: Riot Games

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Themes: Fantasy, arena combat

You are a summoner, tasked with resolving political conflicts in a brutal yet controlled fashion: calling forth heroes to battle in a closed arena. And so you do. Maybe out of duty, maybe because it’s bloody fun.

Swoosh! Hahaha, look at that!... I mean, it is my duty to overcome, esteemed opponent.

So one of the most important MOBAs right now, League of Legends is played in one of 4 stages, controlling a champion that must team up with other players to destroy the opposing base and win the game. Between you and that objective, there are the usual mindless minions, powerful turrets and enemy champions. Featuring an astounding number of 126 Champions to choose from, a less punishing experience for people who die a lot (you don’t lose gold when it happens), and interesting abilities that emphasize having good aim rather than just indicating who to kill, it features a complex yet fun gameplay.

Don't forget chaotic. Chaotic attacks that frustrate those who don't see them coming.

With an approximate following of 67 million users playing each month, this is one behemoth that is a must to include in a list such as this one. Especially since it’s one of the chosen few to actually have developed into a full fledged e-sport, with yearly tournaments that attract millions of viewers. It started on 2011, and was won last year by a Korean team named SK Telecom T1. Apart from the bragging rights, they took home $1,000,000 USD. Yes, that’s not a typo. So, you know, practice makes perfect, and playing videogames can actually be a career. Take that, skeptics.

Summoner’s Rift Gameplay

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