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Nothing says friendship like a neck-crushing chokehold.

15. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III made number 15 on our list because it gives equal focus to both it its multiplayer and single player modes.

Since Ages of Wonders III is actually the fourth game in the series, players not familiar with the franchise may want to spend some time reading the involving storyline. By the time the fourth installment begins, the Commonwealth Empire, run by humans, is attempting to assimilate all the races. The Elven Court opposes their plans and decides to rally together all the races to fight the humans.

They were more afraid when they thought this monster was a giant spider.

When the game begins, players can choose their leader, their class, and then can further customize their character’s skills. The classes and skills you select will change the way your leader and your empire are shaped. Players also have the option to align themselves with good or evil based on their choices and based on what they absorb into their empire.

Not much you can do about a giant creature wielding an axe.

Because the direction of Age of Wonders III changes based on each player’s unique play-style, it has a high replay value.

Ages of Wonders III Gameplay

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