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Nothing says friendship like a neck-crushing chokehold.

14. Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns Official Trailer

Up next on our list is Shadowrun Returns. This game takes the number 14 spot because of its throwback style art and simple, but fun, gameplay. At the start of this game, players discover that Sam Watts, another shadowrunner, has been murdered.

But your motive for solving the murder isn’t purely altruistic—there’s a large sum of money involved, one that your character only knows about thanks to a dead man’s switch inside Sam’s body. Players who like the option of customizing their character will be pleased to know that Shadowrun Returns allows for the customization of gender, race, and class (or no class at all).

Ahh, the sweet smell of the ghetto.

For fans of the Final Fantasy series, Shadowrun Returns offers a similar, turn-based combat system. Using AP (Action Points), players can cast spells, use items, fire weapons, reload weapons, or move. Those who choose the Shaman class will have the ability to summon spirits. However, the summoning system is unique in that the longer a spirit is summoned, the more likely it is that the spirit will turn wild and either attack your team or run away. With this system in place, players will have to quickly modify their tactical strategy should their spirit turn violent.

Maybe the spirits go to this warehouse after they've turned on you.

If you’ve never played this game before, play Shadowrun first so you can enjoy all the Easter eggs in Shadowrun Returns.

Shadowrun Returns Gameplay

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