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Nothing says friendship like a neck-crushing chokehold.

13. Expeditions: Conquistador

Expeditions: Conquistador Trailer

Expeditions: Conquistador comes in at 13 on our list because its historical setting does not dictate how the storyline pans out. In this game, players get to live through the eyes of a Spanish conquistador.

As you lead your expedition to Hispaniola and Mexico in the year 1518, you’ll work to gain both power and gold. The decisions players make will ultimately change the fate of the lands their exploring, which means players can choose to not slaughter a bunch of Native Americans all while assuming the role of a god (but hey, you can if you want).

Conquistadors love watching squires stab each other.

Unique to Expeditions: Conquistador is the lack of a leveling up/EXP system and the inability to engage in combat as the main character. Players can heal, hunt, lead, engage in tactics, and engage in diplomacy. Although there isn’t any way to level up the player character in this game, in-game events and bonuses can change your character, and your stats will dictate how events are influenced (for example, players can alter how battles start to gain an advantage over their enemies).

"Let's start the battle near these fruit stands so I can throw stuff."

Expeditions: Conquistador Gameplay

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