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10. DayZ

Dayz Gameplay

Dropped in the Soviet Republic of Chernarus, your only goal is to stay alive and healthy in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Scavenge resources from abandoned homes to find water, food, and weapons, and interact with other players to give or get help along the way.

There are several diseases that players can catch like cholera and hepatitis if they’re not careful about what they eat or drink and can only be cured with medicines. Set wounds quickly or risk bleeding out or unconsciousness. Build bases to hold your supplies and keep you safe from the zombies and other players out there. 

31 survival games

Find clothes to customize your character and give them bonuses such as protection from enemies and warmth. 

31 survival games for pc

Avoid zombies and diseases if you want to stay healthy and survive this world. 

9. Kenshi

Kenshi Gameplay

Kenshi is a free-roam open world RPG game in whcih you can be anything you want to be. Reserach technologies, craft gear, buy and upgrade buildings while you try to survive in the desert. 

Kenshi developers boast a game that does not hold your hand or walk you through the steps of becoming a hero. You are responsible for your own destiny here, and that includes having to earn it. You can be anything from a ruler of your own kingdom to a slave inside of one. The medical system mimics real life; if your character has a hurt arm, they will fight one handed or limo on an injured leg. There are no scripted events, just organized chaos that you will be thrown into with the only goal being to survive. 

31 survival games for pc

Lead your army into battle or get captured by the enemies.

survival games for pc

You can design an entire squad of your own if you’d like to. They’ll level up as they help you explore the world. 

8. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved gameplay

On an island of prehistoric animals like dinosaurs and possibly other hostile humans, you must defend yourself with weapons and firearms to survive. Build a base to hold your collected resources and provide safety for yourself. 

You will need to collect resources to craft into items such as weapons, accessories and even some structures. One of the big dangers in the game are dinosaurs, which can be tamed by feeding them. Dinosaurs have all sorts of abilities, like flight or being able to move quickly underwater that a player can utilize after they’ve tamed it. There are other animals like the saber-toothed cat and woolly mammoth the player can interact with. 

survival games

Taming large animals has its benefits, like being able to fly. 

31 survival games for pc

Interact with other humans but be warned, some of them won’t have the friendliest intentions. 

7. H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill Gameplay

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a PvP game where players can compete against one another to become the sole survivor. There are several different modes including team and chances to compete in global events but all with the same resolution, that there can be only one winner. 

You’ll drop into the arena along with all the other players and from that point, it’s a rush to find the best weapons and kill everyone in your session. It’s all online so there is no time for pausing to figure out a game plan or to switch up your inventory. The arena can hold up to 149 other players, so when it gets packed it’s in your best interest to get a move on to claim the firearms and grenades as soon as possible. 

survival games for pc

Watch out for the obstacles the game throws at you, like toxic gas that’ll drain your health until it kills you if you’re outside the safe zone. ​

survival games for pc

You can play in duos or teams of five in team mode.

6. H1Z1: Just Survive

H1Z1: Just Survive gameplay

H1Z1: Just Survive is different in its counterpart as this one focuses more on team building and multiplayer cooperation to survive against zombies, natural elements and dangerous animals. Main focuses here are collecting resources, building shelters and crafting items that will help you along the way.

Just Survive is also PvP, and while they do encourage players to stick together, there’s always a choice to follow the “every man for himself” rule and steal other player’s resources. The resources you collect will be used for food, as well as for crafting tools, shelters, traps, and more. 

survival games for pc

It may be hard to tell what’s more dangerous—the zombies or your fellow humans. 

31 games for pc survival

Create a strong base surrounded by traps to keep zombies and other harmful creatures away from you. 

5. Rust

Rust Gameplay

The only goal of any player in Rust is to simply survive. You must do whatever it takes to survive, whether that means teaming up with other players and working together or killing them for their resources and their meat. 

In the wilderness, you’ll need to gather materials to craft tools, weapons, and shelter. With only one multiplayer mode, it’s common to form clans with other players and as a group, participate in raids to take down other clans and gain their materials. Wolves and bears are prevalent threats, as well as radiation, which you will need to watch your levels of to make sure they don’t get too high. 

There are several different melee weapons available for use, as well as bows and guns that can be crafted. Watching the skies is helpful here as well, as sometimes you’ll get air drops, in which supplies are dropped and the first ones there get to claim it for themselves, or attack helicopters will appear and gun down any players it sees. 

31 survival games for pc

There are threats everywhere in this game from radiation to wolves to other humans, a reminder that you can never feel too safe. 

survival games for pc

Collect resources out in the wilderness that can be used to build a number of different helpful tools and weapons.

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