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25. Minecraft Survival Mode

Minecraft Survival Mode Gameplay

In survival mode of Minecraft, you’ll need to combine items in your inventory to make tools and other items. Survive and use these items to defeat the ender dragon at the end to get the feel that you’ve finished the game. 

You’ll need to watch out for mobs and defeat them. Collecting items and resources add to your capabilities, attacks and defenses and you will even be able to eventually travel to other dimensions to reach your goals and collect new items. You can even play in multiplayer mode to play with or against other players.

31 survival games

Build a shelter and all the tools and weapons you’ll need after finding the materials for them. 

31 survival games

Enemies will drain you of your resources or even worse—your life. 

24. Dead Island

Dead Island Gameplay

At Royal Palms Resort of Banol Island, four vacationers find themselves in the midst of a contagious zombie outbreak. Seemingly immune to the disease, they have to find a way to rescue the remaining survivors and escape while finding out the truth behind the zombies.

There are four character options to pick from, with each one having its own skill set and skill tree to level up. Firearms are present in the game, but not for a while and not as useful as in other games. Melee combat is the major focus here, with the results from getting up close and personal very gory but satisfying. Crafting also plays a role in this game as you can customize weapons and repair them after repeated use. 

31 survival games

Get personal with the zombies as you defeat them using various melee weapons.​

31 survival games

Chose the combat style that suits you best as you pick your character. Each one has different skills and abilities for you to level up. 

23. Dead Island 2 (Upcoming)

Dead Island 2 Gameplay

Set in California this time, Dead Island 2 features a new open world and new combat mechanics. Fight your way through the government mandated quarantine as you try to learn the truth behind the zombie epidemic. 

Dead Island 2 will still hold some features from the original like the Rage system and the crafting system. You will also see some new styles of handcrafted weapons and larger than life characters as you move through sunny California. Staying true to the first game, there are four different characters you can chose from and several different type of zombies you’ll be up against in this sequel. 

31 survival games for pc

Learn the different types of zombies and the best way to defeat them.​

survival games for pc

Play as four all new characters, like Ryan, the burly firefighter or Dani, the machete wielding stuntwoman. 

22. NEO Scavenger

Neo Scavenger Gameplay

You play as Philip Kindred, waking up in an cryogenics lab to discover the world is ending. Stay alive by finding ways to meet your basic needs and keep yourself healthy.

The main objective of the game is to meet your basic needs, such as food, clothing, water, shelter and to keep yourself from succumbing to any of the diseases in the world you may run into. Loot ruined towns for supplies but be careful not to catch the attention of any other looters or raiders lurking around. Fight off other people and creatures you may run into along the way 

31 survival games

You’ll need to pay attention to your health as you scavenge for supplies to stay alive. ​

31 survival games

Explore the open world map which shows you points of interest like materials and enemies. 

21. Subnautica

Subnautica Gameplay

You land on a mysterious alien ocean world and do the only logical thing—dive deeper. Explore the ocean using submarines, seeing all the beautiful lifeforms this ocean has to offer as you collect resources to help you stay alive. 

After building a Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nanosuit, you’re free to tour the ocean in search of precious materials and food. Your suit is modifiable, with the options to add mining drills, propulsion cannons, grappling hooks and more. You’ll need to monitor your oxygen levels when you go deep sea diving and be especially cautious of those predators lurking around every corner.

31 survival games

As you delve deeper into the ocean, lure creatures into your traps or run from them. 

31 survival games

Build bases on the ocean floor to store resources, park your water vehicles and replenish your oxygen. 

20. We Happy Few

We Happy Few Gameplay

Set in the mid 1960s in the Wellington Wells, a fictional city in England, you’ll have your choice of one of three different characters addicted to a drug called Joy. Trying to wean yourself off of it, you’ll need to make decisions that affect your game while completing the necessary tasks to finish the game. 

To survive as you kick the habit, you can rummage through buildings to gather items, weapons and food. Complete tasks to advance the story. Keep your health to maintain the energy to explore the open world. To keep yourself safe while out, you’ll need to pretend to be one of the Joy addicts. If you’re discovered to not be one of them, they’ll try to capture or kill you. You have to play by their rules or risk death. 

31 survival games

You’ll have to fight the Wellies that you run across while making your supply runs.

31 survival games

This is a strange, beautiful world full of dark humor and the reminder that even the best of heroes are flawed. 

19. The Long Dark

The Long Dark Gameplay

Playing as a pilot who has crash-landed in the Canadian wilderness in the middle of winter, your goal is to survive as long as possible by collecting and using resources. Play under one of four different modes, all with their own challenges and nuances. 

In order to survive, you’ll need to hunt game for food or for your protection. Tools and other items will deteriorate over time so you’ll need to be decide whether or not it’s time to repair them. Fire is essential to the player but you will have to need to search for wood and fuel often. You’ll need to account for things such as temperature and windchill which are randomized throughout your play. 

31 survival games pc

Stranded in the Canadian outdoors, you’ll need to monitor your body heat levels and make sure you’re staying nourished. 

31 survival games for pc

Protect yourself from wild animals with weapons that you find.

18. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Gameplay

Project Zomboid is an open world, first person survival game in which you’ll be trying to stay alive against an ever growing zombie threat. Inside of quarantined Knox County, you’ll have to find supplies to stay alive before your inevitable death at the end. 

While managing personal needs like hunger, tiredness, pain and mental stability, you’ll struggle to stay alive while fighting off hordes of zombies. You’ll get to chose a character with their own special skill set and traits which will help you survive. There are two different gameplay modes, survival and sandbox. You also can complete challenges which will give you cash you can use for weapons and ammunition. 

31 survival games

Kill zombies to earn cash that you can use to buy better weapons and ammo.

31 survival games

You’ll need to gather resources while still staying on top of your personal needs. 

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