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17. Far Cry® Primal

Far Cry Primal Gameplay

Travel back to the Stone Age in Far Cry Primal, a time before vehicles and firearms were for surivial. Using only weapons that oyu’ve crafted, you and your tribe must make a living as you compete against other tribes and the natural dangers of prehistoric times. 

You can bait wildlife in the game and tame the animals that you catch as they’re feeding on the bait. They will become your companions and as such, can be useful in combat. Materials like stone and wood are must be collected and used to create weapons. Attack and sieze nearby camps to gain control and accept missions from other characters to improve the village and gain free materials for crafting.  

31 survival games for pc

Tame animals to fight alongside you or obey your commands.

31 survival games

Watch out for predators. Set traps and craft better weapons to defeat them.

16. Dying Light

Dying Light Gameplay

Play as Kyle Crane, an agent undercover on a mission to enter the quarantine in a city called Harran. With a focus on parkour and weapon-based combat, your goal is to scavenge supplies for the safe zones and save survivors. 

Dying Light features an immersive open world currently being affected by a zombie like apocalypse. The infected can be killed with melee weapons or stopped and slowed by traps. The infected also become much more dangerous at night, so players will want to make use of all skills and play styles to survive during the night. 

31 survival games

Parkour style combat can be used to fight off the infected.

survival games for pc

Gather supplies and lead other survivors to safety. 

15. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Gameplay

Face off against angry gods, hungry cannibals and monsters in a barbaric wasteland after you are exiled. In this open world survival game, you’ll need to do more than just find food and water, including keeping your mind free from the darkness while still gaining knowledge. 

Keep yourself safe as you collect resources to make weapons and tools. Build your territory as you’d like it, wether that’s a small village or a sprawling city. You can even make exiled criminals your slaves and have them protect your lands for you. Learn about the world around you as you travel by talking to NPCs or taking a careful look at the environment. 

31 survival games for pc

Protect yourself against vicious beasts using weapons you’ve created. ​

31 survival games for pc

Earn the favor of the gods by sacrificing the hearts of your enemies. 

14. Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Sir, You Are Being Hunted Gameplay

Explore five different biomes as you try to escape and survive in a country full of robots hunting you for fun. The AI you play against learns your style and becomes harder and harder which each play through and each play through offers a new experience.

The advanced AI of the robots is relentless when it comes to finding you. Even after losing sight, it will continue to search for you. You can run, you can hide or you can steal weapons to try to fight back. You are also searching for pieces of a machine that can get you off the island, but the robots do their best to keep these parts away from you. A large, British open world full of woods, beautiful crumbling landscapes and stark villages is your playground as you try to outsmart the robots around you. 

31 survival games for pc

Find weapons or steal them from others in order to fight back against the robots.

31 survival games for pc

The robots will use dogs and hot air balloons to find you. Watch them through your binoculars to keep your distance. 

13. State of Decay

State of Decay Gameplay

This game is a mix of combat and simulation, with the main focus being to lead a group of people to safety within in the base that you build. There are several different options for what types of structures go in your base and even the skills that the survivors you run into along the way have, all of which will help you against the ultimate threat—zombies.

In story mode, you can interact with around 150 characters, whether that’s trading with them, helping them or recruiting them into your outfit. You’ll need to find a way around the zombies. Options include fight them directly, sneak past them, or cause diversions using items like firecrackers. There are different types of zombies and you’ll need to figure out which tactic works best with which type of zombie. You have your choice of over 100 weapons that can be crafted, 30 of which are melee weapons which can only be found while gathering resources. These are all assigned a durability rating, so you’ll need to take time out to repair them when they begin to get weak.

survival games for pc

Zombies react to noise, so sneaking will sometimes be your best option.​

31 survival games for pc

Keep your weapons in good shape to effectively fight off the zombie hordes you’ll run into. 

12. State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Gameplay

You can explore the open world with up to three other players in State of Decay 2. More of a co-op than MMO game, you’ll work together to scavenge supplies and stay alive. 

This game is still in development and doesn’t have much information out there, but it seems as if it will hold true to the original in terms of having to scavenge for supplies to make items while staving off zombies. The big focus here is on the co-op part of it, in that you’ll need to form tight plans with your friends if you want to survive.

survival games

As a team, you’ll need to decide if you want to help other survivors or leave them to their own fates. 

survival games for pc

Melee weapons are still the weapon of choice in that they are quiet and won’t attract other zombies. 

11. 7 Days to Die

Set in an open world, you’ll play as a survivor of the Third World War in Navezgane, Arizona. You’ll need to find shelter, food, water, and supplies while still keeping zombies at bay. In a world where the zombies become more aggressive and quicker at night, the question is how long will you survive? 

Setting up a base will help protect you from the zombies as long as you build it sturdy and surround it with traps. You will need to need and drink water to survive, as well as scavenging for materials to build your base. You’ll also need to watch what you carry; things such as meat attract zombies and they will stop at nothing to catch you, even if that means climbing over walls, digging holes, or clawing their way through doors.

31 survival games

You have options when it comes to handling zombies. You can face them or sneak away before you’ve been caught. 

31 survival games for pc

Choose your weapons carefully and make sure you keep them maintained. 

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