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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

89.  Total War: Arena (2016)

Total War: Arena, a look at this amazing F2P game

Developer:The Creative Assembly

Genre: Strategy Multiplayer

Theme: Reliving historical battles

It’s mid-day as your army marches in the summer heat towards a rumored enemy encampment.  You’ve been marching for what feels like days, but soon you’ll be in the thick of it.  With a leader like yours, there’s no way you can fail.

Total War: Arena takes what is enjoyed in other Total War games and gives it a new free to play platform with an incredible multiplayer system.  Relive some of histories battles with famous leaders guiding their troops into battle.

A powerful leader.

In Total War: Arena, you are a powerful leader commanding an army.  Fill the shoes of some of histories most famous leaders such as Leonidas, Alexander the Great, and Caesar just to name a few. 

Once you have chosen your leader, choose 3 armies to back you up.  Each army you choose will have a certain set of skills to aid you in battle.

Then, take your leader and your army.  With 9 other players you will be put up against another team of 10 players.  Together, you will fight with on goal in mind: demolish the other team. 

A bloody and victorious battle.

88.  Dungeon Defenders 2 (2015)

‘Shiny things abound in a shiny game’

Developer: Trendy Entertainment

Genre: Tower defense meets ARPG

Theme: Tons of loot

Gaudy? Perhaps. Ostentatious? A bit. But isn’t that what we love about games these days? With a slightly candied feel to its super polished presentation, Dungeon Defenders 2 blends tower defense and ARPG in its slick production.

A heavy emphasis on cooperation dominates DD2. Players rush around, defeating waves of enemies and collecting the plethora of loot left in their wake. Players also spend in game currency collected to upgrade the various defensive structures they can opt to erect in their never ending clash with goblins, ghouls, orcs and other various baddies.

The sugary art design may feel a bit trite to some, but Dungeon Defenders 2 is, without question, a free-to-play blast.

‘Bubbly madness indeed’

87.  Rad Soldiers (2012)

‘Hm, looks like something I’ve seen before…’

Developer: WarChest Unlimited

Genre: Turn Based Strategy

Theme: Merciless mercenaries malign and murk

RAD Soldiers, a 2012 iOS exclusive freemium title, is a turn-based strategy game that definitely does not take aesthetic or gameplay elements from other, more famous titles. Nope. Not at all.

Clear copycatting aside, RAD Soldiers is an enjoyable diversion on a slow summer day. For a mobile game, it presents and plays right up there with some similar PC titles. The characters have some personality, the classes offer a bit of tactical nuance, and the combat overall isn’t overly flabby. Despite a rather stingy freemium model, RAD Soldiers is a decent game to pull up on the smartphone every once and again.

‘For an iPhone game? Not half bad’

86.  Ballistic (2014)

 ‘Wait…that’s in-browser?!’

Developer: Aquiris

Genre: FPS

Theme: The most incredible programming achievement of modern time

Okay, this isn’t the first browser based game to have blown us away with its depth and detail. But seriously, look at Ballistic. Just look at it. It’s gorgeous. Would look at home on a next gen console. And it’s free. In a browser.

Once you dispel the shellshock, take a closer look at Ballistic. The gameplay is responsive and satisfying. The framerate almost never stutters. The class system is effective. The maps are sexy and classy. It’s just a marvel that this game exists, and that alone makes it worth a try.

‘Beauteous environment? Check’

86.  World of Warplanes (2013)

‘The skies are a cruel, cruel master’

Developer: Wargaming

Genre: MMO Action

Theme: Living out the ace fighter pilot fantasy

The year was 2011. Developer Wargaming was in the midst of developing World of Tanks, a game that is exactly what it sounds like. One day, a creative genius at the studio said something like, “What if we made a game exactly like this…but with planes?” On that day, history was made.

Well, maybe not history. But World of Warplanes is historically accurate. Pilots can choose from one of over one hundred warbirds from the peak years of dogfighting: World War II. The accuracy ends with name and appearance however- WoWp loosely bases the planes attributes on real life, but keeps them all at certain levels to ensure a balanced experience that doesn’t have new pilots wringing their hands after two flights.

World of Planes is one of those games that combines quality, high-flying action with just enough thematic elements to transport you to a long-forgotten time. Take to the skies and defend your nation like the heroes of WWII, without all of the potential for actual death.

‘Some Goose and Maverick stuff going on right here’

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