Top 11 Games Like Insurgency: Sandstorm (Games Better Than Insurgency In Their Own Way)

Games Like Insurgency: Sandstorm
Like Insurgency: Sandstorm? Then you'll love these

Insurgency: Sandstorm, one of the best FPS games on the market. Or is it? The FPS market has many interesting and different games to fill every niche and scratch every itch. Sci-fi, realism, apocalyptic? You name it, we have it. Here are 11 games better than Insurgency: Sandstorm.

11. Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5: Gameplay

Take to the skies with fast-paced aerial onslaughts, armor up in heavy-duty tanks and traverse dynamic ruined cities, frosted dense forests, and much more. Battlefield 5 takes the standard team fighting FPS that everybody loves, and improves upon it in every way. Destroy the world around you, level buildings and structures, smoke out the enemy, call in air support and annihilate the opposition, shaping the battlefield in your own way. Learn about the in-game world through advanced campaign missions, war stories and operations. Pick your class, customize your gear, weapons, and vehicles to play how you want to play.

Fly a fighter jet, drive highly advanced tanks, and shoot with incredibly realistic accuracy. It may be your standard FPS, but Battlefield 5 is definitely the best and most polished out there.

From the graphics to the gameplay, Battlefield V raises the bar on the FPS genre.

10. Division 2

America is in peril, the capital is falling, the United States is calling all agents. Join the division, save DC, and look good doing it. Choose your class, scavenge and gear up to fight stronger threats. City blocks destroyed, smoldering rubble lines the streets and cars are haphazardly parked all through the streets. In the distances lay man made metal structures, and high walls connect crumbling buildings. Fight to survive, alone or with a clan, against numerous enemy factions seeking to destroy everything you stand for. Play it safe or enter the dark zone, where mysterious enemies, powerful players, and extreme loot lay around every corner. But be careful, who knows if you'll make it out.

Division agents, equip yourselves. Enter the dark zone and save America.

The better the gear the better the player: fight for the best item and take over the opposition.


PUBG: Gameplay

Strap in with over a hundred other players, as you all hurl yourself from a perfectly good airplane, only to drop to the ground and declare war on every living thing. This is PUBG, a battle royale game, where you or a squad of team members, drop onto a massive map. Your goal: to scavenge for gear and weapons, traverse the dynamic landscape on foot and in advanced vehicles, and most importantly, survive. Set foot in the cold mountains, dust swept deserts, and dense forests, as you fight to outwit and out-skill your enemies as you swap between third-person and first-person to seize the win.

Drop in and compete to win against hundreds of players on a massive map, a challenge for even the strongest of gamers.

Survive, scavenge, and become the best FPS champion ever.

8. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow 6 Siege: Gameplay

Bring mayhem to your enemies with one of the numerous diverse characters in Rainbow Six Siege. Spy from the sky, poison the ground, create strategic chaos with tactical explosions, and much more. Rainbow Six has an intense, unique gameplay style, pitting one team versus another. One team hunkers down in a suburban house, or even a mansion style home, to protect something valuable. The opposite team deploys intelligent, stealth weaponry, repel from ceilings, walk on walls, and sail through windows as they attempt to breach the opposing team’s defenses to take the objective. Build your unique character, with your style of weapons, for your style of gameplay. Armor up with high-caliber destruction to protect the hostages, reinforce walls, and use your robot allies to your advantage. Attack and defend is the aim of the game. Try not to feel like a superhero while doing it, I dare you.

Robots, shields, poison, and even explosives, you name it Rainbow Six has it.

Fight smart, tactical, closequarters gunfights, as one of many unique and in-depth characters, equipped with amazing abilities.

7. CS:GO

Listen to your enemy and predict their movements in tight crawl spaces or beautiful towns, all leading up to an explosive victory. CS:GO is a high-adrenaline, team-based, strategic FPS. Choose one of two teams, plant the bomb to destroy a city block, track down and eliminate the enemy, or disable the bomb and save everyone. CS:GO combines amazing sound quality, team dynamics, highly realistic gunplay, and esports-ready content, to provide the player with a quality FPS experience. Now, with even more game modes and maps, fight how you want, where you want, and carry your squad to victory.

Get immersed in the sights and sounds of war, track your enemies, listen to their movements, and strike when the time is right with the all new and updated CS:GO.

Take advantage of the new modes and maps available in CS:GO to build the ultimate player-centered experience.

6. Planetside 2

Planetside 2: Gameplay

Feuding empires, massive battles in high-flying aircrafts, world-turning iron war machines, and heavily armored future soldiers. Pledge your allegiance to one of the factions, customize your soldier and it’s class the way you want to play. Battle in windswept fields, sweltering deserts, lush emerald forests and more. Fight for your faction, push the enemy lines behind cover, and capture strategic points nestled in mountains or hidden in the trees. Take out your enemy and claim victory, all before the final strike.

Choose your faction, and take part in futuristic, alien warfare.

Fight sci-fi levels of warfare with the technological weapons, armor, and vehicles of the future.

5. COD Black Ops 4

COD Black Ops 4: Gameplay

Command lightning, save your whole team, destroy the map, and even pet a dog. COD Black Ops 4 allows you to jump into the action as one of many characters, each with unique abilities and looks, to spice up the gun play. Fight head-to-head against enemy players in numerous game modes, like Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and many more. And if the normal, casual FPS style isn’t for you, you can always queue up with a squad in the new game mode: Blackout. Drop from the sky onto a massive landscape, scavenge through industrial buildings, forests, and mountains, for weapons and armor. Fight to survive in an ever-shrinking map as you defend against your enemies and the clock.

Look good and suit up as your favorite character. Customize anything and everything about your weapons and your characters to make the game truly yours.

Play a variety of game modes, including the new shrinking-map Blackout one.

4. Escape From Tarkov

In a war-torn landscape, the ground scarred from explosives, gangs and civilians fight and die around a single mercenary. That mercenary is you. Choose a faction and fight your way through the authentic and beautiful landscape of Tarkov. Explore city blocks, abandoned bases, sinister chemical plants, all while playing as a realistic human character. Be wary of the realistic physics and environmental hazards, and monitor every gorey aspect of your character’s internal health, in order to survive.

Use tanks or run on foot in the gorgeous war torn countrysides of Tarkov with authentic Russian design.

Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings but also to your character’s health if you want to survive in Escape from Tarkov.

3. Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose: Gameplay

Fifty digital soldiers vs. fifty digital soldiers face off in a hardcore, dynamic, and gritty battle FPS. Boots to the ground, beautiful stunning landscapes, lush emerald trees, and burning smoldering buildings. Traverse this war-torn land in heavy metal tanks and hunt down your enemies in realistic ways that almost mirror the experience of World War 2. Use a unique meta-tactic system to change the tide of battle with strategic thinking, before dropping in to clean up the mess.

Experience war like never before with incredible graphics, beautiful skies, lush landscapes, and intense realism.

Even this war-torn landscape has patches of beauty and tranquility, at least until your squad arrives.

2. Squad

Squad: Gameplay

Soldiers set up small bunkers along the tree line adjacent to a large grassy clearing, building up their makeshift bases during the heat of battle against the enemy. The sound of gunfire echoes from the mountains and emanates from the forest nearby as the enemy squad closes in. Squad a 40 vs 40 arcade action war simulation, allowing you to take command of a soldier in the heat of combat. Running down the enemies with massive heavy metal tanks and blowing up the enemy vehicles with high powered explosives that your squad leader let you build. Additionally, Squad uses a super advanced in-game voice system, allowing you and your team to plan out crystal clear tactics to steal the win.

Bring the fight where you want it: forests, deserts, mountains, you name it. Squad enables you to crush your enemies from virtually anywhere.

Build high powered explosives and use them to take out the opposition.

1. ARMA 3

ARMA 3: Gameplay

A massive multiplayer military sandbox game to play with anyone and everyone. Arma 3 allows you, the player, to stomp through massive open fields and dense forested battlefields to crush your enemies. Using numerous weapons, vehicles, and tactics to fight your way. Play with friends or go solo in a massive, natural terrain map. As an ARMA 3 soldier, your only job is to crush the enemy, attack and defend bases, and have fun doing it.

Fight in open fields, build cover and utilize military assets, to aid soldiers in combat. All in HD graphics with stunning foliage and map design.

Fight alone or grab your friends and take out the enemy in the massive ARMA 3 maps.

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