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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

65.  Card Hunter (2013)

Valley of Tezkal game playthrough

Developer: Blue Manchu

Genre: RPG, Card Game, Strategy

Theme: A tactical card game and table top hybrid

Grab your Funions and Mountain Dew!  Your friend Gary wants to try his hand out at gamemaster.  He’s borrowed his brother’s monsters to show you how the game is run.

It’s more than just a table top game.  There’s also cards involved, and it’s a whole new take on the collectible card genre.

It stinks in here.

You begin your journey with three characters borrowed from Gary’s brother, each with their own abilities.  With them is a deck of 36 cards.

As you play, Gary tells you the story, as though you were living inside of real Dungeons and Dragon or other table top style RPGs.  Each round you play a card from one of your adventurers.

It is a unique game that blends card collecting, RPG elements, and table top gaming all into one.  Single player mode teaches you the game and takes you through the story with Gary being your gamemaster/teacher. 

When you’re feeling confident, take you skills into the multiplayer world and challenge complete strangers.  Build an unstoppable army and take over the world. 

Gary, the gamemaster of awesome.

64.  Grand Chase (2008)

‘World’s first 6 on 6 real time online fighting game’

Developer: KOG Studios

Genre: MMO Sidescroller Fighting

Theme: 2.5D anime fighting frenzy

Developer KOG Studios channeled its inner Super Smash Bros and released Grand Chase, a 2.5D fighting sidescroller with some RPG sprinkled on top.

Grand Chase is best a san online fighting extravaganza, with players zipping and whirling across the screen, performing dazzling combos and daring acrobatics. The RPG elements shine as well, in the form of various jobs, loot, and traditional RPG leveling systems.

Grand Chase will hook you if you’re the type to fall into a 2D sidescrolling hole and emerge out the other side weary and confused. We’ve all been there. Right?

‘The verdict on anime Super Smash? Not half bad.’

63.  Salem

Can you survive the harsh conditions AND witches?

Developer: Mortal Moments

Genre: Sandbox Crafting MMO

Theme: Survival in Colonial America times... witches included.

You came to America hoping to find a better life.  What you found was a harsh world that you would have to survive in.  Collect resources, craft shelter, hunt for food, and do everything in your power to survive.

Build a sustainable homestead for survival.

In Salem you take on the role of a recently relocated colonist.  You’ve come to America to start a new life.  But you weren’t expecting the perils that you will be facing.

Learn some tricks of the trade to get you through your first few weeks.  Build a livable shelter, hunt and gather, craft weapons, and forge alliances with your neighboring survivors.   

It’s a game centered heavily on crafting.  It’s a sandbox MMO that allows players within it to build and destroy all to their hearts content. 

But there’s more.  It’s Salem after all, which means you’ll come up against some foes that are strictly forbidden to live; witches. 

Witches are all around you.  Maybe your sweet little neighbor is a witch, after all her garden survived a very harsh winter.

Or perhaps YOU are the witch.  You’ve been shown the dark side and have decided to join in the ranks against the mortals.  It’s your choice how you survive.

62.  Block N Load (2015)

Developer: Jagex, Artplant

Genre: Action, FPS, MMO

Theme: It’s like Minecraft FPS.

There’s five of you and five of them.  To win you must build and attack your way to their base all while destroying and defending their advance on your base.  Do you have what it takes to get to them first?

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Choose a hero and let the games begin.  Block N Load isn’t your run of the mill FPS.  First, you’ve got to build.

Build a wall to keep your enemies out.  Build traps to slow them down.  Build until your heart’s content.

After building, the battle begins.  Your target: the enemy team’s base.  Charge full on toward it, dodging traps, and destroying everything they’ve built to keep you out.

But be mindful, they’re goal is the same as yours and they’re coming for your base.  Hopefully you’ve prepared.

Blast it to bits!

61.  The Expendabros (2014)


Developer: Free Lives

Genre: Side-Scrolling Run and Gun

Theme: Brotastic bros bromancing brover exbrosive brodowns

A goofy and cheeky sidescroller, The Expendabros takes legame director Evan Greenwood’s enduring fondness for cheesy 80s action movies and combines it with Contra-esque gameplay for an utterly brotacular experience.

As you may have picked up on, the playful allusion to the “bro culture” that is currently sweeping white American males ages 16-22 is a constant theme throughout The Expendabros. This game never passes on an opportunity to capitalize on humorous cultural fads with quirky dialogue and unexpected events. It’s worth a play for a laugh and some fun.

‘Go bro yourself’

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