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10 Most Famous League of Legends Players
Everyone loves a happy player

8. Diamondprox

Diamondprox and Alex Ich makes for one of the most famous Russian duos ever

Another Russian player on our list is Danil Reshetnikov, Diamondprox. Today the 22 year old gamer is the Jungler for Gambit Gaming, but he has also played for the famous Moscow Five and Team Empire. He embodied a true capitalistic spirit by climbing from the very bottom with a low elo of 1800 to reach Challenger I. There is proof that anyone can make it.

He plays the Jungle very aggressively using strong duelers like Udyr to counter-jungle early on in most matches. In fact, he almost singlehandedly revived Udyr in season 3 when he was considered a trash champion by itemizing differently.

He is married just like the previous player on our list, Alex Ich, who also happened to be teammates with Diamondprocs for a short while. Check out this hype moment in the LCS Spring Split of 2014.

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