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10 Most Famous League of Legends Players
Everyone loves a happy player

3. Madlife

Madlife is God, at least in the bot lane

It is satisfying for support mains to see MadLife on this list since he is the most famous support player of all time. Hong Min-gi is MadLife’s real name and he comes from South Korea. He is currently playing for CJ Entus and has reached Challenger I in the League ranking system.

The very first champion that MadLife ever picked to play was Blitzcrank, and he continues to play him on a competitive level. MadLife is one of those players that have revolutionized the game by the way they play. If someone does a good job playing Blitzcrank or Thresh, you compliment them by saying that they pulled off a MadLife play. That is how much impact this player has had on the League community.

It is commonly said as a joke that the previous name of CJ Entus Frost, which was MiG, stood for MadLife is God. If you’re ever in the bot lane against this giant, just surrender.

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