League of Legends: 10 Common Mistakes Noobs Make and How To Avoid Them

10 Noob Mistakes in League of Legends
Bring your game to the next level with these LoL tips!

Tired of getting wrecked in solo queue?

Out of the millions that play LoL, there are less than 1% that qualify as pros. If you don't fall into this mystical elite category, you are probably making a whole bucketfull of mistakes that are causing your progress to flounder. While you can certainly approach League of Legends from a casual angle, doing so will ensure that you remain permanently at the bottom in this hyper-competitive e-sport. In order to hone your ability as a LoL player you should be constantly looking for ways to step up your game.

Though there are plenty of guides out there to teach you what to do, there are very few that explain the many things you shouldn't do- the faux pas of League are numerous and insidious, and all it takes is a few hours in solo-queue to notice that inexperienced players are making the same mistakes game after game. Make sure you aren't one of those noobs by consulting our handy Top Ten.

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Ready for your lesson noob?

1) Not Pinging

The pings are there for a reason: they allow you to quickly communicate with your allies without having to stop and type (getting yourself murdered in the process). Learn them, love them, USE THEM."Enemies missing" (represented as a question mark on the map) is absolutely essential when your opponent leaves lane, exposing your allies to a gank."On my way" lets your team know that backup is incoming, so that they can plan their attack accordingly.

And there are more, of course. Best check the link  for a more detailed description of how to use pings- it will improve your game dramatically.

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Pinging saves lives

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