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Wishing he had a sequel.

1. Sid Meier’s Pirates

Sid Meier’s Pirates! Trailer

A pirate life isn’t easy. Sailing the seas, plundering fat booty, and avoiding getting caught (and scurvy) are just a few of the adventures they see. Ultimately a pirate chooses his life and how to live it.

Your very own ship!

Sid Meier’s games are fun. It’s no surprise that Pirates! was any different. In fact, it was different, and that’s what made it so popular. What could be more fun than taking on the life of a pirate.

You get to live the dream without the negative perks of the job. (Really, scurvy wasn’t fun.) A short backstory is provided when the game begins and then you create your character. Once you declare mutiny on your ill treatment, you begin your journey.

This game definitely needs a sequel. Though being a real pirate was not as glorious as it seemed, playing a pretend one is!

Ahoy! Let’s get us a sequel!

On guard you scallywag!

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