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Wishing he had a sequel.

9. Gothic Series

Gothic 2 Gameplay

Escape from a prison colony. Get revenge on those who attacked your family. These are just a few of the quests you will face in the Gothic series.

Gothic is a single player action RPG released in 2001. The first three games follow an unnamed character as he escapes from a prison colony and instigates a revolt. He must battle orcs and help his land regain control.

Hunting for meat.

The fourth game gave us a new character and new story but continue from the events from Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods.

The environment is very interactive. If you kill an animal you can take the wild meat and cook it, effectively healing yourself. Alternatively, you could sell it for money.

There isn’t currently any talk about a sequel to Gothic, but it definitely should be considered for one.

Battling giant bug monsters.

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