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Wishing he had a sequel.

3. Bastion

Bastion: Official Trailer

Caelondia is left is pieces after a catastrophic event. One of the few survivors has been tasked with collecting cores that will fuel the Bastion and help rebuild all that has been destroyed.

Bastion is an action single role-playing game with a level structure. You play as “the Kid” who is trying to gather cores to power the Bastion, which will recreate landforms and rebuild the world that has been destroyed.

The edge of the world.

As the Kid you carry two weapons and are able to perform a special attack, though these are dependent on finding weapons and special attacks to use. As you progress through level, a voice will narrate over you, giving you plot information and other helpful clues.

Gorgeous graphics and an amazing soundtrack accompany this already great game. Fans are ready for a sequel.

Grenade launch your way through enemies!

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