The 11 Best Open World RPG Games for PC

Best Open World RPGs
There are a lot of open worlds to explore, but which are the best?

How Many of These Open World RPGs Have You Played?

RPGs have been a part of the gaming community since nearly the beginning. But open-world RPGs have helped change the perception of them. But, it begs the question, which are the best? Find out here.

11. GTA 5 (with the RPG Mod)

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful gaming titles of all time. What's more, Rockstar has allowed mods to come in and make the game even bigger! So what's the best way to turn an open-world shooter into a better title? Make a mod to turn it into an RPG!

The mod itself is as advertised, it takes GTA V, and goes full RPG on it. For example, the three main characters of the game are now selectable as "classes", and each one of them has a "skill tree" for you to observe and upgrade once you have the skill points to do so. Furthermore, there are now quests via "contracts" for you to do, a tutorial to get you acquainted with all the new mechanics, and more!

This mod just brings to life the potential of an RPG set in this world. It mixes tried and true RPG mechanics with an open-world that was already truly expansive. If you're looking to take your GTA experience to the next level, than GTA V with the RPG Mod is for you!

All sorts of RPG goodness here!

All sorts of RPG style here!

Level Up!

10. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

What do you get when mix an RPG with a world that is actually historically accurate, and blend it with a combat system built on punishing you? You get one of the most unique RPG titles in recent memory. Prepare to load up and deliver your sword in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The team at Warhorse Studios worked hard to deliver an RPG experience that not only felt fresh, but felt real to the world we live in, that's why its set in Bohemia in around 1403. What's more, to truly make it stand out, your character isn't one bound by destiny or a desire to become the greatest soldier in the world, he's just a kid who's dealt a bad hand, wants to avenge his parents, and deliver a sword to the king. So many of the tropes that define the RPG setting are gone here, and that's what makes it special.

There are many unique bits to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The desire to be historically accurate has led to many interesting aspects of the game for you to seek out. And, the combat is one that's easy to learn but difficult to master, and this will lead to many beatdowns. But, if you can rise above them, you just find yourself in a position to have a really fun time.

Being a Knight has rarely been this brutal.

There are many good people in the world waiting to meet you.

9. Mount & Blade: Warband

The expansion to the beloved RPG, Mount & Blade: Warband expands the original title with a new faction. What's more, the game now has multiplayer modes, increased political options, and more. Are you ready for the expansion?

Warband bring much more to the table. The same point-and-click fun is still to be had, but now, there's more you can do with it. The Sarranid Sultanate will bring you more options in gameplay as it's a new faction. And now, you can actually influence other nations, including their leaders. If you really want to shake things up, marry a lady and see how the fallout goes. You can capture towns or castles, start your faction, and experience new joys in combat.

It's the tiny details that makes Warband such a good expansion. With the increased political options, players now can do more than just battle for supremacy, they can truly make the game their own. And with new multiplayer modes, there's options to play with friends in a variety of ways.

A new faction, and new possibilities.

Combat is more intense than ever!

8. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

The Lord of the Rings has given many stories and games for people to enjoy. But now, a new tale will tell an epic not heard of before. Of a man, an Elf Lord, a new ring of power, and a quest to destroy Sauron. This, is Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

You will play as Talion, a Ranger who has lost his family to the hordes of Sauron. Seeking revenge, you'll team up with the spirit of the a fallen Elf Lord known as Celebrimbor, and use your new found powers to work your way into Mordor itself and find a way to get revenge for your loss. The bread and butter of this game isn't just the combat, it's the Nemesis System. Here, you'll be able to see what Uruk's and Orcs are in Sauron's army and track their progress through the ranks. Then, you'll be able to control some of them and help break up the armies cohesion. Whatever it takes to get your revenge.

There are many things that made Shadow of Mordor special. Because of its "non-canon" nature, you didn't feel truly bound to the overarching story of the books. But more than that, you had new gameplay features and abilities that no other Lord of the Rings character had. Mix that with a strong combat system and a massive world to explore, and there's no reason not to play this game.

An unholy alliance, but that's what you need to beat Sauron

With the Nemesis System, your enemies can become your pawns.

7. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The sequel to Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War expands upon the game in nearly every way imagineable, all the while giving you new ways to play and enhancing the Nemesis System even more. It's time to claim your revenge.

Talion and Celebrimbor are back, and this time, they've forged their own Ring of Power to combat Sauron's. Also new is the more role-playing aspects to combat. So now, you can tailor Talion to the style of play you want instead of just hacking and slashing around. And, of course, the Nemesis System is back. But this time, it's bigger, more expansive, and you can use it in new ways such as gathering an army for a siege battle!

The dev team went all out to bring Shadow of War to the heights of Shadow of Mordor. They made the combat deeper, they added new gameplay modes, they added a lot of DLC content to expand the story and world, and they ensured that many of the mistakes of the first game were fixes. Plus, the story of the game is deeper than the previous one, which is no small feat.

Build your army, for it's time for war.

Mighty sieges will test your skills.

6. Borderlands

There ain't no rest for the wicked, and if you want to find the Vault that's located somewhere on Pandora? You're not going to rest. Choose from one of four Vault Hunters and make your way through the monsters and muck to try and get rich, or die trying.

The planet of Pandora was once the focus of a mining corporation, but a series of events have left it mostly barren. But within it, somewhere, is a vault, one with weapons and riches that could make the person who found it very happy. You'll choose between Roland The Soldier, Mordecai The Hunter, Lilith The Siren, and Brick the Berserker, each with their special weapons and abilities, and go searching for that long lost treasure.

Borderlands was described as the first "role-playing shooter". And for good reason. The game mixes first-person shooter action with the depth and detail that defines the RPG genre. Plus, with four different characters to play as, there are many ways to take on the gameplay. Add to that, the world of Pandora is full of insanity and lore that has attracted many a player.

Be ready for anything, and be ready to shoot everything.

You never know what you'll find in the Borderlands

5.Final Fantasy XV

One of the most beloved RPG franchises of all time is back with arguably one of its greatest entries. If you're ready to save your kingdom, and have a good time doing it, you'll want to try out Final Fantasy XV. Oh, and did we mention you get a car?

In the world of Eos, there are two kingdoms at war. You are the prince to the Lucis kingdom, and along with your best friends Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto, you'll set out on a quest to retrieve a magic crystal and stop the world from falling into darkness. The open-world here in Final Fantasy XV is very much the open road. As you'll drive to various destinations, battle monsters of incredible scale and scope, complete missions to further your journey, and just hang out with your buds. There is a massive world out there waiting for you, are you ready to explore it?

Final Fantasy XV is just oozing with purpose and charm. Each of the four main characters has their own personality that makes them stand out. The battles are intense, and requires you to know what each character can do. And the story itself may just be the greatest Final Fantasy story ever told.

Four bros against evil.

The open road calls you.

4. Fallout New Vegas

The Fallout universe is expansive, but Obsidian Entertainment brought their A-game with New Vegas. For this pseudo-sequel brought a fresh take on the world. All the while expanding it in a way previous games technically didn't.

Everything that you liked about Fallout 3 you'll find vastly improved in New Vegas. Liked the V.A.S.T. system? It's much more refined. Did you want to play the game in 3rd-person mode without getting a headache? Done. Did you want to be able to craft items without being limited to what you can make? You can do much more now. New skills, new perks, quicker character creation, anything that could be improved on, was, and that's why it's such a great game.

New Vegas proved that things can be improved upon for the better. All the while telling a rather unique story within an established universe. You can help decide the fate of New Vegas, or don't, it's totally your call.

Every threat is a credible one in New Vegas.

Old world or new one, Vegas is still Vegas.

3. Fallout 4

War never changes, isn't that how the story goes? Well, as the sole survivor or Vault 111, you have a sole mission, find your son. And take out anyone who will get in your way.

Expanding upon what made Fallout 3 great, Bethesda worked hard to deliver an experience that truly felt like a growth for the series. For example, the crafting system was expanded immensely so that you can make just about anything you want and see how it'll affect the item you're making. Moreso, you can now build homes and settlements in the wastelands of Boston. And, of course, there's improvements to the combat, including the returning V.A.S.T. system. So pick up a weapon you made, and get ready to go get your son.

Fallout 4 has a lot of things going for it. The expanded crafting system is a must for players. But now, mods are on all versions of the game, not just PC! The new setting for the game is also a big plus, as we get to see the Northeastern part of the US and how it was affected by the world. The setting, the gameplay, all have been refined and expanded upon, what's not to love?

In this journey, at least you won't be alone.

The suit is waiting for you.

2. Skyrim

Bar none, one of the greatest RPG experiences of all time. Skyrim brings you a massive fantasy/medieval world filled with magic, monsters, dragons, loads of quests, dragons, and so much more for you to find. Oh, did I mention dragons?

You, are a Dragonborn. That's right, your power literally comes from dragons, and after almost being killed, you set out to stop the World-Eater from literally destroying the world, but what you do after that is up to you. The freedom of the open-world is what makes Skyrim so great. There are numerous towns, cities, events, quests, sidequests, mini-quests, NPCs, there's so much to do! Defeat dragons to learn new Shouts, become a Knight, a mage, a warrior, or any other epic class. The choice is yours, and it's your world to explore.

The Elder Scrolls series has always been expansive, but Skyrim takes it up not just one notch, but several. The detail and depth that has been put into this game cannot be ignored. From the story, to the gameplay, to the DLC, to the mods, and everything in between, there's a reason that Skyrim is so beloved.


There's a massive world waiting for you.

1. The Witcher 3

One last mission, one last quest, and this time, it's for family. Geralt of Rivia is back, and he must save his adopted daughter Ciri from The Wild Hunt before it can claim her powers. Along the way, you'll fight monsters of every shape and size, but nothing can stand in your way. After all, you're the Witcher.

The world of The Witcher has never been this big, this expansive, this beautiful, and this full of life. While it's true you're on the lookout for Ciri, you have other quests and missions available to you. There are loads of monsters that you can kill and get bounties for. There are loads of missions that can help you get experience to get more skills, better weapons, and more. Plus, the deep narrative of the world will let you interact with a large variety of characters. From friends, to foes, to lovers both present and former, there are a lot of conversations to be had.

While The Witcher series has always been deep in lore, Wild Hunt gives you more freedom than the previous titles. The battles are much more refined, and even random at times. Plus, the more detailed game engine gives the world a beautiful shine that will wow you when you play it.

She needs your help. Find her before it's too late!

Are you up to the challenge of the beasts that await you?

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