The 10 Greatest Weapons in DnD (Legendary Weapons)

best Weapons in DnD (Legendary Weapons)
They don't make treasure hoards like they used to...

What Legendary D&D weapons stand above the rest? 

Magical items steeped in lore drive adventurers as they make their place in history. Legendary weapons call to those who would carry them for good or evil. There are scores of magical weapons in the realms, but only fate’s chosen few are amongst the greatest in history. Many of these weapons are sentient and telepathic, with personalities to be respected.

10. Blackrazor

Deviant Art user Mr.Dave's interpretation of Blackrazor

Blackrazor has been featured throughout D&D history, an homage to the Sword & Sorcery Novel series. It is depicted as a jet-black greatsword with points like stars adorning it. Legends conflict on the blade’s true nature and origin, save that it is a void forged in something of nothingness. An evil weapon, it compels its owner to feed it souls. These souls sustain the blade, fueling the benefits it bestows upon the bearer.

This wonderfully crafted greatsword requires attunement, which can be an arduous process. Blackrazor is manipulative and cunning, it will use you as it protects you. The dark forces within the blade make it a devastating weapon when fed. The wielder gains mental fortitude and combat prowess. If you fail to feed Blackrazor souls it will provoke a personal conflict with you, protesting your failures regularly until satisfied.

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