D&D: Best Wizard Spells for Every Level

D&D: Best Wizard Spells for Every Level

The Players Handbook in Dungeons and Dragons introduces a slew of spells that allow players to bend the elements to your will, manipulate the very bounds of reality and command monsters (and furniture) to do your bidding. The big question is, what are the most effective spells to master as a wizard? This article will give you some insight into the most powerful and useful wizard spell levels.

The spells in this article are some of the most powerful in the game and offer the best bang for your buck at low levels, allowing PCs to summon large groups of minions and even transform the very environment into a weapon. To help players understand where to invest their levels effectively, I’ve put together a list of guidelines detailing how best to use these spells and which to select at each level. 

Many newer players use a method of trial and error as they level up, not fully looking a head to see what spells are available to them until it is too late. If you find yourself wondering how far you can push the bounds of your wizardly magic in Dungeons and Dragons, this article can be a great guide. 

I hope this guide helps ensure that these spells become another vital tool in your game.

Best Level 1 Wizard Spells

Best Level 1 Wizard Spell: Shield

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Shield

An Eldritch Knight protecting the team with a shield spell.

Shield is one of the most versatile spells in D&D 5E. While it doesn't provide damage itself, it provides a powerful defensive buff for the character. A wizard could use this to protect themselves from attacks or even to ensure they don't die during combat.

As your Wizard is likely squishy, this spell does the trick to keep them from getting whacked. And while new spells like Mass Shield are available for all spellcasting classes that allow for multiple targets being protected, level 1’s Shield is a classic for a reason. 

Why Shield Is Great 

  • +5 to AC for an Entire Round
  • Nullifies Magic Missile Cast Upon them Completely
  • Doesn’t Require Concentration
  • Cast as a Reaction 

Shield Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:shield

Second Best Level 1 Wizard Spell: Magic Missile

Let's start with the basics. What does a wizard often do? Well, they cast Magic Missile. And what does it do? It deals 1d4+1 force damage to a single target. Three bolts dealing 1d4+1 damage each isn't very much, but combined, they add up quickly.

The idea behind this spell is simple. When you want to deal some damage to an enemy, you fire off three bolts of energy. These bolts travel at 60 feet per round, meaning they'll reach their destination in under 30 seconds. 

This spell could easily be used to kill a monster outright at lower-level campaigns, assuming the monster doesn't have a high AC.

Why Magic Missile Is Great

  • Automatically Hits Target Unless Target has Shield Up
  • Darts Can Break Concentration of Enemy Spellcasters By Forcing Concentration Checks
  • Instakill a Downed Enemy By Forcing Death Saving Throws

Magic Missile Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:magic-missile

Third Best Level 1 Wizard Spell: Find Familiar

The wizard’s best friend isn’t necessarily a fancy staff or magic wand. Sometimes, the best friend is the least flashy — just a loyal pet that helps keep the wizard sane, as sometimes, the most important thing is having someone there to help you out. 

And that’s where the Find Familiar spell comes in handy. This spell allows wizards to summon a familiar, magical spirit that takes the form of an intelligent animal. The wizard chooses the type of familiar he or she wants to call up; it could be a dog, cat, bird, insect, reptile, amphibian, or another Tiny animal form. 

This spell functions much like the Summon Monster I spell in 3.5. The difference is that the familiar is summoned in place of a monster. Players devastated by the lack of a summon Monster Spell will rejoice that something of similar utility is back in 5E.

Why Find Familiar Is Great 

  • Scout Ahead of Your Party Up to 100 Feet
  • Use Familiar to Close the Gap on Enemies for Long Range Spellcasting
  • Can Carry Items, Drop Items, and Assist With Puzzles

Find Familiar Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:find-familiar

Best Level 2 Wizard Spells

Best Level 2 Wizard Spell: Warding Wind

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Warding Wind

A wizard using Warding Wind as a defense. 

Has anyone seen the 1996 film Twister? Imagine that, but you summon that raging tornado to center on yourself and wreak destruction in your path. The second-level Evocation wizard spell Warding Wind allows you to do just that – conjure a powerful gust of air to protect yourself against incoming martial or magical attacks.

This great utility cyclone, while not dealing damage, helps turn the tide of battle for you and your party. The only caveat is that the rules allow for friendly fire, meaning this tornado could distinctly disadvantage the other characters in your party. So make sure everyone’s down in the storm cellar before unleashing this one.

Why Warding Wind Is Great 

  • Crowd Control in a 20-Foot Radius
  • Confers Disadvantages to Ranged Weapons
  • Extinguishes Torches
  • Creates Difficult Terrain
  • Deafens Creatures

Warding Wind Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:warding-wind

Second Best Level 2 Wizard Spell: Misty Step

Misty Step allows you to briefly vanish into thin air, reappearing at another location within the sight range of 30 feet. When you cast this spell, choose a spot within range. You instantly move there without provoking opportunity attacks. 

While Misty Step is just a much weaker Dimension Door (which we’ll talk about later), it doesn’t mean it’s not worth a pickup in the early game. Just know that more powerful teleportation options are coming later in the game. 

Why Misty Step Is Great

  • Cast as a Bonus Action, Instantly
  • Great for Escaping a Grapple
  • Use to Infiltrate or Flee

Misty Step Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:misty-step

Third Best Level 2 Wizard Spell: Hold Person

This is the third most powerful spell at level 2, and it fits into my idea of what a "best" level 2 wizard spell should do – set up the party well by providing great utility to the entire team. Behold: Hold Person. 

Hold Person is designed to keep a humanoid from doing things they want to do while under the effect of the spell by completely Paralyzing the creature. The spell says the creature can make a Wisdom save every round to break free. 

It doesn't say anything about how many rounds it lasts, though as a DM, I would allow a caster to spend his entire concentration period keeping a target restrained.

Why Hold Person Is Great 

  • Upcasting the Spell Allows to Target Additional Humanoids
  • Confers the Paralyzed Status, Which Fully Prevents Their Actions/Reactions
  • Enemy is Auto-Critted if Attacker is in 5 Feet Range 

Hold Person Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:hold-person

Best Level 3 Wizard Spells

Best Level 3 Wizard Spell: Counterspell 

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Counterspell


Counterspell is one of the most powerful spells a wizard can learn and is a must-have at level 3. It lets you block a spell attack in progress before it hits you. This makes it especially useful against high-level casters like archmages, necromancers, or dragons because they tend to cast spells at high levels.

If you know how to use Counterspell, you don’t have to wait around to be hit by the next spell; you can simply stop it before it happens. It’s that easy.

The downside of Counterspell is that it requires you to react while using it, so you won’t always be able to respond quickly enough to keep it up. The way the rules are worded imply that instantaneous and lower-level spells, like the Magic Missiles of the world, wouldn’t be able to be Counterspelled.

Why Counterspell Is Great 

Second Best Level 3 Wizard Spell: Fireball

Don’t cast this one in a gunpowder factory. Fireball is one of the best 3rd-level Wizards spells for dealing big damage. Even though it’s a simple spell, don’t mistake that for not being effective.  

The casting time for this spell is instantaneous, and it doesn’t require concentration. This makes it perfect for combat situations where spells are used often, so you’re not interrupted.

 You can even use it to light up enemies you can’t see; just point into the dark, and it’ll fire an explosion of flame – illuminating the area and blowing up the enemy in the process. 

Why Fireball Is Great

  • Classic, Flammable AOE Damage
  • Targets Take 8d6 Fire Damage on Failed Save
  • Still Takes Damage on Failed Save
  • Causes the Room to Catch On Fire. 

Fireball Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:fireball

Third Best Level 3 Wizard Spell: Dispel Magic

The third best level 3 wizard spell is Dispel Magic. This is because it does exactly what the name says on the tin: removes all spells of 3rd level or less on the target. At higher levels, the spell becomes even better since you can choose any creature, object, magical effect, or magical effect within range, ending all spells on the target.

So what’s the difference between Dispel Magic and Counterspell? Dispel Magic targets any previously cast spell (within the designated spell level), whereas Counterspell is an immediate interrupt – to borrow language from Magic: the Gathering. 

Why Dispel Magic Is Great 

  • Has Utility In and Out of Combat
  • Use it for Puzzle Solving and Magical Trap Disarming
  • Removes Magic-Related Status Ailments

Dispel Magic Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:dispel-magic

Best Level 4 Wizard Spells

Best Level 4 Wizard Spell: Polymorph 

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Polymorph

"I like my enemies frog shaped and powerless."

Polymorph is one of the most useful wizard spells because it gives a powerful advantage to the caster. With this spell, you can transform yourself, allies or enemies into any creature that is a beast. 

The transformation lasts only as long as you concentrate on the spell. You can dismiss the spell early as an action. An unwilling creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC or be affected by the transformation. While this does take concentration, the effect for your party is well worth it. 

Whenever the creature is transformed, its base stats are reduced to the creatures, and all equipment is fused to their body. They can’t cast spells or take standard actions they could normally do in their standard form. Don’t be confused, this isn’t True Polymorph, which we’ll talk about later. 

Protip: make sure to preload the stats of all the beasts on your phone just to save your party the headache. 

Why Polymorph Is Great 

  • You Can Change Yourself into a T-Rex
  • Turn an Enemy Into a Small Creature
  • Turn a Partymate into a Horse and Ride

Polymorph Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:polymorph

Second Best Level 4 Wizard Spell: Fire Shield 

The wizard's arcane power flows into his hands like molten lava. When he casts spells, his fingers glow red-hot. This spell creates a thin layer of fiery energy around himself, granting him resistance to both cold and fire damage. 

Welcome to your wizard’s new Fire Shield. 

Additionally, your wizard’s fire shield has sweet perks. It erupts with flames whenever a creature strikes you with a melee attack within 5 feet of you. Warm shields deal 2d8 fire damage, while cold shields deal 2d8 cold damage.

Why Fire Shield Is Great

  • Multiple Damage Type Options from One Spell
  • Offensive and Defensive Spell
  • 10-Minute Duration Without Concentration 

Fire Shield Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:fire-shield

Third Best Level 4 Wizard Spell: Conjure Minor Elementals

Be a full master of the elements with this top fourth level wizard spell! Conjure Minor Elemental spells allow wizards to call forth lesser elemental spirits. These spirits serve as loyal allies, protecting their master against harm. 

One minute of concentration is required to use this ability and when the spell finishes, the wizard can interact with his summoned elementals. He can tell them what to do and give them commands as needed. 

This spell scales well with future leveling. When you reach the 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th level, you gain access to additional summoning options. For example, when you cast the spell using a 9th-level spell slot, you can summon twice as many elementals as normal.

Same with Polymorph, keep your elemental’s stats on file to make your DM’s life easier. 

Why Conjure Minor Elementals Is Great 

  • Upcast for Potentially Three Times as Many Elementals
  • Elementals are Strong with Key Resistances to Damage Types
  • Can Attack, Defend, and Act on Behalf of Controller
  • Potentially Summon 24 Weak Elementals at 8th Level Slot

Conjure Minor Elementals Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:conjure-minor-elementals

Best Level 5 Wizard Spells

Best Level 5 Wizard Spell: Wall of Force 

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Wall of Force

Building a wall of words.

The fifth level wizard spell Wall of Force, found in the Player’s Handbook, allows players to summon a temporary Wall of Force. This wall can be used offensively or defensively. You can use it to defend against attacks and spells, or to protect yourself while casting powerful spells.

A player could use this feature to protect a party member with low hit points, cover allies during an attack, or provide additional protection for a caster.

You cast the spell over an area that you can see within range. Choose a spot within range. As part of the action used to cast the spell, you touch a willing target and draw energy out of it to manifest the wall of force around the chosen location. 

When you finish casting the spell, the wall appears in place. You can concentrate on keeping the wall intact and working for the next minute. You can maintain concentration even if you take damage.

Why Wall of Force Is Great 

  • Shape Wall of Force into Whatever You Want
  • Extends into Ethereal Plane
  • Immune to Dispel Magic

Wall of Force Full Stats: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:wall-of-force

Second Best Level 5 Wizard Spell: Animate Objects

Animate Objects may be the spell for you if you were interested in seeing how Disney’s Beauty and the Beast would play out in a D&D campaign. 

For starters, it will enable you to choose up to ten non-magically enchanted objects within the range that aren't being worn or carried. And unlike many animated item spells, you don't just get to pick up whatever you want; you get to control how those items work. 

You could set up a trap that springs into action when someone walks over it, or you could put together some magic carpet that flies around the battlefield. Your imagination is the limit here, so long as you're willing to spend the time crafting something useful.

Why Animate Objects Is Great

  • Like Conjure Elemental But With No Resistances Built into the Creatures. 
  • Upcast for More Animated Objects
  • Animate Enemy’s Objects for Up-Close and Personal Damage

Animate Objects Full Stats: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:animate-objects

Third Best Level 5 Wizard Spell: Bigby’s Hand

If you ever wanted a spell that was “mage hand but better,” Bigby’s Hand is the level 5 pickup for you. In the D&D world, players often build out their characters with custom weapons like Bigby's Hand. 

But what makes Bigby's Hand great isn't just that it can take care of anything you throw at it. A player might want to wield a giant hammer to smash open a door or swing it into a crowd of enemies. Or perhaps they'd prefer a simple mace to bash down walls or knock away monsters. Whatever the task, Bigby's Hand can handle it.

It does require concentration, but unless the enemy has ranged firepower, you can slap people around with Bigby’s Hand up to 120 feet away. At the same time, your Wizard is safely positioned in the back. Upcasting this spell just increases damage output. 

Why Bigby’s Hand Is Great 

  • Can Strike or Push Creatures
  • Is a Solid Object Unlike Mage Hand
  • Has 4x Range of Mage Hand

Bigby’s Hand Full Stats: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:bigbys-hand

Best Level 6 Wizard Spells

Best Level 6 Wizard Spell: Mass Suggestion

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Mass Suggestion

"Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Mass suggestion is one of the most powerful spells in D&D 5e. It allows you to manipulate groups of people into doing something and bend them to your will. This makes Mass Suggestion great for situations where you want to force your enemies to take certain actions without needing actually to fight them.

The spell works like many others in D&D 5E. You describe a course of action in a few sentences and choose which creatures around you to affect. Then you wait for those creatures to follow your suggestions. 

If you don't care about the consequences, you can just say whatever you want and let your subjects go wherever they please. But, if you're trying to persuade someone to do something against their better judgment, you'll probably want to think carefully about how you phrase things. It doesn’t defend against stupidity. 

Why Mass Suggestion Is Great 

  • Upcasting Increases Control Time, 9th Level is 1 Year
  • Crowd Controlling of Up to 12 Creatures
  • Will Not Self Harm, But Can Harm Others

Mass Suggestion Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:mass-suggestion

Second Best Level 6 Wizard Spell: Disintegrate

One of a wizard's most powerful attacks is Disintegrate, a spell that reduces a large or small object to a fine powder. While Disintegrate deals damage to creatures, objects, and creations of magical force.

In fact, Disintegrate is one of those spells that could go either way. There are times when I've used disintegrate to destroy large creatures like dragons, and there are times when I've used it to destroy small things like scrolls. My favorite use of Disintegrate is for destroying Walls of Force. Walls of Force are powerful effects that require concentration. Disintegrate can target the wall. 

Why Disintegrate Is Great

  • Big Damage at 10d6 + 40
  • Can Target Magical Spells and Physical Objects Alike
  • Upcasting for More Damage
  • Instantaneous, No Concentration Required

Disintegrate Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:disintegrate

Third Best Level 6 Wizard Spell: Soul Cage

Soulcage is great because it lets you play out some dark fantasy scenarios where the PCs are trying to save someone’s soul. In addition to being able to steal souls and imprison them, you can send souls into limbo or even use them to power spells. There’s plenty of room for creativity here.

The soul cage spell allows DMs to bring some fun into their game without resorting to the traditional resurrection ritual. Instead, players can just steal the souls of people who die during play and trap them inside small cages. When the person dies, the soul stays trapped inside the cage until the player uses the spell again or destroys the cage, ending the spell. Players can even use the stored souls to boost themselves or others, such as giving someone advantage on a skill check or attack roll.

Why Soul Cage Is Great 

  • Convert Your Dead Enemies (or Allies) to Material Components
  • Quick Eyes into Old Stomping Grounds
  • HP Regen from Souls Imprisoned  
  • No Concentration Required, Cast as Reaction

Soul Cage Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:soul-cage

Best Level 7 Wizard Spells

Best Level 7 Wizard Spell: Simulacrum

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level SimulacrumSo you think you’re a clone now?

Well if someone cast this level 7 wizard spell on you, you might be! A Wizard can shape an illusory copy of one beast or humanoid within range for the duration of the spell. The copy is a creature, partially made from ice or snow, that looks identical to the original, but it is a construct rather than a living being. 

The copy has half the creature‘s hit point maximum and cannot increase its level or other abilities while it exists. Otherwise, the simulacrum uses all the statistics of its creator, including his alignment and Intelligence score, and it acts on his turn in combat. The creature obeys the wizard’s verbal commands, moves and acts accordingly, and takes no action unless commanded to do so. It can use the wizard’s tools and wear armor, though none of its gear functions while it exists.

If the simulacrum is damaged or killed, the wizard can replace it with another one. In addition, he can make a new simulacrum whenever he casts the spell. Any currently active copies he creates with the spell disappear immediately upon completion.

Why Simulacrum Is Great 

  • Great for Infiltration Missions
  • Can Use Spells at Your Command
  • Can Attack, Defend, Act Like a Member of the Party

Simulacrum Full Details: ​​http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:simulacrum

Second Best Level 7 Wizard Spell: Forcecage

Forcecage is great because it gives you total control over what happens within the confines of the cage. You decide how big the cage is and whether it's a cage or a box. You determine where the cage is located and what creatures are able to pass through it. You can even trap specific creatures within the cage.

The spell creates a cube-shaped prison made of magical force springs that appears instantly. When you cast the spell the caster chooses one type of prison — a cage or a box. Thereafter, whenever you cast the same spell again, you can change the size of the prison. For example, if you initially chose a box, you could increase the size of the box to a cage. Once the spell ends, the cage disappears. Any creature caught inside becomes trapped.

A creature inside the cage can try to escape by making a Charisma save. On a successful save, the creature can use its action to teleport to another location that isn't blocked by the cage. However, the creature can't use teleportation, interplanar travel, or planar shift while it's inside the cage.

Forcecage Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:forcecage

Why Forcecage Is Great

  • Can’t Be Dispelled by Dispel Magic
  • Extends to the Ethereal Plane
  • Can Be Designed to Your Specifications

Third Best Level 7 Wizard Spell: Reverse Gravity

We’ve all heard of “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked – but this level 7 Wizard spell takes it to the next level. This spell reverses gravity in a 50-foot-radius, 100-foot high cylinder centered on a point within range. 

All creatures and objects that aren’t somehow anchored to the ground in the area fall upward and reach the top of the area when you cast this spell. A creature can make a Dexterity saving throw to grab onto a fixed object it can reach, thus avoiding the fall.

If some solid object (such as a ceiling) is encountered in this fall, falling objects and creatures strike it just as they would during a normal downward fall. If an object or creature reaches the top of the area without striking anything, it remains there, oscillating slightly, for the duration.

A creature or object can use its action to try to escape the effect of this spell. Make a DC 15 Strength check against your spell save DC. On a success, the creature or object escapes the effect. Otherwise, it falls into the center of the area. Any creature or object inside the area at the start of the spell's duration is automatically pulled out of the area.

Why Reverse Gravity Is Great 

  • Offensive and Defensive Opportunities
  • Great for Crowd Control
  • 100 Foot Range

Forcecage Full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:reverse-gravity

Best Level 8 Wizard Spells

Best Level 8 Wizard Spell: Mind Blank 

D&D: Best Wizard Spells For Every Level Wish

A dream is a wish your heart makes...

Mind blank protects against mental attacks, such as reading minds or sensing someone's emotional state. If it doesn't protect against those kinds of attacks, a character could still fall victim to a magical compulsion, brainwashing, suggestion, or some other form of manipulation.

The spell prevents those types of attacks from affecting creatures within range while the spell lasts. For example, a wizard could cast mind blank on herself to prevent her allies' minds from being read during a battle. 

A cleric might use it to shield his allies from mind flayers or to keep himself from falling prey to a powerful suggestion spell. A druid could cast it to protect a group of forest animals she cares about from harm.

A caster must choose whether to include the duration in the casting time, and the spell's description states that it affects "any willing creature". This means that the spell will protect anyone touched by the caster, including unwilling creatures like undead, constructs, and fiends. However, there are no exceptions to the general rule that only willing creatures can be affected by spells. Even though many creatures are considered unwilling, they can still be affected by spells and abilities that specifically target unwilling targets.

Why Mind Blank Is Great 

  • Protect Valuable Secrets from Foes
  • Prevent Mind Control
  • Prevent Mental and Psychic Damage 

Mind blank full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:mind-blank

Second Best Level 8 Wizard Spell: Feeblemind 

Feeblemind is one of those spells that people love to hate. It’s a great spell, though. A lot of players are afraid of it because they think it’ll break immersion. But that’s not what happens. Instead, it creates a really interesting dynamic where you have to play off of each other.

Some quick tips on Feeblemind: make sure your players understand the spell. Make sure they realize that it does prevent creatures from speaking. And definitely make sure the players don't abuse the system. Don't let anyone intentionally use Feeblemind on other party members. 

They shouldn't use it to intentionally screw over another player. As long as the players aren't abusing the rules, the game is fair.

Why Feeblemind Is Great

  • Instantaneous Casting Speed
  • 150 Foot Casting Range
  • Being Enfeebled Lasts At Least 30 Days Until Next Saving Throw

Feeblemind full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:feeblemind

Third Best Level 8 Wizard Spell: Dominate Monster

The spell dominate monster is one of the most powerful spells in D&D 5e. There are three ways to make it work for you: casting the spell, commanding monsters, and controlling monsters. 

In D&D 5E, each player controls a single character, and your party members might want to command monsters. For example, maybe your wizard wants to command a goblin to guard an important door, or perhaps he or she wants a wolf to attack a group of bandits.

You try to beguile a monster that you can see within 60 feet of you. It must make a Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by you for 10 minutes. If you or creatures friendly to you are fighting the creature, it has advantage on its saving throw. If you or creatures friendlier to you are attacking it, it has disadvantage on its saving throw. 

While the creature is dominated by you, you have a telepathic link with it as long you are on the same planar expanse. You can use this link to issue commands to it while you are awake (no action required), and it obeys your command without question. You can specify a very basic command, like "Fight", "Retreat", or "Surrender". 

Why Dominate Monster Is Great

  • Control Enemies or NPCs 
  • Upcast for Extending Spell Length to Eight Hours
  • Great for Roleplay Scenarios

Best Level 9 Wizard Spells

Best Level 9 Wizard Spell: Wish

Wish is the grand poobah of spells out of the entire game of Dungeons and Dragons. And it is for a reason. Essentially Wish allows the caster to do practically anything they want. As the Player’s Handbook puts it “it’s the mightiest spell a mortal creature can cast.”

This spell can duplicate any other 8th level spell in the entire game, or get money, heal oodles of hit points, receive immunity and much more. Honestly, the big question with Wish is not so much what it can do, but what it can’t do. While specific spells will be clear that Wish doesn’t work against it (Mind Blank as discussed earlier comes to mind), that list is short. 

That makes Wish great for working with your DM to come up with a story that fully gets at the nuanced happy ending that we all want for our characters.  

Why Wish Is Great 

  • Health Regen
  • Riches
  • Anything Your Heart Desires
  • Great for Endgame

Wish full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:wish

Second Best Level 9 Wizard Spell: Meteor Swarm 

The basic idea behind Meteor Swarm is pretty straightforward. When cast, the spell creates a bunch of meteors that fall toward a particular location. If there is anything in their path — a building, a person, etc. — they impact and destroy everything in their wake.

When you add fireball, which causes a single large explosion, to meteor swarm, you get a spell that looks like it does exactly what it says it does. However, there’s a catch: Fireball doesn’t cause explosions, just big blasts of destructive force. So what’s the difference? The answer lies in the fact that Meteor Swarm creates multiple smaller explosions, similar to a cluster grenade.

Why Meteor Swarm Is Great

  • Deals Big AOE Damage
  • 20d6 Fire Damage and 20d6 Bludgeoning Damage on a Failed Save
  • Damages Area and Catches Things on Fire
  • Instantaneous, No Concentration Required

Meteor Swarm full Details: http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/spell:meteor-swarm

Third Best Level 9 Wizard Spell: True Polymorph

You thought regular Polymorph at level 4 was great. Get a load of what the real deal looks like. True Polymorph takes that spell and takes it to the next level. This effect is known as "true polymorph." But why is it called "true"? Well, it sounds weird, I know. But think about it for a moment. True polymorph means it can affect all states of being, sentient and alive as well as inanimate. 

Not only can you change yourself, allies, or enemies into creatures, you can also turn them into objects or vice versa. 

One of the most popular uses of True Polymorph is to turn yourself or someone close to you into a willing animal companion. While you're under the effects of True Polymorph, you gain the benefits of being a familiar, except that you don't count against the number of familiars you control. When you revert to your original form, you return to where you were before you began casting the spell. 

Plus, if you concentrate on the spell for the entire duration of one hour, the transformation becomes permanent. What a fitting end to a BBEG is to turn him into a toilet – permanently. 

Why True Polymorph Is Great 

  • Turn Your Foes into Collectibles
  • Turn Yourself into an Ancient Brass Dragon
  • If You Can Think of It, You Can Likely Make It Happen

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