[Top 11] D&D Best Warlock Multiclass That Are Fun To Play

Beautiful Warlock (Image Credit:  Demon Lord)
Who wouldn't make a completely fair deal for a little more power?

1. Warlock/Barbarian

Warlock barbarian carrying scythe casting magic

(Image Credit: @artofblake)

Warlocks are a incredibly powerful class, and shockingly versatile. A great example of this is the barbarian. At first, this seems like a complete fail combo. After all, Barbarian rage doesn’t let you cast spells right? Well, technically it doesn’t let you cast spells during the rage. Which means if you cast a spell before you rage, and it lasts through the rage you still get the effects. With the warlocks automatic heightening of their spells, this means that many spells will be boosted in their time length to cover the entire time your raging. It also gives you some ranged versatility if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get up close and personal, as eldritch blast is just a great effect with great range if you can’t get up close and personal.

Why Warlock/Barbarian Is Great 

  • Warlock base abilities are not spells and can be used while in rage if they don’t involve sustaining.
  • Barbarian unarmored defense combined with warlock defensive spells cast before battle can make a powerful combination.
  • The barbarians more sturdy hit points and bonuses to constitution will help the warlock last longer

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You like the aesthetic theme of combining a rage machine with dealings with otherworldly beings.
  • You don’t want to have a overcomplicated spell list to complicate your attack capabilities.
  • You want access to powerful martial weapons while still retaining powerful magical offensive.

2. Warlock/Bard

Warlock bard conjures spell around sword

( Image Credit: Arcady)

The warlock and bard is an odd combination that struggles a bit, but benefits from the warlocks spells combining well with the bards support class features. From a roleplay perspective it becomes particularly interesting as it allows many ways for your own bard to look into their own patron and learn new things about them. On a more mechanical level, the bard is more support focused, and the warlock spells tend to be more offensive than utilitarian. But perhaps you have a small party and are covering multiple roles, this is a way to have your cake and eat it to, if only one piece and not the whole thing.

Why Warlock/Bard Is Great 

  • Warlock spells mean you don’t have to worry about running out of offensive capabilities, letting you pick more versatile and niche options for your bardic abilities.
  • Bardic knowledge can unlock strong roleplay opportunities with your patron.
  • Bardic charisma based skills and spells combine well with the warlock’s since they both use the same stat. Anytime a stat does double duty is good.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want to be the party face and put all your points in charisma.
  • You want to add some offensive power to your bards charismatic capabilities without splitting your abilities to much.
  • You want to gain deep and dark and forbidden knowledge’s and look good doing it.

3. Warlock/Cleric

Warlock cleric sits and meditates with lightning

(Image Credit: Magali Villeneuve)

A classic combo for cultists of dark gods everywhere, for a player it opens up a wide array of abilities and spells. The cleric domain abilities and the warlock patron gifts make a fine front loading of character flavor and unique abilities that can be useful throughout the whole game. Also, since warlock spells are spells, the divine power option for clerics will allow them to use their warlock spells even more often as they channel the power for the refreshing their warlock spells. It’s also fun to combine your warlock pact with your god’s chosen weapon for some unique combinations of power for unique and flavorful attacks.

Why Warlock/Cleric Is Great 

  • If there is a favorite weapon you want to focus on, a favored weapon that is also a pact weapon can do plenty of interesting effects.
  • Channel divine power allows you to use even more spells including the warlocks auto heightened options.
  • With the number of gods, patrons, pacts, and domains, the warlock cleric is practically a custom mix and match.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want a class combination that is almost completely customizable with a multitude of different options.
  • You want to get plenty of options through domains and pacts at an early level.
  • You want the power of the warlock’s spellcasting but still want to get up in melee

4. Warlock/Druid

Warlock druid stands with animal companion wolf in forest

(Image Credit: Teemu Husso)

Warlock’s struggle a bit if the druid is focused on wild shape, as they will lose their ability to cast spells while wild shaped.  However, much like the barbarian, long lasting warlock spells can be used to cover the duration that the druid is in wild shape form. However, both classes have a huge variety of spells, and being able to combine the wide types of spells of the druid with the focused powerful spells of the warlock can be a boon. The warlock also opens up the ability for the multiclass to fight at long range all day long with their refreshing short rest spell slots. Or, if you just love animals, you could get an animal companion and a familiar, because animals are awesome.

Why Warlock/Druid Is Great 

  • Potential for fun multiple animal usage with both familiars and animal companions.
  • Long lasting warlock spells can help bolster a wild shaped druid’s power.
  • Some pacts, particularly fey related pacts, work very well with druid based animal powers

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want a zoo of animals following you around including your own familiar.
  • You want to combine devotion to the fey wild with powerful druidic abilities.
  • You want your forest devoted druid to have a darker edge with the warlocks more brutal spell selection.

5. Warlock/Fighter

warlock fighter with magical spell and blade

(Image Credit: Bryan Syme)

As always, fighter immediately gives a solid iron clad armor to the spellcaster right off the bat, making the fighter a great multiclass for covering almost every corner. Also remember that eldritch blasts are ranged attacks and melee spells are affected by abilities that affect melee attacks. Combining them together with fighter abilities and the classic combination of action surge to unleash multiple spells in a turn is always awesome to do. The warlock also has several spells, particularly Armor of Agathys which allows you to punish the unfortunate monsters and enemies that you force to fight you head to head, lashing back damage at a rate that can put enemies in a really tough position. Considering this is the only spellcasting class with access to this incredibly powerful spell, it makes a good argument on it’s own why you should mix fighter and warlock together.

Why Warlock/Fighter Is Great 

  • The access to the armor of Agathys spell alone shows one of the reasons you should take this multiclass.
  • Action surge let’s you deal out a incredible amount of damage by stacking spells and attacks together.
  • Combining heavy plate armor and powerful melee weapons with defensive magic helps cover a lot of new cards.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want to power up your weapons and armor with magic.
  • You want to gain access to the cool abilities of the warlock without giving up the durability of the fighter.
  • You want to give the fighter the ability to switch between melee and ranged spells without having to spread your fighter across both archery and melee.


Warlock Ranger standing with animal companion and spellcasting

(Image Credit: dzipsy)

The warlock and the ranger struggle a little bit, not quite helping either class. This is a class combination you’re going to want to take for flavor reasons and because you enjoy the abilities the classes give you access to, not necessarily because you want the most powerful option. But if your okay with that, the fey options work very well with rangers, allowing their nature related spells and abilities to work together. It also has the same upside that druids have that you can choose to have both a familiar and animal companion to have a veritable zoo in your crew. It’s also possible to use dual fighting up close and magic at long range, but there is not much crossover in spells.

Why Warlock/Ranger  Is Great 

  • Any combination that let’s us have multiple animal friends is a great choice for both action economy and power.
  • The ranger can balance long range and short range and use their spells to cover more niche needs.
  • The many warlock options for pacts and patrons work wonderfully to give you a lot of customization.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want to have multiple animals to use for either action economy power or because cute fluffy animals.
  • You want to add some stronger offensive magic to the ranger’s fighting styles
  • You want to combine devotion to a patron from the Feywild with your attacks.


7. Warlock/Monk

Warlock monk dressed all in black

(Image Credit: Jiaojiefeng)

The monk struggles with needing a lot of ability scores, and adding charisma into the mix doesn’t help very much. While the Armor stacks wonderfully with the monk’s unarmored defense giving you a extra discouraging spike of ice damage who manages to hit you. With the monk’s mobility you can reposition quickly to stay far out of the way of any creatures that may decide to attack you while you shoot them with your long range eldritch blasts. Aggro pulling is a long tradition, and many a monster will be screaming in frustration as they run after you while you pepper them with eldritch blasts.

Why Warlock/Monk Is Great 

  •  The Monk and Warlock’s combination of unarmored defenses and defensive spells greatly increase the warlock’s survivability.
  • The Monk’s speed can keep the warlock out of harms reach from most enemies.
  • In part the long range given by the warlocks eldritch blast prevents most enemies from reaching the monk.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want the range and damage of the warlock combined with the speed of a monk.
  • You want to combine fancy magic with unarmored fists
  • You really, really, really want to be a dragon ball z character.


8. Paladin / Warlock

(Image Credit: TheFamiliars)

Warlocks are hard to mix with other classes without supercharging them, and paladin is no exceptions. The warlock’s instant recovery of high level spells during short rest means that the paladin almost always has it’s biggest guns locked and loaded. In a day where a high enough level warlock is able to smite, they can use level 5 smites almost a dozen times in a single day without any additional recovery other than breaks for short rest naps. However, be careful as the shiniest toy in the warlock’s tool chest, eldritch blast, does not mix with smite as it’s not a melee attack. However, you can absolutely have a pact with your weapon as a paladin that allows you more freedom and spellcasting abilities than without.

Why Paladin / Warlock Is Great 

  • Near unlimited supply of your most powerful smites.
  • Ability to switch to long range eldritch blasts if something prevents you from getting close to an enemy.
  • Nothing says you can’t do a pact with your own deity or a servant of your deity, which could lead to fascinating roleplay opportunities.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You hate running out of smites.
  • You're excited about the roleplay opportunities of devotion to your god or ideals and devotion to your patron.
  • You want to bolster the paladin’s fighting abilities with incredibly powerful blasts of high level magic.


Warlock Rogue with Familiar

(Image Credit: Same Peterson)

The Warlock’s long range spells do lend some wonderful spell slinger sneak attack (Say that five times fast) hilarity to this multiclass. Rogue’s already do amazing when they invest in skills and charisma to make themselves brilliant liars. They get even better when you dazzle them with a bit of magic enhancements, and the warlock has access to some pretty trippy spells and abilities. The ability to communicate telepathically has all sorts of implications for a rogue charlatan who’s looking to take people for everything they have.

Why Warlock/Rogue Is Great 

  • The rogue grants a great additional bonus in the form of sneak attack.
  • Leaning into the charlatan style roles afforded by the rogue, you can max out the benefit of your charisma stat.
  • Magic has always made things easier, as giving a rogue invisibility already makes their life so much easier

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want to play a character that’s like the magical trickster archetype but with stronger spells.
  • You want to be really edgy. Come on, a Warlock Rogue?
  • You want to use the pact abilities to really impact roleplay and actions in game. 

10.Sorcerer / Warlock

Sorcerer Warlock summons spirits to fight

(Image Credit: KilartDev)

Sorcerer and Warlock is an often cited broken combination of classes, so be sure to check with your GM before you dedicate your planning to this build to make sure they haven’t banned it. What makes the Sorcerer and the Warlock such a powerful combo? Well, it’s all thanks to our old friend, Flexible casting. As established previously, any spell type can be used for abilities for classes, and Warlock is the only class that regains its spells on a short rest, not a long rest. This means that multiple times in a day you can turn your warlock spells into sorcerer spells or vice versa as needed.

Sorcerer and Warlock is a powerful combination, and the warlock’s rapid refreshing of spells will let you feel more like an endless battery of power than most other spellcasting classes will let you feel like. Warlock pacts also unlock an incredible mix of new spells and abilities that mix and match beautifully. Thankfully, since both classes use Charisma as their base stat you won’t need to divide out your stats across to many abilities.

Why Sorcerer/Warlock Is Great

  •  Warlock allows for multiple spell refreshes during the day, and there are even warlock pact of moon warlocks who never need to sleep, which technically can net you a permanent way to refresh your sorcerer spells without ever sleeping. :
  •  Sorcerer blood lines and Warlock Pacts both tend to be front loaded with some very powerful effects. Having access to these base powers at the same time can make even the early game much easier
  • Warlock spells scale with the warlock, granting you access to larger pools of spell points every time you level it up for use for your abilities.

Choose This Multiclass If

  • You like the idea of front loading several unique and powerful class abilities in an incredibly versatile mix and match system of bloodlines and pacts.
  • You want to choose a multiclass that doesn’t force you to split much focus between your stats and abilities.
  • Want an absolute fountain of reoccurring spells that can be changed into useful abilities and other spells at will.


Warlock Wizard prepares a spell to cast

(Image Credit: daarken)

This multiclass can lead to some incredibly crazy combinations when you remember that the warlock can auto heighten spells it casts in it’s warlock slot, so that they can also be affected by the wizard school bonuses. This can lead to important extra effects and abilities, such as sculpting spell, that can let you do more interesting things with your character such as use AOE spells more frequently around your friends, something the standard warlock struggles with.

Why Warlock/Wizard Is Great 

  • Wizard’s allow for niche flexibility when you might not normally be able to sacrifice the spells known for your warlock.
  • Arcane recovery also helps to recharge your spells so that you can keep all your spells recharged through frequent short rests.
  • Wizard school abilities provide key flexibilities for several classes of spells, especially evocation.

Choose this Multiclass If

  • You want to pretty much never ever ever run out of spells. Like even more than a normal warlock hates running out of spells.
  • You want to be more tactical with your warlock spells and use niche wizard spells to greater effect
  • You enjoy the flavor and aesthetics of a wizard who made one deal to far.

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