[Top 10] D&D Best YouTube Channels

D&D Best YouTube Channels
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Alright. Before I begin, let’s be reminded that everything written here is very subjective. We all have our personal biases and since the topic discussed here is not about morality (except when discussing Alignments), nothing will be wrong here – well, except for spelling and grammar issues.

Down below are a variety of good YouTube channels pertaining to Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not really a ranking from worst to best, per se, but simply a list of good channels I can recommend for you.

Note: again, subjective tastes.

Let’s begin!


10. Min/Max Munchking

This is probably the channel if you want to go full-on combat mode

Although DND is a role-playing game, it is a more combat-heavy table-top RPG compared to others such as Tavern Tales. This is understandable since DND was discovered by Gary Gygax by combining wargame board games with the lore of The Lord of the Rings. And it’s also obvious in the combat-heavy class features in all 13 DND classes.

So, if you’re the type of player who likes to slay monsters most of the time, then this channel is great for you.

The goal of Min/Max Munchking is to create the most optimized build for every role by sacrificing the role-playing aspects of the character. It’s educational in a sense that you can encounter character builds for the first time such as the “Bearbarian” which is a tank build that multiclasses the Totem Warrior Barbarian into the Circle of the Moon Druid. It is also funny since the narrator has a funny accent and makes sure that he injects humor in his videos such as how he injects his “subscription” joke.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • Maximizing your combat abilities in your DND characters
  • Finding very interesting character concepts with a heavy lean on combat

Here’s the channel: Min/Max Munchking


9.  CritCrab

I'm not really sure why the crab is important here. Maybe from the word "crab mentality"?

We usually look for D&D channels to hear great D&D stories unless you have a thing for cringe stories. Well, CritCrab serves you cringe sad or horror real-life DND moments by having a cartoon crab narrate cringe moments from Reddit.

I, personally, “don’t enjoy” watching his stories. Like that one story whose Dungeon Master was a pseudo-psychopath and tried to personally annoy one of his players by “attacking” his emotions through the “abusing” of his dead character in-game. At the end of the story, the player punched the Dungeon Master in the face and left the game group.

Note: Sometimes, I don’t finish the episode because I can’t stomach the embarrassment.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • People who have a weird or cruel taste for stories
  • People who likes listening to a crab

Here’s the channel: CritCrab


8. All Things DND

That hunk in the middle is probably the Barbarian.

There are probably thousands upon thousands of great D&D stories out there. But sadly, they’re all not heard. They only stay within the memories of the people who were involved. That’s why All Things DND exist. This is a channel where anyone who has a memorable DND experience can fully share it to the channel and the channel will narrate it for you with a matching artwork.

At least this way you can preserve your great adventure on YouTube. Plus, you get to hear the other great stories from other DND players out there!

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • Listening and enjoying narrations of great D&D adventures
  • Purely audio while you rest on your couch

Here’s the channel: All Things DND


7. Zee Bashew

I realized that that face is not a dwarf, but his actual face!

What’s very unique about this channel is its animation of a gnome (or a dwarf) that represents the creator. This channel has a very high focus on animating and explaining the different spells of Dungeons and Dragons. So, this is a very good channel to watch or recommend to players and Dungeon Masters that leans heavily on spells like Wizard players.

Note: This is also the channel where I learned about the Deck of Many Things.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • Spellcasters who likes to learn the mechanics of spells
  • Enjoy a good, animated gnome (or dwarf)

Here’s the channel: Zee Bashew


6. JoCat

Seriously, give this channel a look!

Offensive jokes. Not everyone can stomach it. But I can. And I love it.

JoCat has the talent to create mad, funnily offensive D&D videos, usually explaining a class. His goal is to find the stupidest thing he can find in D&D and create short, quick, and loud videos with a funny “hand-drawn” animation to bring the entertainment.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • People who love offensive jokes.
  • People who love D&D and Monster Hunter.

Here’s the channel: JoCat


5. DM It All

Do you know what the right picture stands for?

From the title itself, DM It All focuses on Dungeon Mastering. Although it is a very young channel, its content is highly educational when it comes to adventures.

The beauty about the channel is that it strives to give out the historical context of each D&D video. So, if you’re the intelligent type, you will appreciate the effort put in each content.

  • Overall, this channel is good for:
  • People who play the Dungeon Master role
  • People who appreciate the history of Dungeons and Dragons

Here’s the channel: DM It All


4. MrRhexx

MrRhexx does a lot of D&D reveletaions

Although D&D relies heavily on combat, it is first and foremost a story game. And the world of D&D expands to millions of multiverses.

This channel is a very good channel because it focuses its contents by explaining D&D lore in great detail. Although each video is lengthy, he makes sure that none of it is boring. The only downside to this is you, yourself, won’t have enough time to finish it since you might be busy with work. But I assure you, every bit is worth your time.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • People who are very interested in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons
  • People who love fantastical history

Here’s the channel: MrRhexx


3. Runesmith

There's a term in movies called "growing the beard", which means "maturity".

This one is an odd fellow. Really. His personality is very odd and it can be felt in his videos. But that oddity is what also makes him interesting. The creator is very smart and has even created his own board game. His channel excels mostly in homebrew ideas and if you’re a Dungeon Master looking for really good and interesting homebrew materials, then I highly recommend this channel.

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • People who enjoy homebrew content (especially Dungeon Masters)
  • People who enjoy technical discussions of Dungeons and Dragons

Here’s the channel: Runesmith


2. Dungeon Craft

Yes, Professor Dungeon Master and his vest of protection!

If you are a hardcore Dungeon Master, then this channel is for you. This is probably my most favorite channel because Professor Dungeon Master has a straightforward, “tough love” kind of approach to Dungeon Mastering. All his contents focus on Dungeon Mastering with a heavy leaning on classic, retro-style gaming.

Note: You’ll also love Deathbringer!

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • Dungeon Masters who are serious in their craft
  • People who love playing retro DND

Here’s the channel: Dungeon Craft


1. Critical Role

If there’s a #1 DND channel out there, then I think nothing can beat Critical Role.

Critical Role is THE MOST FAMOUS channel of all! Amassing millions of subscribers from all over the world! The success of this channel stems from the wonderful players who are professional voice actors who really do their very best to stay in-character and, none other than, the Dungeon Master himself – Matt Mercer – a GREAT talent when it comes to voice acting. His voice acting alone has garnered him famous roles in famous video games such as Overwatch and Resident Evil!

Overall, this channel is good for:

  • People who will enjoy a live-action DND gaming by professional actors
  • People who are fans of Matt Mercer

Here’s the channel: Critical Role


If you think I did not include the YouTube channels that you might be watching, just remember we have our personal biases. And what might be good for me might not be good for you.

But don’t worry too much about the small things. Life is big! We have room for all!


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