The 10 Best DnD Streams

 Best D&D Streams
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Looking for the best D&D streams?

As playing D&D has risen in popularity so has watching other people play. Famous actors, peerless DMs and professional writers are putting together playgroups of all-stars to bring in an audience. Players are being inspired to do the same, with amateur groups being spotlighted for their exciting gameplay. There’s never been a better time to be alive and in love with D&D.

10. Drunks & Dragons

DnD Twitch

Drunks and Dragons (DnD) mixes booze and dungeoneering in an award-winning, independent podcast. A critical part of Geeklyinc, DnD has an affable atmosphere and the players have great chemistry. DM and host of Drunks & Dragons, Michael DiMauro, leads our boozy-brave party every other Thursday on twitch. You can catch up on their archives, which has each adventure split into hour-long episodes.

9. Acquisitions, Inc.

Penny Arcade Twitch

Acquisitions Incorporated is the internet dream child of Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast. Dungeon Master Chris Perkins leads this band of morally ambiguous, unequivocally selfish adventurers who seek what you’re asking for. Billed as comic fantasy, this is a D&D show not to be missed. Top tier humor is blended with rich fantasy and great gameplay by a cast of professionals at the top of their field. They’ve even launched a successful spin-off series and host a number of one-shot events.

8. Force Grey

WotC D&D Twitch

Another Wizards of the Coast official release, Force Gray is a weekly adventure run by Matt Mercer. The acclaimed DM and voice actor leads the ultimate cast through great showcase adventures. From hunting giants to surviving the Tomb of Annihilation, you can watch Force Grey take on a wide range of challenges. Force Grey is a self-styled “special ops” adventuring group based out of Waterdeep. The party reforms regularly, making it a nice D&D variety show.

7. The Dragon Friends

WotC D&D Twitch

Dragon Friends is what happens when a bunch of comedians and word-people get together to try to figure out how to play D&D. Dragon Friends is a five adventurer party with David Harmon as the DM and Ben Jenkins playing the NPCs. This two DM system contributes heavily to a show with rich dialogue. In a game about social interaction, this unique setup lets them explore D&D like no other group could.

6. High Rollers

Yogscast Twitch

High Rollers is a part of Yogscast streams on Twitch. Mark Hulmes DMs from his personal campaign setting, focusing on the town of Arrak. This homebrew world is deep, supporting a great game that focuses on fantasy elements. There have been two spin-off campaigns as well as a number of one-shots from the same group. The next campaign is to begin after the end of Lightfall, which you can stream Sundays at 5 pm.

5. Nerd Poker

Nerd Poker Youtube

Nerd Poker is the aptly named weekly meetup of Brian Posehn’s party. It started in 2017 and has since taken off, a fixture of the D&D campaign sphere. A little ridiculous and a little serious, Nerd Poker brings you in like it’s your own game. Brian manages to delve deep without making the game less approachable. They stream on youtube with the most recent episodes becoming available on Wednesdays in their archives.

4. Dice, Camera, Action.

WotC Twitch

Chris Perkins of Dice, Camera, Action (DCA) leads this official stream every Tuesday at 4. DCA is in some ways at the heart of D&D, always playing the latest official storyline. Here you get to experience new D&D every week, played out by professionals. If you’re looking for fun, direction or a little inspiration, DCA is a great way to spend your stream time.

3. Misscliks

Misscliks Twitch

Misscliks has two D&D streams on Twitch: Devotion and Prophecy. Devotion is an old-school 2e campaign, DM’d by Neal Erickson. Prophecy is a 5e campaign DM’d by Nadja Otikor. While Prophecy is currently on Hiatus it’s archived on youtube. You can catch Devotion at 9:00 pm ET on Twitch. Misscliks takes its content seriously, you could not ask for better (or more impressive) representatives of the game.

2. Maze Arcana

Maze Arcana Twitch

Maze Arcana (MA) streams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Peerless Dungeon Master Satine Phoenix runs Maze Arcana, based in Forgotten Realms. As they travel through Faerun, the all-girl band of bards chases destiny on an unforgettable adventure. A fabulous, top-tier craft by professionals, few live games could compare to the thrill of watching MA play. We all dream of being in a band of adventuring bards, I know of only one group cool enough to live the dream.

1. Critical Role

GeekandSundry Twitch

Critical Role is likely the most famous, and most influential, of the D&D streams. Voice actor Matt Mercer runs adventures in his own world where he homebrews almost everything. He and his party of fellow voice actors create something truly magical, bringing their characters to life much like they do in your favorite video games. Rich storytelling, brilliant banter and inspirational enthusiasm for fun and story come together to make this the must-watch D&D stream. A delight whether you are a player or just love a good fantasy.

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