[Top 10] D&D Best Potions That Are Useful

D&D Best Potions

Oils and potions are fun to discover after a successful encounter! Depending on the type of oil or potion you may be looking for, they can be valuable. The act of applying oil or imbibing a potion does take a turn. The D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide states that “Drinking a potion or administering it to another character requires an action. Applying an oil might take longer, as specified in its description. Once used, a potion takes effect immediately, and it is used up.” Read on to find out more about excellent oils and potions to use!

10. Oil of Etherealness

Have you ever wanted to literally disappear? With the Oil of Etherealness, your character can now literally leave the Material Plane and hang out on the Ethereal Plane up to one hour. (Talk about serious escapism.) Read on to find out more about this potion!

Why Oil of Etherealness Is Fun

  • Useful when needed to escape the Material Plane for a bit, and it is fun to explore the Ethereal Plane!
  • It is a great potion to have if you need to reach the Ethereal Plane to find someone or something.

Oil of Etherealness details:

  • Applying the oil will take about 10 minutes.
  • Also, one bottle of oil will cover up to a Medium sized character or creature and its belongings. Additional vials of oil will be needed for larger sizes.
  • The Oil of Etherealness is considered a rare potion.

9. Oil of Slipperiness

This is a great oil to use if you need to get out of a jam. The Oil of Slipperiness can be used on a medium-sized person or being so they will not be easily grappled by an opponent. Also, it can be thrown on the floor and used as a grease spell. Read more to find out about this nifty magic item!

Why Oil of Slipperiness Is Fun

  • Characters have the equivalent of a freedom of movement spell for eight hours.
  • The Oil of Slipperiness works for eight hours on a 10-ft radius affected area.
  • In our campaign, we have used this trick to keep monsters away and to slow them down. It’s hilarious to imagine the creatures slipping and falling over themselves!

Oil of Slipperiness details:

  • This oil is valued at 1,000 gp.
  • One potion of oil will cover a small or medium-sized person; more than one can be used for a larger being.
  • The liquid is black and sticky; it does come out of the bottle smoothly.

8. Oil of Sharpness

This is a useful magic item to have in your possession if you want to add sharpness to your ammunition or weapons. According to the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, “This clear, gelatinous
oil sparkles with tiny, ultrathin silver shards.” To learn more about the Oil of Sharpness, keep reading!

Why Oil of Sharpness Is Fun

  • For an hour, the item (ammunition or weapon) that is coated with oil takes on magical properties; it has a +3 bonus on both attack and damage rolls. That’s super slick!
  • If characters are in an encounter, this is a great way to enhance attack and damage.

Oil of Sharpness details:

  • The Oil of Sharpness is considered as very rare.
  • Applying the oil will take one minute. Depending on your DM, the effects may be instantaneous or require a turn.
  • The Oil of Sharpness can be used on one piercing or slashing weapon, or 5 pieces of piercing or slashing ammunition.

7. Potion of Animal Friendship

This delicious potion can be made up of a fish scale, the tongue of a hummingbird, the claw of a cat, or the fine hairs of a squirrel. Now, why would you even consider sipping this repugnant cocktail? Because when you drink the vial, you can cast an Animal Friendship spell and make friends with the creature who is trying to kill you! Read more to find out why the Potion of Animal Friendship is a good one to have!

Why Potion of Animal Friendship Is Fun

  • For one hour after drinking this potion (the animal has a saving throw of 13), you can befriend rather than battle an animal! Also, depending on the animal’s intelligence, they may be able to assist the party.
  • A hostile animal could turn into a friendly one with enough time for the party to safely escape without a conflict.

Potion of Animal Friendship details:

  • This potion is considered as uncommon, so it may not be found at your friendly neighborhood Apothecary.
  • The price of this potion ranges from 101-500 gp.
  • Because the potion is based on an enchantment spell, 5emagicshop.com describes this aura as “a teasing verdant tryst of fey hues.”

6. Potion of Giant Strength

Who wouldn’t want to have the strength of a giant for an entire hour, especially when battling formidable opponents? Part of the fun is determining the type of giant’s strength you will get after chugging a transparent vial with a floating fingernail! Read on to find out more about the Potion of Giant Strength!

Why Potion of Giant Strength Is Fun

  • There are five types of Giant Potions you may find: Hill Giant (Uncommon), Frost/Stone Giant (Rare), Fire Giant (Rare), Cloud Giant (Very Rare), or Storm Giant (Legendary). The rarer the potion, the higher the strength for the hour.
  • This would be a good opportunity for a character with a lower strength score.

Potion of Giant Strength details:

  • This potion is not effective if a character’s strength score matches the giant’s.
  • According to research, a Potion of Strength (Hill Giant) is worth at least 400 gp and the others are worth more.

5. Potion of Healing

On an adventure, potions of healing are as important as having enough food and water, because let’s face it, encounters happen, and characters will take hit point damage. According to the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, there are four types of healing that happens in the famous red bubbling liquid: Common Healing (2d4+2 hp restored), Greater Healing: Uncommon (4d4+4 hp restored), Superior Healing Rare (8d4+8 hp restored), and Supreme Healing Very rare, (10d4+20 hp) restored. Read on to find out why the Potion of Healing is the potion to have on hand!

Why Potion of Healing Is Fun

  • This potion would be more “functional” than fun and necessary for survival on an adventure.
  • Drinking this potion after an attack will help ensure that this character (and the player) will be able to have more fun encounters!

Potion of Healing details:

  • A Potion of Healing weighs ½ pound, so it is light and easy to store.
  • Healing potions are costly, one vial of the common healing potion is worth 50 gold pieces (gp). (A vial is about 4 ounces.)
  • Drinking or giving the vial of potion to another requires an action (turn).

4. Potion of Longevity

If there is a fountain of youth in D&D, the Potion of Longevity is it! A character would probably want to close one’s eyes while drinking, because the murky amber concoction is made up of an adder’s fang, a dead spider, a scorpion’s tail, and a tiny beating heart. Cheers! The grossness is worth it though! Keep reading to find out more about this powerful potion.

Why Potion of Longevity Is Fun

  • Unsurprisingly, this potion is very rare, so if you are lucky enough to find one, hang on to it or use it!
  • The Potion of Longevity is quite valuable, as it is worth 9,000-10,000 gp.

Potion of Longevity details:

  • The physical age of the character is reduced by 1d6 +6 years.
  • The age of the character is reduced to 13 at the lowest.
  • This potion is light to carry (half pound).

3. Potion of Poison

For obvious reasons, the Poison Potion is among the deadliest of the magic items on this list. Because of this reason, any unknown potion that is picked up by a character should be detected
by a spell or taken to an apothecary first. Read on to find out how deadly this potion can be!

Why Potion of Poison Is Fun

  • DMs could test the party to see if they are cautious by including a Potion of Poison among the rest of the treasure!
  • Characters of certain alignments (obviously not lawful good clerics) may be able to trick opponents into ingesting this in an encounter or slipping it into a beverage.

Potion of Poison details:

  • The Potion of Poison can be detected with an identify spell.
  • Masked as a Potion of Healing, it is an illusion spell created by a devious spellcaster.
  • The character or creature who drinks the potion will take 3d6 poison damage. In addition, the character or creature must make a 13 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned.

2. Potion of Invisibility

This would be my dream potion! Wouldn’t it be fun to be invisible for an hour? That’s how long the potion lasts. The D&D Beyond website states that “this potion’s container looks empty but feels as though it holds liquid. When you drink it, you become invisible for 1 hour. Anything you wear or carry is invisible with you. The effect ends early if you attack or cast a spell.”

Why Potion of Invisibility Is Fun

  • The Potion of Invisibility is fun because characters can sneak into places and avoid being seen by creatures.
  • Also, how much fun would it be to play jokes and scare your fellow characters?
  • This would also give the character the option to surprise attack an opponent.

Potion of Invisibility details:

  • This is a very expensive potion, and based on research, is worth up to 50,000 gp. (Better make that hour worth it!)
  • The Potion of Invisibility is an Illusion aura, with depth in shades of brown.

1. Potion of Vitality

Who needs caffeine when you can take the Potion of Vitality? Not only will this concoction relieve insomnia and exhaustion but will also cure diseases and negate effects of poison. Read on to find out more about the Potion of Vitality!

Why Potion of Vitality Is Fun

  • According to the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, “The potion’s crimson liquid regularly pulses with dull light, calling to mind a heartbeat.” The description of that would be cool for the DM to relay to the players.
  • For the next day (24 hours), your character’s maximum hit points are restored.

Potion of Vitality details:

  • This is a very rare potion, so it would be wise to hang on to it or use it!
  • Considered as an abjuration, which is a protective aura, with a glowing nimbus of light.
  • According to D&D 5e, the potion is worth between 5,001-50,000 gp!


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