[Top 10] Best D&D Stories For The Greatest Adventures

D&D Best Stories
Adventures await. But which one should you chose?

With so many D&D stories out there, which are the best?

Dungeons and Dragons has always captivated us with its fantastical and expansive worlds. There are countless campaigns and stories that can be used as a spring board to go on countless adventures within it and it can be overwhelming sometimes to pick which one to go on.

The question then stands, which of the many Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns should you play? With as many playstyles that there are in Dungeons and Dragons, it can be difficult to identity what campaigns you should look into playing. A roleplay lover may not be the biggest fan of a combat heavy campaign and a player who loves combat may be bored by a roleplay heavy story. As such keep in mind what your own party wants when looking into this.

Here are 10 of the best stories and campaigns in Dungeons and Dragons you can use to lead to your party on the greatest adventures.

10. Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Wizards of the Coast

“Dungeon” is the key name in this game. While the city of Waterdeep is in the background, the time to explore it had been in the previous adventure of this two part tale, Waterdeep Heist. Now its the time for dungeonering. Dungeon of the Mad Mage has one of the most impressive dungeons available to players and for groups who love that style; it’s a must have.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage is a dungeon first and foremost. For some players, myself included, this isn’t the best sell. But there are many players out there who adore the dungeon aspect of Dungeons and Dragons (heck it’s in the name). While it may not be my game, it wouldn’t be fair to sell short one of the most sprawling dungeons in the game.


  • One of the most expansive dungeons in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Heavy focus on dungeon-crawling may not be for everyone, but certainly has its niche.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

9. Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Wizards of the Coast

Part one of a two-part series, Hoard of the Dragon Queen presents a very classic Dungeon and Dragons adventure. While it doesn’t really excel in any major ways and ultimately could be seen as a stepping stone for the grander Rise of Tiamat, Hoard of the Dragon Queen does offer its fair share of fun to its players.

Released in 2014, the campaign was the first to utilize Dungeons and Dragons new 5th Edition rules set. No doubt this played a bit into its more simplistic and bare story. However, having a lighter story makes it perfect for both new players and new Dungeon Masters to try out. And it has both the titular dungeons and dragons to boot!


  • The campaign starts with a bang, with the players amidst a city siege. Once the battle has ended, the party is then hired to follow the cultists whom had attacked the city and to discover just what they are up too.
  • While the plot is a bit simple, it works well as a starting point for new players of Dungeons and Dragons just because of this.
  • Setting screams classic fantasy, with dragons, cultists, and castles galore.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

8 . Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons and Dragons newest adventure takes to sea, with 7 old adventures retooled and refurbished for a modern audience. While not a completely coherent campaign, for Dungeons Masters looking for reference to craft shorter or more custom adventures, it can work perfectly.  


  • An anthology instead of a single campaign, Ghosts of Saltmarsh will have at least one adventure that every play will enjoy.
  • Due to the setting being a series of adventures, it offers the freedom to pick and choose. Alternatively, if none of them are doing it, the party can sail off into the unknown.
  • The setting of the high seas offers a new setting for many players

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

7. Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

Critical Role

As Ghosts of Saltmarsh is not a complete campaign, neither is The Tal’dorei Campaign setting. This campaign setting should not be over looked due it’s lack of a main story. The setting is Tal’dorei, also known as the setting of the Dungeons and Dragons Podcast, Critical Role. The campaign setting is more than just quick throwaway for fans of the show, however; Matt Mercer has penned a triumph in world building.


  • Tal’dorei is a completely fleshed out setting. While the Dungeon Master will have to pen conflict and new characters, the world is both detailed and lived in.
  • For fans of the show, the world is alive with the characters they have come to love. Events that have taken place in the show have affected the world in significant ways.
  • For non-fans knowledge of the show is not necessary and Tal’Dorei can be stepped into just as easily as any other campaign setting.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting

6. Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Wizards of the Coast

The premise of Dragon Heist is enough to inspire interest. It’s a heist film in Dungeons and Dragons. Like Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Waterdeep Dragon Heist acts as a very good entry point for new players. Filled with roleplay opportunities and a good balance between that and combat, it offers a bit for all.

Set in Waterdeep, Dragon Heist takes the players on what the book describes as a “urban treasure hunt”. Players will have to use their wit over their weapons a good amount of the time, as the urban setting prevents too much brute force. For combat focused players this can be an issue, but for new players it can be good way to ease them into the world.


  • The city of Waterdeep is fleshed out in this Campaign. Even if the story itself is of no interest, Dungeon Masters can craft entire narratives from this setting.
  • Political intrigue takes on just as much of a role of combat, letting role-players shine.
  • With multiple villains and allies, even when sticking to the book, players will find themselves in varied situations.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Waterdeep Dragon Heist

5. Lost Mine of Phandelver

Wizards of the Coast

For those looking for a deal, this is easily the thriftiest campaign. As the campaign included in starter sets, it can cost you only 10-20 dollars depending on your store. And it’s not without merit. Short and sweet as it may be, Lost Mine of Phandelver gives a rewarding experience in its short run time.


  • A shorter campaign, but perfect for both expansion due to its sandbox elements and simple setting.
  • The campaign is more laid back than others, allowing a lot of free form and fun interactions.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Dungons and Dragons Starter Kit

4. Rise of Tiamat

Wizards of the Coast

Hoard of the Dragon Queens older sister, Rise of Tiamat is a much grander take on the seeds that its simpler sister planted. Whereas as the prior acts as a good starting point for new players, Rise of Tiamat is the opposite.

A high-level campaign to at the onset, Rise of Tiamat is high fantasy at its purest: a grand battle to stop one of the ultimate forces of evil within the world Tiamat the Chromatic Dragon. While it is recommended that you have played Hoard of the Dragon Queen before this, it’s not required.


  • The starting level of 7 throws players right into higher level play. This allows access to all kinds of cool spells and abilities.
  • The setting is sprawling and high fantasy at its finest. Grand battles of god like figures and ultimate confrontations of good and evil.
  • Rise of Tiamat fixes the duller aspects of Hoard of the Dragon Queen by diversifying enemies, having a much faster story, and overall having a much grander tone.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Rise of Tiamat

3. Out of the Abyss

Wizards of the Coast

For those interested in the dark land of the Underdark, Out of the Abyss should provide the adventure for you. While Out of the Abyss is not for everyone, as the setting of the Underdark is both oppressive and massive in scale, those looking for an adventure in which you are fighting tooth and nail on order to survive will be right at home there.

Mechanics that normally are placed somewhat on the wayside, exhaustion, insanity, and poisons, are presented first and foremost in this adventure. At times it may seem less like a grand adventure to stop great evil and more like devastating trial by fire to just see the next day. While for some this may be a turn off, for those looking for a challenge Out of the Abyss can give just that.


  • Starting in the captivity of the Drow, the first trial for the players will be to escape.
  • However even if they manage, the Underdark is as hostile as the people who live there. Allies are much rarer than in other campaigns

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Out of the Abyss

2. Tomb of Annihilation

Wizards of the Coast

Tomb of Annihilation takes the classic fantasy tropes that Dungeons and Dragons inspires within people’s minds and throws them for a loop. Instead of dragons, you get dinosaurs. Lush European forests that one can imagine Errol  Flynn dashing through are instead a thick rainforest. And yet none of it strays too far away from what makes us love Dungeons and Dragons.

Tomb of Annihilation sets a more adventure focused story. The players are given a hook, that a curse is ravishing the land, preventing resurrection magic to work property. With this bit of information, the players are free the explore the world of Chult, filled with rainforests, mountains, and tombs and work to find the cause of the curse.


  • With a focus more on adventure than anything else, Tomb of Annihilation the perfect adventure for players who wish to explore an unknown world.
  • The death curse offers a sense of both urgency and dread; in this adventure if you die, your character stays dead. For players who are liberal with resurrections, this limitation adds gravity to characters decisions.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Tomb of Annihilation

1. Curse of Strahd

Wizards of the Coast

The air seems heavy as you come too, and through it you feel an overwhelming sense of dread. A misty wood great you as you awake. A wood that you had not fallen asleep in. The dread refuses to leave. You feel as if this adventure will be different from the rest of them. For this one, you worry if you will even be able to escape.

Curse of Sthrad is remake of 1990’s “Ravenloft” campaign setting. The story entails the players being thrust into Barovia, a dour and miserable place being ruled over by a Vampiric Count, Sthrad Von Zarovich. Curse of Sthrad sees the players seek to destroy the evil vampire and his minions. That is easier said then done, however, as seemingly everything in Barovia seems intent on not just preventing the hero’s from doing this, but also any act of good in general. For many, simply escaping this land is the best ending they could hope for.


  • Barovia offers a gothic setting. Reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. It offers one of the most unique settings of all the DnD settings.
  • Sthrad is as intimidating as he is charismatic. He makes every encounter with him both terrifying and highly engaging.
  • The campaign setting is one of the most freeform and ‘sandbox’ like of all the DnD settings. While for some this may be intimating, the freedom it gives allows the players choices to really feel impactful.

Find the full Campaign at Amazon here: Curse of Strahd

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