[Top 25] D&D: Greatest Legendary Weapons

An angel stands ready, radiant blade in hand

Everyone wants that powerful weapon. A weapon that their character can be known for. Paladins want the shiny blade to purge the wicked, and wizards want the staff with a plethora of abilities. Acquiring a weapon of legend is often a defining moment for both player and character, and can become something that the players will talk about for many sessions to come. 

A powerful weapon comes with a good story and sometimes a list of abilities to back up that story. A weapon of legend is more than just the pluses to hit and damage. Some of these are sentient items that can alter the course of the game depending on who holds them. A legendary weapon. A blade that cuts through the darkness or a hammer that connects with a thunderous boom and kills giants on contact, these are the weapons that heroes carry. 

Every weapon of legend should have some story to describe how special that weapon is. I highly recommend designing your own lore for these weapons as it enriches the world building for you and for your players. Here are some items that could assist you when you are crafting your world or need a suitable reward for the dragon's hoard.

25. Vorpal Blade

25 legendary weapons

Snicker snack and off falls the Jabberwocks head. Okay, you probably won’t be fighting any of those but it’s a good bet that you’ll win most fights with this blade in your hand. Acquiring this weapon pretty much guarantees that no one in the know will challenge you to a duel. 

  • It’s a great capstone weapon for any martial class
  • The weapon demands respect and can get you out of a jam just by its very presence
  • And if push comes to shove, having an insta-kill weapon is a huge leg up over the adversary

Item Stats 

  • Can be applied to any sword-type (Long, short, scimitar, bastard, two-handed)
  • +3 enchantment bonus. A little extra bonus to hit and damage is always great
  • Natural roll of 17 of higher spells decapitation for your opponent. (Results vary with size of adversary)

24. Holy Avenger

25 greatest legendary weapons dnd

The foul necromancer points at your beloved paladin and a lightning bolt arcs out towards you. You hold your blade between you and the lightning and channeling your faith, the lightning parts in front of you, dissipating harmlessly to either side. Such is the blessing of a holy weapon.

  • Who needs an intro when you are holding a relic of your faith?
  • Both an offensive and defensive weapon, it’s like carrying an extra shield with the 3rd arm you don’t have.
  • Demon slayer. Need I say more?

Item Stats 

  • +2 in the hands of all non-paladins
  • +5 weapon in the hands of the holy warriors (Paladins)
  • Imparts 50% magic resistance in a 5-ft radius
  • Allows you to dispel magic as a mage of your level
  • +10 bonus damage against chaotic evil creatures; demons and red dragons beware!

23. Staff of Power

25 greatest legendary weapons dnd

After years of study and enduring the harsh life of being a mage, you finally uncover the staff of power in a dusty old tomb. No one will dare question your abilities anymore. Not with this weapon in your hands. 

  • No need to memorize lightning bolts. Just point and blast. 
  • Fear not the magic of others, this staff has you covered on defense too
  • You can smite if you really really need to. But are you sure you want to?

Item Stats

  • Can hold up to 25 charges
  • All abilities function as that of an 8th level wizard
  • 1 charge gets you: magic missile or lightning bolt, continual light, ray of enfeeblement, levitation, cone of cold or fireball (The “or” statement is Dungeon Masters choice on creation)
  • 2 charges gets you: shield with a five foot radius, globe of invulnerability, paralyzation ray as a cone that is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide at the far end.
  • Wielder gains a +2 bonus to Armor class and saving throws
  • Smites as a +2 weapon, 1 charge doubles the damage and 2 charges triples it
  • *Retributive strike… for emergencies only

22. Girdle of Giant Strength

25 greatest legendary weapons of dnd

After finally catching the diminutive thief, Rorden was ready to strangle them for all the gold they had stolen. The halfling turned towards them, a small club in hand. It was a laughable display to anyone as Rorden towered over the tiny rogue. “ Go ahead, give me your best shot”, Rorden exclaimed, thumping his chest. The halfling shrugged and brought the club sideways into Rorden’s knee. The world crumpled for Rorden as he folded like parchment and all he knew was pain. The halfling laughed, took Rorden’s pouch of gold and tucked it into the girdle that had got him out of so many sticky situations.

  • Makes any build a far more capable damage dealer
  • Suddenly, might becomes a viable option for puzzles
  • Don’t have to worry about carrying capacity anymore

Item Stats

  • Raises strength to anywhere between 19-24 (as a giant of that strength)
  • Allows wielder to hurl boulders as a giant of suitable strength
  • Raises to hit and damage rates to those of a giant. 
  • May break down doors and magically held portals, as well as bend bars and lift gates with increased chance of success.

21. Staff of the Magi

The trademark item of any powerful wizard, this staff has several versatility spells as well as the firepower of it’s smaller cousin, the staff of power. Wielding one of these will make you feel like Elminster even if it doesn’t put you on his level of power. You’ll need the pipe and pointy red hat to complete the ensemble. 

  • Say no to offensive spells directed at you
  • Can cast an array of low-level spells for free. 
  • High-level abilities make you feel far more powerful than you may actually be.

Item Stats

  • Holds up to 25 charges
  • All abilities function at the power of an  8th level wizard.
  • Can cast: Detect magic, Enlarge, Hold portal, Light, and Protection from evil/good for free.
  • 1 charge gets you: Invisibility, Fireball, Knock, Lightning Bolt, Pyrotechnics, Ice Storm, Web, Wall of FIre, Dispel Magic, Passwall
  • 2 charges gets you: Whirlwind, Conjure elemental, Plane travel.
  • Staff also gives +2 bonus to saves versus spells.
  • Wielder can use their action that round to absorb a spell cast at them, negating the spell and adding charges to the staff equal to the level of the spell negated. 
  • Retributive Strike

20. Ring of Shooting Stars

25 legendary weapons of dnd

While maybe not the “ring of power”, it certainly is a ring of power. Carry big damage on your hand anytime you travel under the night sky. This ring is guaranteed to catch most opponents unaware and adds a little punch to classes that may not have much in that department. Most will think twice after suffering the shooting stars effect.

  • Whether at night or underground, you always have a little more kick in your arsenal
  • A stylish way to defeat enemies
  • Power and utility, say no more.

Item Stats

  • Ring has 2 modes of operation; at night and underground.
  • At night under open sky: Dancing lights (1/hour), Light(twice per night) 120’ foot range
  • Ball lightning - releases 1d4 balls of lightning at the wearers option. They resemble dancing lights with a 120 foot range, 4 round duration and a movement of 120 feet per round. Each ball is 3 feet in diameter and discharges into any creature that touches it or comes within 5 feet. 
  • (4 balls) - 2d4 points of damage each, (3 balls) - 2d6 points of damage, (2 balls) - 5d4 points of damage, (1 ball) - 4d12 points of damage.
  • *Shooting stars - Resembles a meteor swarm in appearance. This ability allows the wielder to send up to 3 of these glowing missiles at their enemies per week. They impact for 12 points of damage and then explode dealing another 24 points of damage in a 10 foot radius. Range is 70 feet, and any person in the path of the missile must save vs spell or be hit and take both impact and explosion damage. Those in splash range must save vs. spell or take full splash damage, half on a successful save. 
  • Indoor or underground effects: Faerie Fire (twice per day), Spark Shower (1/day)
  • Spark Shower - A flying cloud of sizzling purple sparks spread out from the ring. The cloud is 10 feet in diameter and travels up to 20 feet from the wielder. Creatures within the cloud take 2d8 points of damage if not wearing metal and 4d4 points of damage if wearing metal armor or carrying metal weapons. 

19. Ring of Spell Storing

The fighter marveled at the ring and its many uses. He was limited only by his imagination and the spells of his party's wizard.  Fly, you bet. Be invisible, of course! But his favorite was unleashing a fireball. Now warriors everywhere can cast flaming death on their foes. Results may vary.

  • An amazing utility item. Grants a bit of spellcasting to any class that lacks it.
  • Be a great friend to your party's fighter and load him up with buff spells or healing.
  • A great fallback for any caster if their repertoire is running low.

Item Stats

  • Can carry 1d4+1 spells within it
  • If it is designed for priest spells then it may carry up to 5th level spells in it.
  • If it is designed for wizard spells then it may carry up to 7th levels within it.
  • Once the spells are affixed to that ring, the properties of that ring are fixed and unchangeable. 
  • The rings spells are discharged as if the wielder was a caster of that spell (1 spell per round).

18. Ring of Elemental Command *Fire

Each of the rings of elemental command are quite powerful and could be a legendary item. However, fire spells just scream threatening and having a fire elemental on your side is never a bad idea. If push comes to shove, just envelop your enemies in flames. 

  • Never be harmed by an elemental again, or if you’re feeling confident you can get one as an ally. 
  • The item is a sleeper, and can be inserted as just a ring of fire resistance until certain parameters are met. 
  • With so many abilities in 1 item, you’ll never grow tired of the power this ring can bring forth.

Item Stats

  • Elementals of the fire type can’t attack or even approach within 5 feet of the wearer. 
  • Wearers can forego this protection in order to charm the elemental. Elemental saves versus spells at -2 penalty. If the charm fails the wearer loses protection versus that elemental and cannot charm it. However the other properties of the ring still function.
  • Other creatures from the plane of fire attack the wielder with a -1 penalty to their attack rolls and damage per die. The wielder makes all saves against these creatures with a +2 bonus. The wearer gains a +4 to hit these creatures and +6 to damage. While wearing the ring these creatures can be harmed by regular weaponry that the ring bearer may have. 
  • Allows the wearer to converse with and understand creatures native to the plane of fire. If alignments are similar, natives will carry a healthy respect for the wielder. If the alignments are in opposition then they will fear the wearer. 
  • Bearers of the ring of fire can use these abilities: Burning hands (1/turn), Pyrotechnics (2/day), Wall of fire (1/day), Flame strike (2/week), and a permanent fire resistance that functions as a passive ability.
  • The one drawback to the ring is that the wearer will be less resistant to water/cold attacks. They will take a -2 penalty to saves with those descriptors/effects.

17. Horn of Blasting

Needing to break into a building is tricky. If subtlety isn’t your thing, nothing makes an entrance like a horn of blasting. Announce your presence and simultaneously bring down the house. If you’re lucky, your opponents won’t know what hit them.

  • Like carrying Grond in your back pocket.
  • Some people shout charge, others use the horn. 
  • Can sunder walls and blast holes through castles. It’s like a cannon but far more portable.

Item Stats

  • When the command word is spoken and then the horn is blown, 2 effects will take place simultaneously. 
  • 1) A cone of sound 120 feet long and 30 feet wide will come forth from the horn. All within the cone must save vs spells, those that make their save are stunned for 1 round and deafened for 2. If they fail the save then they take 1d10 damage, are stunned for 2 rounds and deafened for 4.
  • 2) A wave of ultrasonic sound 1 foot wide and 100 feet long comes forth from the horn. This weakens materials such as metal, stone and wood. The damage is equivalent to a missile hurled by a large catapult. 
  • Drawbacks; if the horn is used more than once per day, there is a cumulative 10% chance that the horn will explode, dealing 5d10 damage to the user. 
  • The horn can be used at will but each time it is used, even if it doesn't explode, there is a 2% cumulative chance that the horn will be destroyed. In this event, the user isn’t harmed but the horn is gone.

16. Hammer of Thunderbolts

If being Thor is what you’re looking for, this hammer comes close. With a couple items gathered together, this weapon shines above many. Bring fear and swift death to giants in your vicinity. 

  • Not the most subtle of weapons but if you’re wielding this then you probably don’t care.
  • It’s like combining a throwing hammer with the horn of blasting
  • It’s like being Thor…. Really though, how cool is that? 

Item Stats

  • Must be at least 6 feet tall and a strength of 18(01) or greater to wield this.
  • +3 bonus to hit and damage and gains double base damage on any hit
  • If the wielder has somehow compiled the (gauntlets of ogre power, and girdle of giant strength) and knows the true name of the hammer then its damage really shines. When swung or thrown it gains a +5 bonus to hit and damage, stacks with girdle and gauntlet bonuses, and strikes dead any giant on contact. 
  • When thrown and on a successful hit, a thunderous boom occurs and all creatures within 90 feet of the creature hit are stunned for 1 round. Throwing range of the hammer is 180 feet. 
  • Because the Hammer of Thunderbolts is difficult to hurl, it may only be thrown every other round and after 5 throws within a 20 round period, the wielder must rest for a full turn (10 rounds). 

15. Arrow of Slaying

I know, I know… How did an expendable item make this list? Well few items give an instant death effect with no save. This is one of them. If you remember seeing Bard shootSmaug out of the sky then you have some idea of the potency of these arrows. What it lacks in flair, it makes up for in lethality.

  • The archer of the party can finally shine 
  • Develop a Clint Eastwood accent and you too can feel lucky
  • Will kill the specified enemy before they can say “unfair”

Item Stats

  • Functions as a +3 arrow normally
  • However, against 1 specific creature, the arrow becomes the wrath of a god. So long as you hit the specified creature, they die instantaneously. No save, No dodging…. Just instant death. 

14. Mace of Disruption

If you’ve always wanted to smite undead then I have the weapon for you. Become a beacon of sunny wrath and perhaps Lathander’s new friend with this mace in hand. Blasting things out of existence is the new cool. 

  • Who doesn’t hate undead? Just smite and watch them go poof.
  • Even works against some of the denizens of the lower planes
  • Always have a puncher's chance against the ghastly undead legions

Item Stats

  • Can only be handled by good-aligned folk.
  • Functions as a +1 weapon (Dm’s discretion for the + of the weapon)
  • Any evil creature touching the weapon will take 5d4 points of damage. 
  • If the mace strikes an undead creature or evil creatures from the lower planes, it may instantly slay the creature depending on the creature's power.
  • Skeletons, zombies, ghouls, shadows, wights and ghasts automatically kick the bucket upon being struck. Reduced to ash, blasted out of existence or some other suitably flashy kill is appropriate here.
  • Other creatures roll a saving throw to stay in the game. (Wraiths need a nat 20), (Mummies need a 17), (Specters need a 14), (Vampires need an 11), (Ghosts need an 8), (Liches need a 5), (all other affected creatures survive on anything but a nat 1).
  • Even if the creatures make their save, the creatures still take double damage and twice the amount of the plus of the weapon.  

13. Scimitar of Speed

25 legendary weapons of dnd

The two swordsmen stood there in the heat, sizing each other up. It would be the quickest strike who determined the victor. One of them had this blade, the other did not. Guess who won? 

  • Who doesn’t like going first?
  • Can be applied to any other sword type, scimitars are just flashy
  • If you play your cards right, you could go first and last in the round.

Item Stats

  • Defaults as a +2 weapon. 25% chance to be different (or as determined by DM)
  • Wielder gains 1 bonus attack every round. This attack always goes first at the top of the order initiative wise. Wielders other attacks go as determined by initiative roll.
  • Number of attacks is cumulative with the haste spell meaning the wielder can be a lunging dervish of death depending on their kit.

12. Sun Blade

25 legendary weapons of dnd

Ah yes, another holy weapon. The gods must have a lot of time on their hands to churn out these terrific items. If you’re a melee combatant who expects to fight lots of undead of the level-draining variety, you may wish to have this in hand.

  • Any weapon that is faster than it should be is a plus in my book
  • Due to certain abilities this blade has you can be very flashy with it. Any chance to make your character look cooler is encouraged. 
  • Glowing golden blade

Item Stats

  • The sword does the damage of a Bastard sword and functions as a +2 weapon
  • The weapon is wielded with the speed and ease of use of a shortsword
  • Against evil creatures the weapons bonus hops up to +4
  • Inflicts double damage to any creature native to the negative energy plane or creatures that draw power from it.
  • Sunray power - 1/day the wielder can swing the weapon above their head and the blade will emanate a bright yellow radius similar to the daylight spell. Starts at a 10 foot radius around the wielder and spreads outward at 5 feet per round for 10 rounds creating a globe of light centered on the wielder with a 60 foot radius. When the swinging stops the glow fades to dim light, persisting for a turn (10 rounds). 

11. Flame Tongue 25 legendary weapons of dnd

The flaming sword. How many tales speak of the flaming blade? The future holds lightsabers, fantasy settings hold the flaming sword. Wield the medieval equivalent of a lightsaber. Because why wouldn’t you?

  • If you can't see in the dark, you now have a sword that doubles as a torch. Handy.
  • You can light stuff on fire. Pyros will enjoy this.
  • Fire can be turned off. But then you just have a sword. Still damaging but not as cool.

Item Stats

  • Blade can be ignited on command
  • +1 weapon normally. +2 versus regenerating creatures, +3 versus cold-using, flammable or avian creatures, +4 versus undead. 
  • Can ignite flammable materials and substances.

10. Dragon Slayer

Conjuring images of the lone knight marching into the dragon's den, a legendary character needs a legendary weapon. Even if you snuff it, you still died fighting a dragon and that’s pretty cool. 

  • If you play a nameless character, you could just be known as the “Dragon slayer”.
  • Gives you an excuse to go hunting dragons.
  • No matter what, you’re virtually guaranteed to go out in a blaze of glory.

Item Stats

  • +2 weapon (can be any sword though is usually a longsword or larger)
  • +4 weapon versus dragons
  • The blade deals triple base damage against its chosen dragon. 
  • These blades are often intelligent and will usually be surly if not hunting their foe. Now you have a talking sword. 

9. Javelin of Lightning

Now you can imitate Zeus for a short while and rain crackling death upon your foes. Even temporarily, that’s pretty awesome. Stack with a strength boosting item for maximum effect. 

  • You. Can. Throw. Lightning. Bolts.
  • Line up targets for better effect.
  • Expendable but awesome

Items Stats

  • Functions as a +2 magical weapon in terms of what it can hit/harm but does not add this + to hit or damage. 
  • Range of 90 yards as a thrown weapon. On a hit it then becomes a 5-foot wide, 30-foot long stroke of lightning. Any creature hit takes 1d6 damage + 20 points of electrical damage. Any other creature in the path of the lightning takes 20 points of damage. They take 10 if they make their saving throw. 
  • Carried in bundles of 2-5, javelin is expended after its lightning effect occurs. 

8. Frost Brand

The counterpart to the flametongue. You should be a suitably cold-hearted individual to match this blade. Give it a name like chill or frost and you’ll be on the same page. 

  • For the times your enemies really need to chill out.
  • Ice the competition with this weapon.
  • No but really, freeze them out.

Item Stats

  • The blade is a +3 weapon
  • Bonus increases to +6 against creatures that use fire or live in a fiery environment. 
  • Blade only sheds light in temperatures below 0 degrees
  • Functions as a ring of fire resistance

7. Defender

The lone swordsman wanders through a swath of enemies. To all spectators it would appear he was overwhelmed, yet attacks that surely would have killed him found only empty space where the swordsmen should be. The blade was his weapon and his shield, and he moved between their functions effortlessly. 

  • A sword that allows you to have a free hand. Possibilities.
  • Versatility, can adjust your fighting style
  • Can dual-wield without the negative of not having a shield

Item Stats

  • This weapon can be either +4 or +5 (Any type of sword)
  • The bonus of the sword can be split up and applied to Armor class
  • For example: A +4 defender could be +3 for purposes of offensive capability and add +1 to Armor class, or it could be +2 for each. Can be adjusted each round according to the wielder's needs.

6. Sword of Sharpness

25 legendary weapons of dnd

Almost as good as the Vorpal blade, this weapon allows for one to disarm their foe. Literally. Thus you can negate the threat and take prisoners for questioning. Something the Vorpal blade fails to do unless your cleric has a speak with dead spell handy.

  • Can sever any limb except the head. That's a pretty mean blade
  • Knockout capability means you’re never out of the fight
  • Can affect golems and large creatures as well

Item Stats

  • Functions as a +3 weapon in terms of what it can affect.
  • +1 weapon for to hit/damage
  • On a roll of 18 or higher will sever a extremity against normal & armored foes
  • On a roll of 19 or higher will affect larger creatures
  • On a roll of 20 will sever creatures made of metal or stone
  • At the wielders desire can shed no light, 5-foot fim illumination, 15-foot light, or a 30-foot radius of light equal in illumination to a light spell

5. Sword of Wounding

25 legendary weapons of dnd

The sword equivalent of a Komodo dragon. Bite once and watch the enemy bleed out. However if you are in a hurry and just have to have it dead, stab multiple times for better effect. The blade is an assassins or bounty hunter's best friend.

  • Makes tracking the injured quarry that much easier
  • Can bring down even the hardiest of foes with but a few hits
  • You will win the battle of attrition, provided you don’t miss all your attacks

Item Stats

  • Defaults as a +1 weapon
  • Any hit made with it cannot be healed by regeneration. Hitpoints lost due to damage from this blade can only be healed by natural means. Rest and recuperation. A wish can alter this effect however. 
  • Every wound caused by this blade causes the struck victim to lose 1 hitpoint/round for 10 rounds. This effect is cumulative, so if you struck a creature 3 times in 1 round, they would, in addition to the damage from the blade, suffer 3 points of damage every round for 10 rounds. 
  • Struck victims can only stop the bleeding effect by bandaging the wounds

4. Talisman of Pure Good

25 legendary weapons of dnd

This is the instant win card that clerics of all good faiths have been looking for. If you are pure of heart and deed, and loyal with all your might to your deity, this is the item for you. A bit niche in its uses, but devastating in the right circumstances.

  • While it is nice to win a close battle, sometimes it’s just better to win with style
  • Can be used multiple times!
  • The enemy stays gone

Items Stats

  • The wielder must be a high-priest and in great standing with their church/deity. 
  • When used, it causes a flaming crack to open beneath the feet of an evil priest. The victim is swallowed up forever and sent to the center of the earth/plane. 
  • If the user of the talisman is pure of heart and deed, then the evil cleric does not get a saving throw. 
  • The talisman has 7 charges
  • Neutral priest take 7d4 points of damage from handling it, and evil clerics take 12d4 points of damage for trying to hold it

3. Luck Blade

25 legendary weapons of dnd

A powerful item trapped in an unassuming blade. This could be the ultimate get out of jail free card. Used appropriately, and sparingly, may allow it to be used more than once. The DM gods do not smile upon an item of this power shattering their carefully constructed world. 

  • Well it’s a magic sword
  • It’s the other effect that is important
  • Who needs a lamp when you have this?

Item Stats

  • Defaults as a +1 sword of any type
  • Gives its wielder a bonus to saves equal to the + of the weapon
  • Carries 1d4+1 wishes 
  • Functions as per a wish spell but without the aging effect. 

2. Ring of Vampiric Regeneration

25 legendary weapons of dnd

An item most foul, or at least most will paint it that way. A competent wearer of this particular ring may be seen as invincible. So long as you continue to churn out damage in combat, most will swear you can’t be killed.

  • Your enemies weaken while you heal.
  • Arguments have been made that this is an evil item. 
  • Those arguments cease after the ring is worn

Item Stats

  • While it doesn’t regenerate limbs, or bring the wearer back from the dead, it tends to make it so you never hit that point of necessity. 
  • The ring heals the wearer for 50% of all damage dealt to opponents in melee combat. 
  • Example: Jord the Barbarian hits the ogre for 22 points of damage, he subsequently regenerates 11 hitpoints
  • Cannot exceed max hit points with this item

1. Sword of Dancing

25 legendary weapons of dnd

Can be a bard’s best friend, both for protection and entertainment. Though warriors agree it is much more useful in their hands. The sword of dancing is the perfect tool for when you just need to have more mobile attacks. 

  • A moving sword that engages your enemies from afar, or near if you like
  • Like fighting next to someone that mimics your fighting style
  • If you dance too, you can put up quite the show

Item Stats

  • This sword can be of any type
  • The weapon is +1 on the first round, +2 on the second, +3 on the third, and +4 on the fourth. On the fifth round it resets.
  • On the fifth round of melee, the wielder can allow the sword to “Dance”. 
  • When “dancing”, the blade fights at the same level of experience as it’s wielder. A 15th level fighter will have a blade that fights at that level, while a 7th level rogue would have a blade that matches his skill. 
  • After 4 rounds of dancing, the blade returns to its wielder's hand. It must be used for 4 more rounds before it can be let loose to “dance” again. 
  • The blade may travel and engage enemies up to 30 feet away from its wielder. The sword cannot be harmed by physical attacks and can only be damaged or disrupted via magic attacks. 
  • If the wielder moves more than 30 feet away from the blade, it clatters to the ground and is once again a +1 weapon when picked up.

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