Top 5 Ways to Gain Astral Diamonds in D&D Neverwinter

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The Tarmalune Auction House is where you buy and sell items using astral diamonds

#1 Dungeons and Skirmishes

This is the most obvious way to gain astral diamonds in this game. Going through dungeons and skirmishes quickly and constantly will gain astral diamonds quite fast and as long as you save them, you’ll have a lot left to do as you please.

Skirmishes are fast moving and fun as well, they pay quite a few astral diamonds and dungeons do as well. At the end of a dungeon you can also receive a rare item which you can use in the following tip if you don’t want it anymore. 

#2 Selling Unwanted Items

Selling items in the auction house

This is probably the easiest way to gain astral diamonds; doing hardcore dungeons and skirmishes to gain rare objects that you can sell on the auction house. Something else you can sell is upgrading gems that you pick up until they’re at a legendary or rare enough point and you can make a lot of astral diamonds on the auction house. 

#3 The Easy Way Out

The Zen Market

The easy way out is real money. You can buy online money with real money through the Zen Market and turn the Zen into astral diamonds. The exchange rate changes from time to time so you’ll have to plan it well and see how the rate goes.

In the four years I’ve been playing the game in total I’ve spent around R1200 South African Rand between my husband and I – which is not much – and we both have amazing level 70 characters. 

#4 Don’t Use Astral Diamonds for Gear

The Trade of Blades

Instead of using astral diamonds to buy great gear off the auction house, you can save your glory from PVPs, dungeons, and skirmishes and use it at The Trade of Blades placed in the heart of Protector’s Enclave. The gear in this centre is actually better than the gear you will find in the auction house. 

#5 Work on your Professions

The Professions Board

This is the easiest way with literally zero effort needed. The leadership profession reaps the greatest astral diamonds from jobs done and they require little to no items to do jobs.

Depending on the job you can make up to 300 astral diamonds for one job done. The job is done while you’re busy doing quests, dungeons or whatever else you’d like to do and that way you can gain astral diamonds a few ways at a time.

It takes a lot of effort and a lot of playing time to gain these astral diamonds but if you play it smart you can save up for that item you’ve always wanted. Trust me when I say that in the end, it is completely worth all the effort. Let me know if you have any other ideas of gaining astral diamonds.

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