[Top 10] Neverwinter Best Potions And How To Get Them

Current Best Potions

10. Potion of Rejuvenation 

Rejuvenation Potions can be crafted with alchemy or awarded from invocation. It is a common consumable and is easy to run. This potion can be made at higher levels. 

Potion Stats: 

  • Regenerate Hit Points every 2 seconds for 12 seconds.

What Makes Potion of Rejuvenation Awesome: 

  • This is a fantastic starter potion to use.
  • Cheap costs


How to Get Potion of Rejuvenation: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Minor_Potion_of_Rejuvenation


9. Potion of Deflection

Potion of deflection comes in various ranks from 1 to 6. This is a good potion that tanks should use. It improves survivability and is simple to gain for new players. At any given time, only one standard stat-boosting potion can be used. It is a popular consumable that costs 10 silver at rank 6. However, the level requirement for rank 6 is 65.

Potion Stats: (rank 6)

  • Increases Deflect Rating by 1,000 for 3,600 seconds.

What Makes Potion of Deflection Awesome:

  • Cheap for new players
  • The recharge rate is 18sec. 
  • Easy to find   


How to Get Potion of Deflection:  https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Potion_of_Deflect_Rank_6


8. Enhanced Potion of Defense 

This potion is similar to another, however, it is more difficult to obtain due to the fact that it must be produced using the alchemy profession. Despite being a common consumable, this potion has a level requirement of 60.

Potion Stats: 

  • Increases Defense Rating by 1,000 for 3,600 seconds.

What Makes Enhanced Potion of Defense Awesome: 

  • It stays up after death
  • Good for tanks classes 


How to Get Enhanced Potion of Defense: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Enhanced_Potion_of_Defense_Rank_6


7. Potion of Dragon Slaying 

This potion has no level requirement and is a common consumable. It is very helpful in the tyranny of dragons campaign.

Potion Stats: 

  • Increases the damage you deal to all Dragons by 10%. 

What Makes Potion of Dragon Slaying Awesome: 

  • This effect lasts 10 minutes
  • Recharge time is only 12 sec
  • Useful when fighting dragons


How to Get Potion of Dragon Slaying: 



6. Flask of Protection

This is a good potion for level 30 players. It is a common consumable and can't be bought. 

Potion Stats: 

  • Increases Defense by 90.
  • Increases Deflection by 90.
  • Increases Maximum Hit Points by 400 for 1,800 seconds.


What Makes Flask of Protection Awesome:

  • Perfect for tanks
  • Recharge time is 18 sec
  • Can be crafted 


How to Get Flask of Protection: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Flask_of_Protection

5. Foehammer’s Favor Elixir

This is a good potion for tank classes. This bonus lasts one hour and persists through death. This potion will increase your survivability. Foehammer’s Favor is an uncommon consumable.

Potion Stats: 

  • Increases Deflection by 350 (this bonus scales with your level) 
  • increase Deflect Severity by 10% for 3,600 seconds.


What Makes Foehammer’s Favor Elixir Awesome: 

  • Last one hour
  • Lasts after death
  • Easy to obtain with Ardent Coins.


How to Get Foehammer’s Favor Elixir: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Foehammer%27s_Favor_Elixir


4. Superior Flask of Potency 

This is an excellent DPS potion. It will give you a significant increase in critical strikes. This influence will last even after you die. At any given time, only one standard stat-boosting potion can be used. It is a common consumable with a value of one silver and 88 copper.

Potion Stats: 

  • Increases Power by 440.
  • Increases Recovery by 440.
  • Increases Critical Strike by 440.
  • Increases Critical Severity by 7.5%.
  • Duration 1,800 seconds. 


What Makes Superior Flask of Potency Awesome:

  • Persists through death
  • The recharge rate is 18sec
  • Cheap to run


How to Get The Superior Flask of Potency: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Superior_Flask_of_Potency


3. Potion of Fey Healing 

The Potion of Fey healing is the perfect healing potion for anyone. It requires level 60 to use and is an uncommon consumable. However, you can only unlock it when you complete the Sharandar Campaign task "Unlock the Realm of Malabog".

Potion Stats: 

  • instantly heals 8,500 Hit Points 
  • grants 850 Temporary Hit Points.


What Makes Potion of Fey Healing Awesome:

  • Heals you instantly
  • The recharge rate is 12 sec
  • Gives you temporary hit points.
  • Not hard to obtain if you follow the campaign.


How to Get the Potion of Fey Healing: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Potion_of_Fey_Healing


2.  Wild Storm Elixir

Elixirs are powerful objects infused with the living embodiment of a Deity. This elixir is good for DPS classes. It is also easy to obtain. This bonus lasts one hour and persists through death. However, only one Elixir can be in effect at a time. This is an uncommon consumable worth 2 Ardent Coins.

Potion Stats: 

  • Grants you 350 additional Critical Strike (this bonus scales with your level) 
  • increases your Critical Severity by 10% for 3,600 seconds.


What Makes Wild Storm Elixir Awesome:

  • Persists through death
  • Last an hour-long
  • Easy to obtain 


How to Get the Wild Storm Elixir: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Wild_Storm_Elixir


1. Elixir of Life 

Elixir of Life is a powerful healing potion that you can't find easily. It's an uncommon consumable and requires a level of 50 to use it. 

Potion Stats: 

  • Instantly heals 8,500 Hit Points. 
  • The next time you drop below 50% health, you gain this bonus again.


What Makes Elixir of Life Awesome:

  • Next time you go below 50% health you get the bonus again
  • Recharge time is only 18 sec 
  • Elixir persists after death


How to Get Elixir Of Life: https://neverwinter.fandom.com/wiki/Elixir_of_Life

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