Neverwinter Best Class - Which To Choose?

Neverwinter Best Class
So Many Classes So Little Time

1. Ranger

The ranger is an experienced traveler who is skilled in archery and melee fighting. Rangers launch a barrage of arrows at enemies from afar before closing the distance and eliminating them with close-range abilities. When they reach level 11 they can specialize in DPS with either Warden or Hunter Paragon. The ranger is really good at AOE and single target opponents. There are lots of ways to buff yourself and maintain a high output of damage. 

The Ranger excels in:

  • Damage Per Second
  • Stack gear to give you more buffs
  • High Damage Output
  • Really good at AOE and single target opponents

Pick Ranger if:

  • Want to fight range and/or up close
  • High DPS Role

Ranger Details:

  • The Primary Ability score is DEX
  • Secondary Ability scores are WIS and STR
  • 2 Paragon Choices Warden/Hunter
  • Primarily a DPS class

2. Rogue

The rogue is a master of stealth, striking with lethal precision from the shadows Rogues are agile and athletic fighters that outmaneuver their opponents before slicing them in half. At level 11 the rogue can specialize in DPS with the Whisperknife or Assassin Paragon classes. Rogues are good at attacking from stealth and gaining combat advantage. However, bosses are immune to this. This makes the rogue very good at AOE damage but lacks the power for single combat.

The Rogue excels in:

  • Stealth damaging attacks.
  • Invisibility ability
  • AOE Damage

Pick Rogue if:

  • Stealth character
  • AOE Damage
  • DPS Role

Rogue Details:

  • The Primary Ability Score is DEX
  • Secondary Ability Scores are STR and CHA
  • Primarily a DPS class

3. Paladin

The paladin is a holy knight dedicated to the pursuit of justice and a righteous defender of the innocent. The paladin summons divine radiant power to deal damage and healing magic to heal self and allies. Paladins can choose to specialize in tanking (Justicar) or healing (Oathkeeper) after they reach level 11. As a tank, you have the capability to sustain a lot of damage and output a lot of damage in bursts. You have a good balance of damage between AOE and single target combat. Whereas the healer paragon isn’t as good as a cleric. In the past, the paladin healer paragon was the best. Since the new changes came about, it’s not anymore.

The Paladin Excels in: 

  • Tanking (taking a lot of damage)
  • The output of burst damage
  • AOE and single combat damage

Pick Paladin if:

  • Tank Role
  • AOE/Single combat Damge

Paladin Details:

  • Primary Ability Score Charisma
  • Secondary Ability Scores are Wis and Con
  • Tank is the best Paragon for this class (Justicar)

4. Cleric

To heal wounds and smite opponents, the cleric invokes the divinity of their god or goddess. The cleric ensures that their allies survive even the most perilous encounters. Clerics can specialize in either healing (Devout) or dealing damage (Arbiter) after they reach level 11. The clerics have good single combat damage abilities as well as good burst damage DPS. This will help with boss fights. The healing paragon has the best healing abilities. It’s just pure healing. 

The Cleric Excels in:

  • Single target combat
  • Burst DPS
  • Healing over time
  • Healing allies

Pick Cleric if:

  • Healing Role
  • DPS Role
  • Single target combat

Cleric Details:

  • Primary Ability WIS
  • Secondary Ability Scores are CHA and INT
  • Both Paragons are balanced well between healing/DPS

5. Fighter

The fighter class is a brave warrior who puts themselves in danger to defend their companions. The fighter, sword in hand and shield sturdy, deflects terrible strikes and fights back with a vengeance. Upon reaching level 11 fighters may specialize in either tanking with the Vanguard paragon or dealing damage with the Dreadnought paragon. The fighter can deal lots of damage but isn’t the best for tanking. However, he is an easy class to play for new gamers.

The Fighter Excels in:

  • Good at AOE Fights
  • High damage output for single combat

Pick Fighter if:

  • DPS Role
  • AOE and single combat

Fighter Details:

  • Primary Ability Score CON
  • Secondary Ability Scores are STR and DEX
  • Better DPS than Tank

6. Warlock

The warlock is a spellcaster who gains power from an eldritch being through a pact. Warlocks unleash curses and deadly magic, and they can even drain their opponents' vitality. When a warlock reaches level 11, they can choose to specialize in either dealing damage (Hellbringer) or healing (Soulweaver). The warlock has a good movement ability to help evade enemies' attacks. A lot of their powers are range so this is very helpful. It’s also helpful for when you want to heal.

The Warlock Excels in:

  • Healing over time
  • Damage over time
  • Long duration fights

Pick Warlock if:

  • DPS or Healer roles both are average.
  • Enjoy long-range attacking.

Warlock Details:

  • Primary Ability Score INT
  • Secondary Ability Scores are CHA and CON
  • Both Paragons are average 

7. Barbarian

The barbarian is a fearsome warrior who wields heavy weapons. Barbarians originate from a variety of wild regions, but they all channel their inner beast to become roaring storms on the battlefield. Barbarians can specialize in either dealing damage as the Blademaster paragon or tanking with the Sentinel paragon, once they reach level 11. The barbarian can be good in dungeons with support from allies. However, the barbarian isn’t really good at holding the attention of the enemies as a tank. As a DPS role, it is good at single target combat and at AOE damage. But not as good as the other classes.

The Barbarian Excels in:

  • Single target combat
  • AOE damage
  • Movement speed

Pick Barbarian if:

  • DPS Role
  • Enjoy close range attacking

Barbarian Details:

  • Primary Ability Score STR
  • Secondary Ability Scores are CON and DEX
  • Better at DPS

8. Bard

The Bard is a multi-talented adventurer who uses the power of song to be a great healer or a stylish combatant. A bard's capacity to perform influences how far they can advance, regardless of their path. Bards can specialize in either healing with the Minstrel paragon or DPS with the Songblade paragon once they reach level 11. This is a new class and seems to be a bit underpowered compared to the older classes. However, the bard is great at buffing allies with its abilities. It does have good movement speed unless an enemy is able to one-shot you. The bard can heal players with overtime effects and basic healing to one or two players. Although, the amount of healing is low compared to the cleric.

The Bard Excels in:

  • Buffing allies
  • Movement speed

Pick Bard if:

  • Supporter role
  • Test out a new class

Bard Details:

  • Primary Ability Score CHA
  • Secondary Ability Scores depend on paragon 
  • DEX for Songblade and WIS for the Minstrel
  • Both Healing and DPS paragon are average

9. Wizard

The wizard is a spellcaster whose power is centered on arcane knowledge. This knowledge allows a wizard to conjure ice and raging thunderstorms, or just destroy opponents with pure magical strength. Wizards can specialize in dealing damage when they reach level 11. This class can cast many magical powers, but it doesn’t have the output of damage like the other classes. Due to the new update, this class has been nerfed extremely.

Wizard Excels in:

  • Magical Powers
  • Teleporting

Pick Wizard if:

  • You like using different types of magic

Wizard Details:

  • Primary Ability Score INT
  • Secondary Ability Scores are WIS and CHA
  • Only a DPS class

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