[Top 20] D&D Best Barbarian Items, Armor and Weapons

D&D Best Barbarian Items, Armor and Weapons
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Barbarian, the word itself conjures to mind an immense presence on a battlefield, someone willing to be right in the fray swinging their weapon with wild abandon. Barbarians are one of the best front line fighters to have in your party, not only can they hit hard but they can take hits too. Beyond that they also have a great little ability called rage, they can become so angry that when they are fighting they only take half damage from every damage type (except psychic damage) meaning they are even harder to hit. They may not be the smartest character in the bunch but if you’re going in to battle you’ll want to have a barbarian on your team. 

Barbarians can be extremely fun characters to play as you can craft them as a serious battle hardened warrior or a town idiot who just happens to be incredibly strong. They can be the leader of the pack or simply a meat shield for your party members with the brains in the back. These are fun, versatile characters that are great in any campaign setting. 

From weapons to magic items to even armor (though armor for a barbarian is slightly different) there are a number of different items that can prove useful to your barbarian. Some of them may increase your strength or constitution, whereas others give them extra actions in combat. All of these are useful in their own way, but these are the top 20 items, armor, and weapons for a barbarian. 


20. Armor - Unarmored Defense 

This “item” is exactly what it sounds like, it’s nothing! One of the perks of the barbarian class is that when they aren’t wearing any armor at all they get a boost to their armor class automatically. Rather than your armor class being 10 + your dexterity modifier, it’s 10 + your dexterity modifier and your constitution modifier.

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians need to be able to stay up and moving and heavy armor can weigh them down. Staying armor free keeps your barbarian from being slowed down. 
  • Having no armor on causing boosts to your armor class is something that can be taken advantage of when combined with other magic items that increase your dexterity and constitution. This means you can increase your armor class without needing to wear armor. 
  • Not needing to have heavy armor on to be hard to hit is helpful in situations where your character may be near or in water because they won’t have to worry about getting pulled under the water by the armor’s weight. 

Unarmored Defense stats: 

  • When not wearing armor your barbarian gets an AC of 10 + the dexterity modifier + constitution modifier. 
  • The barbarian can still get this effect while holding a shield. 


19. Item - Winged Boots

These fashionable boots have small wings on the side of them, similar to the sandals that Hermes was depicted wearing in Greek mythology. When the person wearing them attunes to their magical abilities they gain the ability of flight. These boots can be used to fly long distances or short stretches of time, but they are a great multi purpose magic item for any character type. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians are not usually ranged fighters and so if the enemy is in the air the barbarian needs to be able to take the fight to them in order to be useful, these boots help solve that issue. 
  • Because the barbarian is typically the strongest person in the party if there is a situation where the party needs to get across a dangerous drop off point and none of them can fly on their own these boots will make it so that the barbarian can take the party members across safely. 
  • Because the barbarian can lift heavy objects they can fly above an enemy with something like a boulder and drop it on them from above. 
  • If your barbarian is willing to take a bit of fall damage they can pull off a very cool and possibly very effective attack. By flying up in the air directly above the enemy and then having the boots stop being active while in the air, they will start dropping fast. And if they have their weapon out and pointed at the enemy below them the attack can hardly miss. 

Winged Boots stats:

  • Wondrous Item 
  • Uncommon 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Fly speed equal to your standard movement speed 
  • Can fly for up to 4 hour at a time max and must be used for at least a minute minimum. 
  • Regains 2 hours of flying time for every 12 hours not in use. 


18. Armor - Adamantine Armor (Medium)

Adamantine is one of the hardest substances in the dungeons and dragons universe and it can be used to reinforce any armor type. Because barbarians are proficient in light and medium armor they would not want to wear anything heavy like full plate or chain mail, but adding Adamantine to a medium weight armor can make your barbarian a tour de force. For best results with a barbarian get Adamantine armor in a chain shirt, breastplate, half plate, or scale mail. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Though Unarmored Defense does provide a good armor boost real armor does help protect against wounds in a way that just being hard to hit doesn’t. This protects from puncture wounds. 
  • Because this armor can be any kind of basic armor just infused with Adamantine it keeps your barbarian able to stay agile in a fight and not be held down by heavy armor. 
  • A bonus of this armor is while wearing it if someone makes a critical hit against you it just becomes a normal hit rather than critical. 

Adamantine Armor stats:

  • Uncommon
  • Does not require attunement 
  • Cannot be used for hide or leather armors
  • Anywhere from 13-15 + your dexterity modifier for your armor class. 
  • Chain shirt and breastplate do not give disadvantage to stealth checks. 


17. Armor - +2 Shield 

This shield can be made of wood or metal as any other shield can. When holding the shield in front of you you gain a +2 to your armor class on top of what the shield already gives as a bonus to your armor class. This shield is carried in one hand, therefore meaning you cannot use two handed weapons and hold a shield. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Because barbarians are up close to the enemy in battle having a shield to help protect them from any stray hits will help keep them up and knocking out enemies on the front lines. 
  • A shield can be used to plow your way through a battlefield. The barbarian is often called a tank so make it a reality and run people over with the shield to help knock the enemies down. 
  • In desperate times barbarians can improvise weapons out of anything, including their shields. Getting hit on the head with a solid chunk of metal would take most people down. 

+2 Shield stats: 

  • Rare 
  • Does not require attunement 
  • Gives a +2 to AC on top of the AC boost from the regular shield. 


16. Armor - Animated Shield

This is similar to a regular shield, but it is hands free and keeps your barbarian able to use two handed weapons. This shield will stay with your character as they move without needing to keep a grip on the shield. This shield can be made of wood or metal and gives a +2 to your armor class. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • This shield does not have to be held to be in use. It floats in front of your character keeping their blind spots safe as they can attack to the front. 
  • If your barbarian can get the benefit of a shield while being able to wield two weapons or a two handed weapon they are then able to cause even more damage. 
  • This shield moves with the person, meaning as long as it’s up and being used the person doesn’t need to worry about carrying the shield with them, this is super helpful for barbarians because they can focus on offense and not worry about defense. 

Animated Shield stats: 

  • Very Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Gives a +2 to armor class 
  • Floats in front of the person attuned to it
  • Stays active for 1 minute unless you become incapacitated/die or you use a bonus action to end its effect 


15. Weapon - +3 Weapon

This is a versatile magic weapon as the +3 charm can be added to any weapon. From a sword to a crossbow any of these weapons can gain the benefit of a +3. As a plus once a weapon has a plus to it, it’s attacks are now considered magical. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians are out fighting on the front lines, giving them a +3 to hit increases their chances of landing an attack on an enemy. 
  • A +3 to all damage rolls means the barbarian will be out there doing even more damage per attack. 
  • As the attacks from a +3 weapons are considered magical the barbarian won’t face the issue of enemies being immune to non magical weapons. 
  • Because this item does not require attunement this is a good magic weapon to have that boosts your attacks but doesn’t take up any of your important attunement spots. 

+3 Weapon stats: 

  • Very Rare 
  • Does not require attunement 
  • Gives a +3 to any weapon attack and damage rolls 
  • Turns any weapon into a magical weapon 


14. Armor - Ring of Protection 

This is a beautiful metal ring that appears to be a small shield decorated with small gems of any color your character may choose. This ring is considered a piece of armor and it provides a +1 to your character’s armor class. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • This ring, even though it may be listed as armor, does not count as wearing armor in the same way that wearing a full suit of armor does, this means you will still get your unarmored defense bonus. 
  • This item is discreet enough that even in situations in which your barbarian may not have much on them this ring should go unnoticed. 
  • Anything that can add a boost to your barbarian’s armor class without losing the unarmored defense bonus is your best bet for a powerhouse. 

Ring of Protection stats: 

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Get a +1 to all saving throws and armor class while wearing


13. Weapon - Giant Slayer

Though most commonly seen as an ax this weapon can be any ax or sword. It is a powerful weapon to use against foes who are classified as giants. This weapon gives you a +1 to all attacks but an extra bonus against giants. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • If you’re in a campaign where you are up against giants or creatures classified as giants often having a barbarian who can’t literally knock the enemy down can make battles that much easier. 
  • This is considered a magic weapon so even when used against non giant creatures if they are immune to attacks with non magic weapons this weapon can still be used. 
  • Axs are the most popular weapon of choice for a barbarian so getting one that comes with bonuses to attacks and damage makes it a great choice for your barbarian. 

Giant Slayer stats: 

  • Rare 
  • Does not require attunement 
  • +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage 
  • When you hit a creature that is categorized as “Giant”, such as trolls, it takes an extra 2d6 of damage. 
  • When you hit a creature that is categorized as “Giant” they must succeed on a DC15 strength saving throw or they are laid prone. 


12. Item - Ring of Free Action

This is the only other ring listed in this article and it may not do exactly what you think. This ring does not grant the wearer extra actions but rather allows them movement without restriction in situations where it would normally be decreased. This ring also makes it so that magic cannot restrain or paralyze your character. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians are often the first to charge into a situation and because of this they can be surprised by a rougher terrain, this ring allows them to still experience this change first but does not cause them to suffer the effects of rough terrain. 
  • Since barbarians often make themselves the primary target of the enemy this ring is helpful to allow them to evade being slowed or held in place by magic. 
  • There are spells that your barbarian may go up against where out of nowhere rough terrain spawns. Usually this would slow your movement and make you less effective but this ring makes your barbarian pass through as if nothing changed. 

Ring of Free Action stats:

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • While wearing this ring: 
  • Difficult terrain does not cost extra movement 
  • Magic cannot reduce your speed 
  • Magic cannot paralyze you
  • Magic cannot restrain you 


11. Weapon - Berserker Axe

This weapon is a double edged sword, or well axe. Though this weapon comes with benefits it also curses its wielder for as long as it’s being used. It gives a +1 to damage and attacks which isn’t bad but it’s really the curse that holds the most benefits for the barbarian class. This curse can cause them to go berserk and when they do they turn into a killing machine, mowing down any and all in their path. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians are known for using axes and taking up this one as your weapon of choice will grant your barbarian a feat that usually they have to take while leveling up. This means that your barbarian can be a totem barbarian and still get to berserk. 
  • The barbarian can choose to fail the saving automatically in order to switch into berserker mode. Though this strategy can be dangerous it can be very effective. 
  • Barbarians can rage, if your barbarian is in a rage stage and then fails their wisdom save they can plow through enemy lines while taking minimal damage. 

Berserker Axe stats:

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • +1 to damage and attack rolls 
  • While attuned your hit point max increases by 1 point per level gained 
  • Curse: 
  • You are unwilling to let this weapon leave your side 
  • When you attack with a different weapon you have disadvantage (unless there are no noticeable enemies within 60 feet) 
  • When an enemy damages you, make a DC 15 wisdom saving throw, if you fail you go berserk 
  • While going berserk you must use every action to attack the nearest creature to you (friend or foe) 
  • You will stay going berserk until there are no creatures at all within 60 feet of you


10. Item - Periapt of Wound Closure 

This item is a beautiful necklace with a pair of bronze or golden hands holding a red gem. This necklace allows for your character to not die when they normally would as when they are dying on their turn they instead become stable, avoiding losing the character completely. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Because barbarians are at the front lines having an item that makes them stabilize when they are dying until a healer can reach them. 
  • Getting able to recover extra hit points means that if your barbarian is hit hard by an attack and may be struggling afterwards to recover, they can get a boost to the healing process. 
  • Allowing double the hit points to recover on a short rest means that even if your barbarian seems like they are down for the count they can be back on the front lines faster than the rest of the party. 

Periapt of Wound Closure stats: 

  • Wondrous Item 
  • Uncommon 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • While wearing this necklace: 
  • Your character will stabilize if they are dying on the start of their turn
  • When you roll hit die to recover hit points (typically after a short rest) double the number rolled to recover. 


9. Weapon - Sword of Wounding

This magic weapon can take the form of any sword, from a rapier to a great sword. When it is attuned to it can cause wounds to appear on any creature hit with that weapon. These wounds will continue to injure them until they either pass a constitution saving throw/medicine check or die. On top of this, any hit points that a creature loses to this weapon cannot be gained back through magic or feats, only rest. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Since the barbarians are in the middle of the battle they come in contact with the most enemies, and even if they only hit each creature once, they will now all be taking extra damage each turn. 
  • This sword works against any creature, this means that if your barbarian is raging and just starts wildly swinging and they hit a mount it will also start taking damage. 
  • If there are low level minions that the barbarian needs to clear out so that the rest of the party can focus on taking care of the main person, this allows your barbarian to take out more enemies at one time. 

Sword of Wounding stats: 

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Creatures who lose hit points to this weapon cannot gain them back through anything other than a rest. Meaning no magic spells or healing potions. 
  • Once per each of your turns you can choose to wound a creature you hit with this weapon. At the start of each of the creatures who are wounded’s turn they will take 1d4 of necrotic damage (for each wound) and it can make a DC 15 constitution saving throw, if they pass the wound stops damaging them. 
  • The wounded or a creature within five feet of it can make a DC 15 Medicine check and if they pass the check the wounds stop damaging the creature. 


8. Weapon - Sword of Life Stealing

This sword will take the form of any sword and requires the wielder to attune to it. When a character attacks with this sword it is considered magical slashing damage. Also when a critical success is rolled on an attack the creature will take an extra 10 hit points of necrotic damage and you will gain 10 temporary hit points. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians often attack more than party members who are not on the front lines, because of that they have a higher chance of rolling a critical success and therefore getting the benefits of the sword. 
  • With the higher chance of getting a critical success it means that the barbarian has a better chance they will get an extra buff of hit points, meaning they can go for longer in battle. 
  • This sword does magical damage meaning if a creature is immune to slashing damage from a regular sword this damage will still do damage. 

Sword of Life Stealing stats:

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Is considered a magic weapon 
  • If you hit a creature with this sword with a critical success: 
  •  It takes an extra 10 points of necrotic damage (this excludes undead and constructs). 
  • You gain 10 temporary hit points


7. Item - Amulet of Health 

This item is a small golden coin on a chain with a pair of hands holding a sun engraved onto it. This requires attunement and once attuned it boosts your character’s constitution modifier to 19. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • A barbarian gains their hit points based on their constitution modifier, and a 19 gives you a +4. Meaning if a barbarian is going from level 9 to level 10, with a 19 in constitution the average amount of hit points will be 115. 
  • This necklace boosts your constitution, this should be your barbarians second best ability and boosting it up to 19 is better than you can ever roll it to be. 
  • You want your barbarian to have as many hit points as they can get and boosting the constitution modifier will guarantee they have the most possible to play with. 

Amulet of Health stats: 

  • Wondrous Item 
  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Your constitution score increases to 19


6. Armor - Bracers of Defense 

These golden bracers, once attuned to your barbarian, will provide a boost to their armor class. They will get a +2 as long as they are not wearing armor or using a shield. These bracers look like ornamental bracelets from the wrist up to the elbow, which though this may seem flashy can also be easily concealed under a long sleeve shirt. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Getting a +2 from these bracers can pair with the barbarians unarmored defense to boost their AC even more. 
  • These bracers can be combined with armor pieces like the ring of protection to boost your barbarians AC by +3 making them harder to hit. 
  • Barbarians need all the armor defenses they can get that doesn’t decrease their movement speed or cause them to lose their unarmored defense, as the boost from unarmored defense beats almost any kind of armor they could wear. 

Bracers of Defense stats:

  • Wondrous item 
  • Rare
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Gain a +2 to your armor class as long as you aren’t wearing armor or holding a shield 


5. Item - Blood Fury Tattoo

This is a magic infused tattoo, there are many different kinds of magic infused tattoo but this one is the best for the barbarian. This tattoo will cover both arms and their torso and when attuned this tattoo gives them 10 bloodthirsty strike charges daily that recharge at dawn. These charges can be expended to cause extra necrotic damage/gain hit points back and allow a melee attack with advantage against a creature that you can see that hit you. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians who use their charges to cause extra damage are not only taking out enemies faster, they are also staying up for longer by gaining hit points back. 
  • Because these charges are regained at dawn this tattoo makes for a formidable barbarian, they are less likely to hold back from fear of being attacked since they will be hitting back almost instantly. 
  • This tattoo only really works for classes that are closest to the fighting and barbarians are always the closest, next to maybe the fighters. This tattoo gives your barbarian 10 chances to cause extra damage and if the battle happens close enough to dawn it could turn in to 20. 

Blood Fury Tattoo stats: 

  • Wondrous Item 
  • Legendary 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Tattoo has 10 charges that recharge daily 
  • When a creature is hit by you a charge can be expended to deal an extra 4d6 necrotic damage to the target and you will gain hit points equal to the necrotic damage dealt. 
  • When a creature that you can see hits you, you can use your reaction to attack them, this must be a melee attack and you have advantage. 


4. Weapon - Flame Tongue 

This magic weapon can be any sword. When a command word, either chosen by the player or the DM, is spoken as a bonus action flames burst from the sword. These flames give off light for up to 80 feet and when a creature is hit by the flaming sword it automatically takes extra fire damage. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Since this sword deals an automatic amount of fire damage, being hit by a barbarian causes heavy damage plus fire damage doing double the amount in half the time. 
  • Since the barbarians are often at the front of the party, having a sword that sheds light will make for easier movement through dark areas without needing to pack torches or flint. 
  • Because this swords flames come to life as a bonus action, your barbarian could rage as a bonus action in their first turn, then attack with an action. Their next turn use the bonus action to set the sword ablaze and now the barbarian is doing extra damage and taking half. 

Flame Tongue stats: 

  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Say the sword’s command word to cause flames to erupt from the sword 
  • The flames from the sword: 
  • Provides bright light for 40 feet 
  • Provides dim light for 40 feet beyond that 
  • Deals an extra 2d6 fire damage to any creature hit by it 
  • Will last until you say the command word again, sheath the sword, or you go down


3. Item - Gauntlets of Ogre Power

These gauntlets looks like the hand and wrist pieces of a suit of armor, or gloves made out of metal. When wearing and attuned to these gloves your strength score increases to 19. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Strength should be your barbarian’s number 1 stat and boosting it to 19 is better than any roll you can traditionally make. 
  • Barbarian attacks are based on their strength, so the higher the strength score the better the attacks will be. 
  • Because these gauntlets boost the strength stat as a whole it will also boost the athletics skill since it is based on strength. Barbarians have the unique chance to grapple enemies that ranged fighters don’t get, and the strength buff will make this hold more sure. 

Gauntlets of Ogre Power stats: 

  • Wondrous Item
  • Rare 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • Boosts your strength score to 19


2. Armor - Belt of Giant Strength 

There are six variants of this belt, each providing a different level of strength to your character. These belts are based on different kinds of giants, these include: hill giants, frost giants, stone giants, fire giants, cloud giants, and storm giants. While wearing the belt your characters strength score becomes anywhere from a 21 to a 29. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • These belts can increase your barbarians strength to scores beyond any possible rolled stat, and barbarians are strength based characters. 
  • Because the barbarians attacks are dependent on strength, the higher the strength score the more damage a hit does. 
  • If a barbarian can get their hands on a belt in their early levels they can then put their ability score increases into their dexterity and constitution rather than strength that will increase their armor class with their unarmored defense. 

Belt of Giant Strength stats: 

  • Wondrous Item 
  • Rarity Varies - Rare to Legendary 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • While wearing a belt the strength score increases based on the kind of giant the belts strength is modeled after: 
  • Hill giant - 21 
  • Frost giant - 23 
  • Stone giant - 23 
  • Fire giant - 25 
  • Cloud giant - 27 
  • Storm giant - 29


1. Weapon - Vorpal Sword

This sword is specifically any sword that can cause slashing damage. These are: great sword, long sword, and scimitar. This sword gives a +3 to all damage and attack rolls and it ignores resistance to slashing damage. Also on a critical success this sword will decapitate the enemy hit, with a few exceptions. 

Why it's excellent for Barbarians: 

  • Barbarians are known for their strength and impressive attacks, and there is no attack more impressive than cutting off a creatures head in a single swing. 
  • Because this sword ignores resistance to slashing damage it can be used on almost any creature your party may come up against. 
  • If a barbarian wants to intimidate its enemies, decapitating one of its own is a very good way to do so. Barbarians already are intimidating in nature but being able to kill someone in one blow increases their fear factor. 
  • Since this sword has a +3 to attack and damage rolls there’s a higher chance the barbarian hits, and does more damage. 

Vorpal Sword stats: 

  • Legendary 
  • Requires Attunement 
  • +3 to attack and damage rolls 
  • Ignores resistance to slashing damage 
  • On a critical success: 
  • If the creature has at least one head, it is cut off. If it cannot survive without a head it dies. 
  • Ways that a creature ignores its head being cut off: 
  • Immune to slashing damage 
  • Does not need a head (or does not have one) 
  • It has legendary actions
  • The DM says the creature is too big for its head to be cut off 
  • If the creature’s head cannot be cut off because of its size instead it takes an additional 6d8 slashing damage. 


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