[Top 10] D&D Best Low Level Magic Items

D&D Best Low Level Magic Items

Part of the fun of dungeon crawling is grabbing the loot after an encounter with monsters! Magic items are particularly fun to find because there is an element of surprise in its discovery. Dungeon Masters can also have fun placing magic items in treasure and adding them as backstory. The D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide provides a definition of magic items: “types of magic items include armor, potions, scrolls, rings, rods, staffs, wands, weapons, and wondrous items. Magic items also have rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and legendary.” In this article, through research and gameplay, I will focus on the best common and uncommon magic items that players would more likely find at lower levels. Read on and enjoy! 

10. Bag of Holding

Who knew a bag would make this list? The Bag of Holding is not your ordinary bag. Rather, this wondrous and uncommon magical item is a shopper’s dream! The D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide states that “this bag has an interior space considerably larger than its outside dimensions, roughly 2 feet in diameter at the mouth and 4 feet deep.” It only weighs 15 pounds, so the Bag of Holding is easy to cart around. Read on to find out why this magical item is an awesome one! 

Why Bag of Holding Is Great

  • The best part of this magic item is that it can hold up to 500 pounds and still only weigh 15 pounds! 
  • The bag is only 2 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep, so it is small yet sturdy. 
  • A living creature or person can exist in the bag for a minimum of a minute before she or she starts to suffocate, so the Bag of Holding could technically be a Bag of Hiding as well! 
  • The Bag of Holding is worth about 2,500 gp. 

Bag of Holding details:

  • If you must find an item in the bag, it does require one turn. 
  • Be careful not to overstuff the bag, as if it is damaged in some way, the bag will disappear, and all the contents are scattered on the Astral Plane, which is annoying especially if you do not have access to the Astral Plane! 
  • The bag must be up on the correct side; if it is turned upside down, everything will fall out of it. 

9. Boots of Elvenkind

Elvish items, especially magical ones, tend to be both ornate and useful. Who would not want a pair of kicks that kept your feet warm, have magical properties, and are attractive to wear? Read on to find out why these uncommon and wondrous boots are made for more than walking! 

Why Boots of Elvenkind Is Great

  • This is a great magic item for the clumsiest and noisiest member in your party, or it can enhance your rogue’s stealth even more! Despite the ground conditions, when your character tries on the boots, he or she moves in absolute silence. 
  • As a bonus, the wearer of Boots of Elvenkind will enjoy an advantage on Dexterity checks when moving silently. 

Boots of Elvenkind details:

  • The materials used to create Boots of Elvenkind are interesting: cork made from Duskwood bark, linen woven from the barks of Shadowtop trees, and ashes from burned leaves of Mistletoe. 
  • It takes about 2 work weeks for the Boots of Elvenkind to be created; only Elves or Half-Elves can create these boots.
  • The boots are worth about 2,500 gp, if the wearer wants or needs to sell them. 

8. Cloak of Elvenkind

Along with the Boots of Elvenkind is the Cloak of Elvenkind! This lovely green and gold cloak is not only a lovely garment to behold; wearing the garment with the hood up will bring on magical powers! Read more to find out the benefits of wearing this wondrous magical item! 

Why Cloak of Elvenkind Is Great

  • Wearing the cloak with the hood up will make the character stealthy, as anyone who tries to see you has a disadvantage on Perception Wisdom Checks. 
  • Whoever dons the cloak will also enjoy an advantage on Dexterity checks. 
  • The cloak only weighs one pound, so it is not cumbersome to carry or wear. Smaller characters should be able to wear it. 

Cloak of Elvenkind details:

  • Lifting or taking down the hood will require the character an action in a turn. 
  • An attunement by a spellcaster (most likely an elf or half-elf) is required to activate the cloak. 
  • You will most likely not find The Cloak of Elvenkind in a thrift shop, as it is worth 5,000 gp!

7. Elemental Gem 

The Elemental Gem is not only pretty, but it can summon the elements! According to Roll20.net, “This gem contains a mote of elemental energy. When you use an action to break the gem, an elemental is summoned as if you had cast the Conjure Elemental spell, and the gem's magic is lost. The type of gem determines the elemental summoned by the spell.” There are four types of elementals that can be summoned: air, earth, fire, and water. Read on to find out more about Elemental Gems! 

Why Elemental Gem Is Great

  • Considered a wondrous item, Elemental Gems are uncommon and great to use if you need to summon an Elemental! This is great to use if you do not have a lot of party members and/or you are outnumbered. 
  • The elemental summoned will assist you and your party members. 

Elemental Gem details: 

  • The act of breaking the gem requires concentration. 
  • The color and type of gem determines the type of elemental: a blue sapphire summons an Air elemental, a yellow diamond summons an Earth elemental, a red corundum summons a Fire elemental, and an emerald summons a water elemental. 
  • Once the gem is broken and the elemental is summoned, it cannot be used again. 
  • The gems are each worth 2,250 gp. 

6. Figurine of Wondrous Power

This is not your typical Precious Moments figurine! According to rollD20.net, “A figurine of wondrous power is a statuette of a beast small enough to fit in a pocket. If you use an action to speak the Command Word and throw the figurine to a point on the ground within 60 feet of you, the figurine becomes a living creature”. The figurine that would most likely be found on lower-level dungeon campaigns would be the silver raven. Read on to find out more about this figurine! 

Why Figurine of Wondrous Power is Great

  • A spellcaster can use an Animal Messenger spell on the raven. 
  • The raven will obey the commands of the party member who has the figurine. 
  • The figurine is small (pocket-sized), so it is easy to take on a campaign. 

Figurine of Wondrous Power details 

  • The raven figurine will come to life for 12 hours. 
  • The Figurine of Wondrous Power can be reused after two days. 
  • This magic item will set someone back 3,800 gp!

5. Potion of Healing

A Potion of Healing is not an exciting magic item to find. Rather, it is a staple in every party because characters will get hurt and take damage. Basically, when a character drinks a bottle of potion, she or he will regain lost hit points. There are different types of healing potions ranging from common to legendary. The rarer the healing potion, the more hit points restored. Read on to find out more why healing potions are awesome to find! 

Why Potion of Healing Is Great

  • A Potion of Healing is always handy to have, especially if you do not have any clerics in your party. 
  • Characters regain 2d4+2 points after drinking the potion. 
  • A Potion of Healing only weighs a half pound, so carrying it would not be too cumbersome. 

Potion of Healing details:

  • A potion of healing costs 50 gp and up, depending on the strength. 
  • Drinking a Potion of Healing usually requires an action; this is up to the DM’s discretion. 

4. Staff of the Adder

If you have an ophidiophobia, this magic item may not be the best for you! However, the Staff of the Adder is a formidable weapon to find! All the holders must do is speak a command word (determined by the DM) and the staff turns into a snake. Read on to find out more about the Staff of the Adder! 

Why Staff of the Adder Is Great

  • The staff becomes another character in a sense, as the adder can inflict both piercing and poison damage! 
  • If the staff is not destroyed, it will regenerate hit points when it is inanimate. 
  • The staff weighs between 2-7 pounds, so it would not be cumbersome to carry around. 

Staff of the Adder details: 

  • A cleric, druid, or warlock will need to attune this magic item.
  • If the snake is killed while animate, the staff will immediately be destroyed. 
  • The action lasts for about a minute, or when the holder uses the command word to make the adder inanimate again. 
  • If you are wishing to sell this magic item, the Staff of the Adder is worth 2,000 gp.

3. Stone of Good Luck

If you ever see a stone in the shape of a cat’s head with yellow eyes, congratulations! You have discovered the Stone of Good Luck! Also known as the Luckstone, the Stone of Good Luck, created from agate, is an uncommon wondrous item. Not only did you find a lovely stone, but you stumbled upon a valuable magic item that can help characters in battle. Read on to find out more about the Stone of Good Luck and why it is among the best to have in your possession! 

Why Stone of Good Luck Is Great

  • According to roll20.net, “while this polished agate is on your person, you gain a +1 bonus to Ability Checks and Saving Throws.” 
  • Although +1 does not seem like a lot, it can make the difference between a save and a miss, especially on lower-level adventures. 

Stone of Good Luck details:

  • The Stone of Good Luck requires an attunement before using. 
  • This magic item is quite valuable, with a worth of 10,000-25,000 gp!
  • For the best magical effects, please be sure that the stone is polished before having it on your person. 

2.Wand of Magic Missiles

Wands are great to have as a possession because they are light, valuable, and useful in combat. The Wand of Magic Missiles is no exception, as the caster of this uncommon wand has up to 7 charges per day to use. Read on to find out why the Wand of Magic Missiles is stellar to find! 

Why Wand of Magic Missiles Is Great

  • The Wand of Magic Missiles acts like a first level Magic Missile Spell, emitting three darts with each charge to cause 1d4 + force damage to the target. 
  • The wand is a renewable source, as a charge of 1d6 +1 reoccurs every morning. 
  • This item is good to have if you do not have a spellcaster in your party. 

Wand of Magic Missiles details:

  • Be careful not to save a couple of charges on this wand, because on the last charge, the player must roll a d20. If he or she rolls a 1, the wand will disappear. 
  • This magic item is valuable, worth 6,000 gp. 

1. Wand of Secrets

Finally, we have the Wand of Secrets! This wand is used to detect secret doors and traps. If there is a secret door or trap, the wand will throb and point to it. The Wand of Secrets is great to have on-hand, because lower-level players do not have a lot of hit points and it only takes one trap to do major damage to a party. Read on to find out why Wand of Secrets is among the best magic items to have! 

Why Wand of Secrets Is Great

  • The wand is great to use if you do not have a Rogue in your party to detect traps or secret doors. 
  • The Wand of Secrets is light, easy to store, and does not require an attunement by a spellcaster!

Wand of Secrets details:

  • If you are interested in selling rather than using it, the Wand of Secrets is worth 
  • 1,000 gp. 
  • According to the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, “the wand regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.” So, the wand is reusable! 
  • Requires one action by the user. 


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