Top 15 Best D&D Multiclasses that are Fun to Play

Best D&D Multiclasses that are Fun to Play
The Party in D&D Sprinting into Battle

Classes are a key part of Dungeons and Dragons. But sometimes just one class isn’t enough for you. And this is where multiclassing comes in and opens doors you never thought you could go through when it comes to adding new features to your primary class. It might be a bit confusing to figure out what you need and the best classes to go. So that’s why this article is here, to guide you through the Top 15 D&D Multiclasses That Are Fun to Play!


15. Warlock / Rogue

A Rogue / Warlock on the hunt for something to “free” from its owner

Rogues are already one of the most versatile classes in the game before you even think about multiclassing. So why not sprinkle some spells in there as well? And Warlocks fit with most classes, so if you find yourself wanting to blast some unfortunate soul with a spell before stabbing their friend from the shadows, going Warlock might just be for you.

When dipping into Warlock as a Rogue, you have a ton of upside. You get the benefits of the spells that a Warlock has while also not being useless in melee because you’re a Rogue. Depending on what subclass you go, you can become a huge melee damage dealer or a sneaky spell sniper who can pretty much one shot anyone with the right rolls, but I wouldn’t take more than three Warlock levels.

The fun of this multiclass comes from the fact that you can be so creative with it. There are so many ways to go and things you can do that the only limit is what your DM says and what you can come up with.

Why Warlock / Rogue Is Great:

  • Upgrade your melee damage with Warlock cantrips like Booming/Green-Flame Blade and have Thunderclap or Eldritch Blast for spell attacks.
  • Have access to Charisma modifiers on your attack rolls and upgraded sneak attacks when going Pact of the Blade and Swashbuckler.
  • If you want to be tanky, take Hexblade for the medium armour proficiency to give a boost to your AC.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to play a Rogue with a bit more consistent damage because of the spells Warlock gives.
  • You want the chance to build a unique multiclass that can go anywhere depending on what you build.
  • You like dealing huge damage whenever you can and you enjoy adding spells to the mix with the sneak attack mechanics.
  • Mixing magic and physical damage is something that interests you and you feel is good for you


14. Artificer / Ranger

A Ranger / Artificer firing a Repeating Shot magically enhanced bow

The Ranger can survive pretty much anywhere. They can use their abilities to do well in even the most remote areas. And with the ability of the Artificer to make magical items and put magic effects on items, it can make a Ranger even better at what they do.

Normally, when multiclassing as a Ranger/Artificer, you make a weapon that doesn’t need ammo and has a +1 to damage and attack rolls. However, if you want more flavour, you can make boots that allow you to teleport 15ft away from you for an escape or to deal damage, or maybe even a ring that gives a spell slot back.

This class combo is fun because it enhances the abilities of a class people see as weak and allows it to be better in more situations. It also allows you to do more outside of combat too, as the magical items made by the Artificer have some nice roleplay potential. 

Why Ranger / Artificer Is Great:

  • Fills in some of the gaps in the Ranger’s kit with the magical infusions to buff damage or other abilities.
  • Helps the Ranger survive more by going an Armourer subclass with Arcane Armour at 3rd level
  • You can replicate magical items at 2nd level including a Bag of Holding and Goggles of Night, which makes life much easier and means you don’t miss high level Ranger features.
  • Going a Gloom Stalker Ranger and an Alchemist can lead to 50ft movement with a movement potion.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to use magical items to buff your characters strengths and do more than your class would normally let you
  • You want to use more spells than Ranger can right now with more flavour and a different theme.
  • Enhancing the Ranger with magical infusions is something that interests you.


13.  Monk / Barbarian

A Monk / Barbarian in the middle of the battlefield

A monk can attack the most in D&D with their ki points. And since a Barbarian can add more damage to each attack they do with Rage, these two work incredibly together. You can be a bit of a glass cannon though, so be careful.

Because both classes have unarmoured defence and they don’t stack, your AC can be a bit low. But the other side of this is that you hit like an absolute truck, and a lot of trucks at that. Every attack you do will have the Rage bonus meaning you get a +2 to your damage rolls, and add Flurry of Blows to the mix… yeah, a lot of fun to be had with this.

So if you find being able to throw too many punches to count at someone and then dealing massive numbers in damage fun, then this is a no-brainer to try out. Just be careful and make sure you don’t die while hitting people with your fists.

Why Monk / Barbarian Is Great:

  • Your damage output skyrockets with just a few levels in each class and you can be a scary attacker quite early.
  • You can move quite fast due to the 10 movement speed increase going 2 levels in Monk gives, whilst having the HP of a Barbarian.
  • Going either class as a main allows for different (and fun) flavours of character, depending on what you want to go.
  • You can go a Way of the Open Hand Monk to put someone prone after a Flurry of Blows for even MORE damage on your next attack.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You don’t mind trading low AC for high damage output with your Rage-enhanced attacks.
  • Taking damage isn’t something you worry about with the low AC that you have.
  • Moving fast while hitting hard is something that sounds fun to you because of the movement buff Monks get when not wearing armour
  • You want to attack multiple times with Flurry of Blows and Martial Arts from Monk.


12. Bard / Sorcerer

A Bard / Sorcerer preparing to cast a lightning spell

One thing that a Bard tends to lack is serious damage on command. And taking even a single level of Sorcerer can give you FOUR cantrips, yes you read that right, as well as two level 1 spells. This opens up a world of damage at your fingertips to do as you want.

You won’t need to mess with your ability scores because both classes rely on Charisma to go into/out of, which makes building this multiclass a lot easier. The sorcery points are a nice benefit if you want to cast more spells, but they’re usually for your Metamagic to give your spells a bit more oomph. Taking three levels is safest, so you don’t fully miss out on some of the higher-level Bard spells, while still getting benefits from your Sorcerer dip.

If you enjoy casting a ton of spells, then you can really have some fun here. Warlocks get access to some really good 1st and 2nd level spells, so you can throw the damage around quite early with this multiclass. The subclasses in this combo also allow you to go a bunch of ways with it, so let your mind run wild!

Why Bard / Sorcerer Is Great:

  • You can use your sorcery points to help boost your spells with Metamagic for more damage, to extend the duration of helpful spells and more.
  • Going a Divine Soul Sorcerer gives you spells from the Cleric list as well as the Sorcerer list when levelling, which allows you to flex into some healing for survival.
  • Taking College of Eloquence as a Bard means you can subtract a number from saving throws of a creature within 60ft of you, allowing you to hit spells easier and help your teammates.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to deal more damage with the spells you cast because of the Metamagic ability
  • You don’t mind sacrificing some Bard spells in exchange for some high damage Sorcerer spells
  • Using sorcery points to either enhance your spells or cast more of your current spell list is something that you enjoy.
  • You want two early subclasses for your multiclass combo, as they appear at 3rd level for Bard and 1st level for Sorcerer


11. Cleric / Fighter

A Cleric / Fighter calling on their god for magic

Clerics are incredible to put into nearly any multiclass, as the healing spells you get from them help massively with survival. But why not add some of the damage of a Fighter to the mix? When doing this, you can make a Cleric who isn’t afraid to swing in the face of an enemy.

This combo is best done with only a level or two into Fighter (three max), so you don’t commit anything too big to the Fighter dip while also getting the benefits. You get access to a fighting style to help you in a huge number of ways, while also getting Action Surge which is always incredibly handy. If you decide on three levels in Fighter you get access to your first subclass feature, which can open a ton of doors to go through.

I’d recommend this build if you have fun casting healing spells while also being in melee and you don’t mind tanking some damage while you’re at it. If you choose to take a fighter subclass, I really recommend Battle Master to ramp the fun up, the manoeuvres you have can be really fun to mix in.

Why Cleric / Fighter Is Great:

  • It allows you to dish out healing with your Action Surge and it can keep you alive with Second Wind.
  • Going a Forge Domain Cleric can mean you get tougher to take down with the Blessing of the Forge and its +1 buff to armour that you can add to a weapon if you want to deal damage
  • Taking Rune Knight as your Fighter subclass gives you runes you can use in combat to do things like cause 2d6 fire damage, boost your Strength and Constitution saving throws and more.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You enjoy melee combat but also want to have some healing spells to keep you and your team alive
  • You want to add some damaging magic from the Cleric list to a Fighter build that you wish had more.
  • Adding a divine domain to your Fighter class is something that sounds fun to you.
  • You like using things like Channel Divinity from your Cleric Domain to boost your damage.


10. Ranger / Druid

A Ranger / Druid with a Charmed animal ready to attack

These two already have a good thematic connection, with both being in tune with nature. But they also work in terms of mechanics. So why not add some more nature as a Ranger OR a Druid, since this can go either way?

If you want to, you can take a few levels of Druid as a Ranger to help boost your spellcasting while keeping your martial strength. And if giving yourself a leg up in combat sounds good, you can dip into Ranger as Druid. No matter which way you go, you get the payoff of a good multiclass even if you delay some later abilities. 

This combo allows you to fix some of the holes in either class as a primary, which can bring some of the fun back that’d you lose by going only one of these classes. It all depends on what you want to do and how you want to level, but you don’t need to worry about the specifics, go what you want!

Why Druid / Ranger Is Great:

  • You gain some survivability with Druid healing spells while also being able to build melee
  • A Swarmkeeper Ranger hits the theme of nature while also giving you some good damage options in melee combat.
  • Going Circle of Spores for Druid gives you nice damage if you want to build melee with Halo of Spores. Symbiotic Entity works well too, costing just an Action.
  • A Gloomstalker Ranger gives good features even at 3rd Level with Dread Ambusher giving another attack and extra damage.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to make a better overall character for combat with the spells to allow for longer range fighting
  • Trading high level features for a larger amount of average features is interesting to you.
  • Building a melee build to properly use your subclass features in both classes sounds fun.
  • You want to deal more damage with the things you currently have


9. Warlock / Fighter

A Warlock / Fighter unsheathes his pact weapon before battle

Warlocks already have good martial skill when going Hexblade, but do you know what makes it better? Fighter. Adding some Fighter to the mix can really up your damage and help you be in melee combat more often, while also keeping your spells for other damage.

The beauty of this build is that it can go either way. If you want to start in Warlock then dip into Fighter for HP, you can do that to give yourself a little less worry. But if you want to start in Fighter for the proficiencies in simple and martial weapons then you can to help your overall damage, then take a level or two of Warlock to give you cantrips like Eldritch Blast for huge damage early, as well as spells to help you out.

If you enjoy running up to enemies and throwing a bunch of attacks and cantrips at someone to deal massive damage and have fun with it, then this build is for you. You can be quite scary early on in the game with this multiclass, because of the features they both have, allowing you to deal some big damage at low level and be a utility character at the same time.

Why Warlock / Fighter Is Great:

  • Going Hexblade can boost your tankiness with the medium armour proficiency to survive while also giving you Hexblade’s Curse to put debuffs on creatures.
  • Action Surge is massive here, the extra action for utility spells or damage cantrips can turn fights
  • Going a Battle Master Fighter works really well with Pact Magic since both of them get uses back on a short rest, which allows you to use them more.
  • Pact of the Tome does wonders here, allowing you to use extra cantrips from any spell list at will, which ties into Action Surge even more.
  • The Eldritch Invocations add depth to a Fighter, bringing upgrades to your spells/cantrips.

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to add some magic to the Fighter's melee combat from the amazing Warlock Spell List.
  • You feel like bringing utility to the team with spells like Hex, Bane and Cause Fear to help you and your team out.
  • Being able to cast spells in between melee attacks sounds fun to you with the Action Surge ability
  • Your Warlock is a bit lacking in melee and you want to improve that


8. Rogue / Barbarian

A Rogue / Barbarian sticks to the shadows before leaping out to attack

Normally, you wouldn’t think that a Barbarian Rogue would work, would you? They seem to not fit well with each other at all, with one using stealth and Dexterity to deal massive damage from the shadows, and the other going in without a care in the world swinging a huge axe around with their Strength. But you’d be mistaken.

When it comes to Sneak Attacks, you don’t actually need Dex to attack, you just need a ranged or finesse weapon. So you can have a Barbarian use a finesse weapon like a Scimitar or Dagger using Strength and still deal Sneak Attack damage. Add Reckless Attacks for more damage and Cunning Action to dash into combat… You can see where I’m going.

The most fun you can have with this build (and there’s a lot to be had) in my opinion is to Cunning Action dash into melee range, Reckless Attack and Sneak Attack for 2d6 damage on top of your damage roll at Rogue Level 3. And that’s just one way of doing it. You can go a bunch of different routes with this combo and I recommend testing out what you’re able to do.

Why Barbarian / Rogue Is Great:

  • You’re tanky enough with Barbarian’s d12 hit die to stay in combat after a sneak attack or losing stealth, meaning you aren’t in as much danger.
  • The Unarmoured Defense that Barbarian gives you adds to your tankiness while also giving a reason to have a good Dex score
  • Going a Wild Magic Barbarian can bring some utility to a melee focused multiclass
  • A Phantom Rogue and Wails of Death allow you to damage multiple targets at once

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You don’t mind being hit or the main target for attacks because you’re in the enemy's face
  • Dealing huge amounts of damage while also being really tanky quite early on sounds fun to you
  • You want to mix a Rogue archetype into a Barbarian to make your base class better.


7. Cleric / Sorcerer

A Cleric / Sorcerer uses their innate magic

At first glance, these classes might not work together, using different ability scores to cast spells. But, it can work when built correctly. And it can work well, depending on what you go and how you build.

Take the spell list for example. Clerics get a lot of handy utility, healing and buff spells that Warlocks don’t, which can keep them and their teammates alive at times, as well as some good damaging spells. If you focus less on damage and more on helping your team, then it makes your low Wisdom less of a problem.

This build is fun because the spell lists work so well together, which means the experience isn’t a pain to get into. And you turn into someone who can defend their team as well as dealing damage, which adds depth to you playing.

Why Cleric / Sorcerer Is Great:

Choosing a Life Domain Cleric can make a Divine Soul Sorcerer heal more with their Disciple of Life ability

You bring more spell depth to either class, bringing damage to a Cleric or protection and utility to a Sorcerer.

Using Sorcery Points means you can cast more of your healing spells to keep your team alive

A Tempest Cleric can really make a Storm Sorcerer shine with their Channel Divinity ability


Choose This Multiclass If:

You want to add a new playstyle to your main class with either healing spells from a Cleric or damage from a Sorcerer

Healing your teammates is not an issue to you and you enjoy using different types of spells.

Using Metamagic to enhance your Cleric spells is fun and you want to see what you can do with it.


6. Wizard / Artificer

A Wizard / Artificer with one of their magic objects in hand

On the face of things, Artificers and Wizards seem to work pretty well thematically. They both use magic, they both can use it to enhance items with magic (Enchantment for Wizards) and there are other little thematic links, but it also works quite well as a multiclass build.

The Artificer can really help a Wizard survive with proficiencies in light AND medium armour. The fact that both of these classes are based on Intelligence also helps make them work perfectly together, you don’t need to sacrifice your damage score for the sake of another class. And then you get all of the items that an Artificer can make to help a Wizard? It’s just perfect. 

This build can give the most fun from a situation where you use the Artificer side to its max, using the infusions at your disposal to give your Wizard a boost. Not needing to compromise on your Int score as well is huge, meaning you can still deal huge damage while getting the benefits of the Artificer. The healing spells that an Artificer has can be handy too, saving the Wizard (who would normally die in the blink of an eye) in a pinch.

Why Wizard / Artificer Is Great:

  • Going Armourer with a War Magic Wizard can really keep you alive with Arcane Deflection adding a +2 to your AC and +4 to saving throws as a reaction along with Arcane Armour, meaning you don’t need to worry about your safety.
  • Taking Artillerist for the Eldritch Cannon can add both damage or a hearty buff to your teammates with your high Int score
  • An Alchemist Artificer and their potions can bring some interesting effects to the table with a bonus to attack rolls, HP or your AC depending on what you have

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to boost your Wizard with some survival from Arcane Armour and Armour proficiency that Artificer gives
  • Using Magically Infused items sounds fun
  • You already have a high Int score and want to buff both of the classes even further
  • Adding some healing spells or other utility spells from your subclass or the Artificer spell list will help you.


5. Druid / Cleric

A Druid / Cleric with a friendly beast flying to them

This one really leans into healing, and why not? These two classes on their own have some of the most healing in the game, so let’s put them together and make a healing machine. You won’t be losing teammates with this build, that’s for sure.

Both of these classes rely on Wisdom to cast, meaning you’re going to be incredibly strong from the get-go. Add synergy with some of the Druid and Cleric subclasses and you can be a huge damage dealer as well as someone who can keep all your party alive. A well-rounded multiclass with some serious potential.

The fun in this build comes from the fact that you have so much healing potential. The spells and cantrips that both of these classes get mean you dish out generous healing early on while not dropping damage either. There is also a lot of leeway to be had, as a lot of the Druid subclasses fit pretty well here, it’s all down to you.

Why Druid / Cleric Is Great:

  • Going a Nature Domain Cleric can give some good thematic and in-game features with spells like Speak with Animals and getting an extra Druid cantrip for free while also getting Heavy Armour Proficiency
  • Choosing the Circle of Stars Druid can help boost your melee damage or your healing, depending on what form you go for
  • A Life Cleric is always a good option to boost your healing with Disciple of Life and their Channel Divinity ability
  • The Halo of Spores from the Circle of Spores is always handy for extra damage when you’re in melee combat

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to have massive healing at your fingertips from the combined spell list
  • You enjoy getting into melee combat with the Cleric proficiencies it gives you
  • Dealing magic damage with spells also sounds fun with the combined spell list at your disposal


4. Bard / Warlock

A Warlock / Bard wielding magic and their Pact Blade in battle

You’d struggle to find a class that suits a Bard better than Warlock. They’re both really strong on their own but together? Oh boy, you’ve got an unstoppable force in your hands and you can build it in a lot of different ways.

The synergy between these two can only be beaten by a few combos. Both of them use Charisma to cast, making you a monster damage dealer from the start, and they can bring some interesting options to roleplay. And the spell list that Warlock has only makes the Bard even more deadly with on-command damage from their cantrips and spells.

The fun from this build comes from the fact that you can take some of the Warlock’s powerful Invocations and gain free damage from things like eldritch blast, while also not sacrificing your own Bard abilities and the strength they give. So run wild! The subclasses only amp the fun and you can choose from a lot of them to give abilities that make you even stronger.

Why Bard / Sorcerer is Great:

  • College of Swords pairs really well with a Melee based Warlock like Hexblade and Pact of the Blade with the Bonus Proficiencies and Fighting Styles available
  • The Genie Warlock gives some nice extra spells and works well with an Eloquence Bard as well as giving interesting roleplay opportunities
  • Your high Charisma score suits both classes and gives a strong boost to your damage from spells and cantrips

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to deal massive spellcasting damage due to your high Charisma stat and damage spells
  • Having different roleplay opportunities with your patron is fun for you and can develop your character
  • You feel like adding some offensive ability to your Bard with new cantrips and spells from just one to two levels in Warlock


3. Ranger / Fighter

A Ranger / Fighter riding their Beast Companion before striking

The Fighter is one of the simple martial classes in all of D&D. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The Fighter gives the Ranger some incredible tools to help their combat ability skyrocket.

Again, even just a level or two in Fighter turns the Ranger into a force to be reckoned with. It gives the Ranger an additional fighting style, some healing capabilities AND the incredibly strong ability Action Surge, and these are just from two levels. If you go to third level then you get an additional subclass from the Fighter, so all in all it’s a very very strong multiclass

 This build is so fun because of what it does to make a Ranger stronger. It fills in some of the holes a Ranger has and if you want to go the other way, you give the Fighter some good spells and different ways to approach a combat situation. But the main draw is Ranger dipping into Fighter and for good reason.

Why Ranger / Fighter Is Great:

  • Eldritch Knight and the Wizard Spells that it gives can help bring your damage up and add a different flavour of damage
  • Battle Master is always good, the manoeuvres that it has can really change the outcome of a fight in your favour
  • The Arcane Archer Fighter gives very good upgrades to your ranged attacks such as piercing through walls, causing it to explode and more while also fitting the theme of a Ranger quite well.
  • The Gloomstalker Ranger is handy, its Dread Ambusher ability allows for 3 attacks in a turn with Action Surge and can really pump damage out
  • Choosing the Archery fighting style gives you a straight up +2 to your ranged attack rolls

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to deal different types of damage with the new spells at your disposal from the Eldritch Knight
  • You want a build that can make sense thematically with the right subclasses
  • Using Action Surge to deal more damage with the extra attack is something you enjoy


 2.  Rogue / Cleric

A Rogue / Cleric revives their teammate after the fight

This is another one of those situations where on the surface, these two classes don’t look like they’d work at all. They’re at odds thematically and with their playstyles being so different, you’d think that this could never work. But you’d be mistaken.

Just a level in Cleric can give Rogue some good spells to keep them alive when out of stealth and their subclass comes in at level one too so it’s a nice bonus. The Channel Divinity that all Clerics get is always nice and can really help boost a Rogue’s damage. Add to that medium armour proficiency that MAY not have a stealth disadvantage and you’re tankier too, so it’s not a bad option to look at

This build is fun because you can really lean into melee or spellcasting, the choice is up to you. Your team will certainly thank you when someone else has healing spells outside of their designated healer for they need it in a pinch.

Why Rogue / Cleric Is Great:

  • By pairing a Grave Cleric and Assassin Rogue and using your Channel Divinity with your Assassinate feature, you can deal massive amounts of damage at a very low level.
  • Choosing a Knowledge Cleric can give you some good extra spells while giving you a bunch of extra skill proficiencies
  • Going a Phantom Rogue with Twilight Cleric can help you and your team survive with its Channel Divinity and can help you enter combat first with the Vigilant Blessing feature

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to add some survival to a normally squishy rogue with medium armour and healing spells
  • You want the opportunity to deal massive damage from level 4 onwards with the right combination
  • Adding more skills to the already long list of the Rogue is something that sounds interesting to you
  • You don’t mind utilising stealth and sneak attacks


1. Barbarian / Fighter

A Barbarian / Fighter charging into the heat of battle

You’ve seen the Fighter in the top 10 a lot and for good reason. It’s a simple class to dip into but a very good one. The benefits at just low levels are unmatched and the Barbarian only makes those benefits even better.

Just by taking three levels in Fighter, you get access to Action Surge, a Fighter subclass AND Second Wind. All of those make you a machine in battle. Add the Barbarian’s Rage, Reckless Attacks and Brutal Critical at later levels… You don’t need me to spell it out for you, you’re an absolute monster.

The fun is pretty obvious here, large damage can be dealt with ease when going this subclass, and the only limit is your HP. And even then you’re going to be tough to take down thanks to your Unarmoured Defense. So yeah, when you start swinging, you aren’t going to stop with this subclass.

Why Barbarian / Fighter is Great:

  • By mixing a Beast Barbarian with a Battle Master Fighter, you can add Manoeuvres to your attacks to give additional effects and make our attacks even stronger
  • Second Wind gives a nice boost to your HP when you need it in tough situations
  • A Path of the Zealot Barbarian gives you an extra die for your first creature hit on your turn, which is always nice with the abilities Fighter gives you
  • Going Champion gives a nice buff to your attacks with the Improved Critical

Choose This Multiclass If:

  • You want to add more attacks to your Barbarian
  • You want to deal massive damage early on in the game and you don’t mind sacrificing some health to do that
  • You want to be incredibly tanky and tough to take down while being able to clean a battlefield out pretty much on your own.

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