[Top 25] Best D&D Miniatures To Use In Your Adventure

A large collection of mini's of all different sizes

A collection of different miniatures, from sword wielders, a wizard, and even a small beholder.

You got everything set up for your D&D session, the people, the place, and even the food. All you need now are the coolest NPCs and the coolest mini to make your game stand out. Well if that is what you are looking for we certainly got you covered with these amazing minis! 


25. Townsfolk: $64

Now a bunch of townsfolk miniatures may not have been the first thing you were expecting. However, the townsfolk from Dwarven Forge are definitely deserving of it. A variety of different races and ages help make your home game feel even more real. 

What we like about these Townsfolk:: 

  • Being made by Dwarven Forge means they are made of a special material called Dwarvenite, which is almost impossible to break. You no longer have to worry about the dogs or kids ruining your next campaign after snacking gone wrong. 
  • This pack comes with a total of 16 DIFFERENT PIECES. Giving you all the townsfolk you could need in one order. 
  • You can also get all of these either painted or non-painting, for only $1 difference. Too busy or not precise enough to paint a tiny little miniature, don't worry they got you covered. Want to test out and show off your creative side, then you can paint them all you like. 
  • Now let's face it, we all lose things every once in a while. That's why I appreciate that this pack comes with doubles for each character. So you can always replace it if one decides to run off on you 
  • This has 8 different types of characters: you get an old man, a nobleman, a milkmaid and so many other different types of characters. You have someone for any scenario! 

Details = https://dwarvenforge.com/collections/miniatures/products/townsfolk-exper...


24. Town Guard: $39

Okay, I promise we will get to the big cool bad guys in a second but I mean look at these guys! These town guards are perfect for any city, big or small. With matching shields and a variety of weapons, they are good to help fend off any attack. Or maybe even to become the attacker. 

What we like about these Town Guards:

  • Once again these miniatures are made by the wonderful people at Dwarven Forge with their secret formula. Making them extremely hard to break
  • The prices on these guys are also amazing. Coming out to only about $6 each for good quality, painted miniatures, it is going to be hard to find something better than that. 
  • And just as I said last time they come in both painted and unpainted. For the creative and the not-so-much. 

Details = https://dwarvenforge.com/collections/miniatures/products/town-guard-expe...


23. Undead Zombie Ghouls: $18 - $38

Want a good horde of zombies for an undead fight? This is your horde. Together or apart, these zombies look awesome for any crypt battle, undead invasion, or any of your other zombie needs. 

What we like about these Undead Zombie Ghouls:

  • With this seller, you get your choice of 2 different sizes, for whether you need a normal large size or a small size for baby zombies … or just a small map 
  • Originally this design would have to be printed by your own 3D computer but for this sale, they have already done all the work for you. No printing, cleaning, or curing is needed. 
  • You also get several different-looking zombies, some with hair, some eating limbs, and some holding a bone as a weapon. A type for any situation you could need. 
  • Instead of buying a bunch of bones and skulls and putting them around or sticking them onto your minis, these already come with them. So less money out of your pocket. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/1317631240/undead-zombie-ghouls-unit-20x-by...


22. Skeleton Warriors: $26.25

First, we had zombies and now we have skeletons. Skeletons are used in so many different ways in D&D. So having good quality, cool-looking ones are definitely a must. 

What we like about these Skeleton Warriors:

  • These minis come with multiple different bases, so you can blend them perfectly into the map you set them into. Or just mix and match your favorites. 
  • Just like the zombies these skeletons also come in 2 sizes. 32mm and 28mm, making it easier to get the size you need. 
  • Also, you are not only getting 13 skeletons but they are all different and unique to one another. Various weapons, armor, and stances so you have many to choose from. 

Details =



21. Gnoll Scouts: $12

Gnolls are an exciting enemy to add to your campaign and fit in just about anywhere. However, finding an actual good-looking gnoll miniature is pretty difficult. This gnoll design is detailed and accurate and as long as you have access to a 3D printer, you can make as many as you want!

What we like about these Ghoul Scouts:

  • These miniatures are given to you in files. So you not only own them forever but you can make as many.
  • Another great thing about having files is you can make sure the quality is amazing. No more having to worry if they're gonna break. Now you know for sure. 
  • They are also only $12! As many as you want, forever, and 4 unique styles? That's a hard deal to beat. 
  • And hey, even if you don't own a 3d printer, libraries, schools, and community centers all over will allow you to use theirs. So you still get what you pay for. 

Details =



20. Gelatinous Cube: $5

Able to absorb their prey and eat them alive, the Gelatinous Cube is a powerful foe. And this cube shows it well. Bigger than a d20, this cube is well-designed and comes with weapons and a victim inside. Ready to scare your players, it's cute but deadly.

What we like about this Gelatinous Cube:

  • Printed in green resin, it really gives you the impression of something you can look straight through. Making it perfect for a gelatinous monster. 
  • This mini also comes with its own victim piece that you can set halfway inside the cube. And it detaches in case you don't need a victim or you wanna paint them to look just right. 
  • And with the whole in its side and hollow middle you could even put one of your players or other pieces within. As long as it has a detachable base, the piece is available to be eaten. 

Details = 



19. Mimic Pack: $10.06 - $31.46

Mimics. The creature all players just love to hate. Disguised as ordinary things or people these creatures spring up and attack with surprise. These miniatures will help you fill whatever dungeon or trap room you may need with quality mimics that aren't just the normal chests.

What we like about this Mimic Pack:

  • This pack also comes with both regular and mimic versions of the minis. So when you have to switch them out they look exactly like what they are disguised as. 
  • But hey, not all of us have the money or need for all of these different types. They got you covered, these minis actually can come separately or all in one pack. So you can make sure to only get what you need. 
  • These minis are super detailed. Set these up on your map and they will just feel like furniture or the environment. Even better for their surprise twist. 
  • As I said before, most mimics are known as just chests. But that can be seen a mile away nowadays. However, a chair, a rug, or even a man will be sure to keep players on their toes. 
  • If our gnoll scout file suggestion was too much for you, don't worry cause these minis come already printed and cured. You get them right away and ready for your game. 

Details = 



18. Skull Throne: $32.68

Some would say furniture or setting is not as important as the enemies themselves. Those people would be wrong! What is an ocean battle with no ocean, what is a castle fight with no castle, and what is an evil lord without his skull throne? No more basic chairs for you, only the best here. 

What we like about this Skull Throne:

  • This mini is one of the most detailed pieces of furniture you can find. Filled with skulls, symbols, devils, and more. You will not run out of new ways this throne is perfect 
  • One thing you need when you have an evil scene or enemy is to make sure they feel truly evil. And this throne really shows that. This is definitely not the sort of thing you would ever wanna see in real life. 
  • Because this is an evil throne, it can be used for so many different things. Undead king, evil god, evil boss battle. The ways of use are only limited by your imagination. 

Details =



17. Dark Forest Shaman: $10.06 - $12.58

Druid and shaman. When we hear these 2 words we generally think of good things. However, that is not always the case, as this miniature shows. Lurking in the shadow is a being of mystery, and you get to decide whether it is for better or for worse. 

What we like about this Dark Forest Shaman:

  • This mini comes with a full and detailed character. A cool foggy base, detailed clothes, mask, and staff. All making a very mysterious dark shaman. 
  • This mini is made of high-quality materials and is durable for all your needs. The seller promises and every buyer agrees. 
  • Once you buy this Mini this character is now up to you to make your own. Want him to be a creepy enemy that comes from the shadow? Or how about a mysterious helper in a dark forest? The choice is all up to you 

Details =



16. Mushroom Nymphs: $8

Beautiful and slightly creepy, this nymph miniature truly fits how the creatures are. Every detail of the character is made by nature which fits the nymphs' way of life. This mini is great for a Feywild quest, a magic swamp, or even as an NPC. It's all up to you 

What we like about this Mushroom Nymph:

  • This mini once again has so much life and detail in its design including vines wrapping around her legs, moss and mushrooms growing out of her tree branch, and so much more. 
  • The seller is extremely respectful and nice, making it so much easier to work through your buying process. Do not worry about having to fight for what you ordered
  • Don't you hate having to wait forever for something you buy online? Well, this miniature has very fast shipping. So you can get it quickly and start using your mini right away. 

Details =https://www.etsy.com/listing/1228109348/the-mushroom-nymph-great-grimoir...


15. Tarnia Wood Elf: $12.49

A beautiful woman with large winged arms and horns, this mini has it all. Whether you are looking for a beautiful goddess, a forest queen, or a powerful boss this miniature works wonders. You'll pull your players in and impress them with this figurine. 

What we like about the Tarnia Wood Elf:

  • As I said before there are so many different ways to use this piece, from queen to friend or foe. 
  • As with many of the other miniatures on this list, this mini has so many different details. From flowers on her dress to leaves in her horns. All there to make this one memorable mini
  • Need a huge miniature for a large boss battle or a tiny one for a little fairy, they got you. This seller offers custom sizes upon your request. Hope your players are ready for a goddess bigger than a house. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/1179227730/tarnia-wood-elf-queen-miniature-...


14.  Ucelot Skywardens: $15

"A what now?"  I hear you asking, don't worry I'll explain. Winged humanoids with taloned feet, these creatures guard and protect the skies from magic, elementals, and sometimes even skyships. Perfect for a battle a bit above the water. 

What we like about these Ucelot Skywardens:

  • As these are files you once again have so many benefits. From having them forever, to being able to print as many as you would like and even being able to paint them exactly the way you want. 
  • These minis come in 4 different models. Meaning you get different levels of weaponized, armored, and aggressive. So they can be good, bad, or maybe a bit of both. 
  • These figures are also just beautiful. With very complex armor and clear effort put into everything. Even the base it sits on. 
  • As this is also a race of creatures you may even be able to use this creature as one of your playable characters. (After you check with the DM of course) 
  • And it is only $15! All these benefits and more for a price cheaper than you can find some miniatures just by themselves. 

Details =https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-ucelot-skywardens-222218 


13. Hero Forge ~ Custom Miniature: $7.99+

Now here is probably my favorite on the list. Hero forge is an awesome company that allows you to make custom minis of your characters. That includes you, players! DM's can get NPCs, players get custom minis of their characters and so much more. 

What we like about Hero Forge:

  • With hero forge you can get your downloadable, so you can even use it on your online games. Or if you want something physical hero forge still offers those as well. 
  • The figures also come in multiple different materials, including but not limited to plastic, bronze, nylon, and colored plastic. With different levels of durability and detail. 
  • You also get hundreds of options for character customization. From races to weapons to clothing. There are so many choices, you will definitely be able to find what fits you best. 
  • These figures can also come unpainted for cheaper. Or for just a few dollars more you can get your figure hand painted by the company's artists. 
  • A custom mini is exactly what you want with no extras. No having to plan a new character completely. It is just exactly what you want and need. 

Details = https://www.heroforge.com/ 


12. Luminae: $12

A dazzling moth-like fairy that wields magic and flies through the sky. Another good creature to work as an enemy or a helper. Or even as your player character if your DM would allow it. 

What we like about Luminae:

  • This miniature has an option that shows magic being used. Showing a few of the creature's powers and also making them more interesting in battle. 
  • This mini is also connected to a story by the same seller. So if you want you could get the story as well and play along with exactly the right minis. Though of course, you don't have to have the story to use the minis in your games. 
  • Being a moth-based creature in wings, face, and body this is a very interesting twist on the fairy race. Cool for you to explore as a DM or as a player if you so wish

Details = https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-luminae-255042 


11. Medusa: $6.93 - $7.92

Priestess of the gods turned villain to men. Medusa is a great villain to add to your next campaign. This miniature shows the banished woman as part snake and warrior. She will be a great and challenging enemy for all your players. 

What we like about Medusa:

  • The mini itself comes in 2 different sizes once again, from the small form to about average to make sure you get the size you truly need. 
  • This mini once again comes with amazing detail. From the scales all over her tail and hair to the designs on her armor and base. Truly well made. 
  • Medusa is also an outstanding villain to add to your campaigns. From being cursed to being banished, she has a lot of anger. She can turn people to stone just by looking at her, making the fight with her an interesting challenge for players. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/999608754/medusa-snake-queen-egyptian-femal...


10. Demogorgon: $16.04 - $85.59

Now here comes the first of our monsters. The Demogorgon! Though not the one from Stranger Things, this demon lord is a two-headed beast all the way from the Abyssal plane. A terrifying creature, perfect for a demon boss. 

What we like about the Demogorgon:

  • This mini comes in five sizes. From regular size to gigantic. So you get to decide how screwed your players are. 
  • All of the models you get are 100% plant-based. Meaning non-toxic and it is environmentally friendly.  
  • If I don't convince you though, listen to the many people who have also bought this product. All the reviews are glowing and none are bad. 
  • Considering the fact this creature is a lord, that can cause a lot of problems if he winds up dead. So whether you are wanting to make a huge battle in the abyss or have a constant enemy coming back for more later, this Demogorgon has got you covered 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/1189307871/demogorgon-premium-plant-based-r...


9. Beholder: $7.48 - $60.98

The Beholder. A staple in D&D games all over. The creature can do multiple different types of attacks just from looking you in the eyes. Merely a large eye attached to several others, this creature strikes fear into both characters and their players. 

What we like about this Beholder: 

  • I mean, you see this thing, it is truly terrifying. From the tongue to the fangs and the fact you can have them be pupilless. There is no way your players will not feel terror with this on their battlefield. 
  • This creature once again comes in 6 different sizes. So if you need one large giant or a bunch of smaller creatures, you get to choose. 
  • And once again 100% plant-based resin. Meaning you don't have to worry about your animals or the plants out there while you play your missions. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/1245400517/beholder-premium-plant-based-res...


8. Decataurs: $13

A demon centaur with huge wings and a sword or spear, Decataurs is a horrible enemy to behold. Four different poses of this demon warrior are available to you from this seller for only a small amount. To fill your battlefield and make your characters regret their decisions. 

What we like about Decataurs:

  • The creature comes in a large size of 75mm. Good for a large boss that is much bigger than your PCs (Player characters). 
  • Once again as these are files, you get all the benefits. From having them forever to making as many as you would like and even the ability to change something you want differently. 
  • Like the other minis from the Archvillain Games seller, this model also has its own story. If you are not feeling up to creating a whole new story, you have an option for sale right there. A good story and a good mini to go with it. 
  • However, if you want your own twist this mini is good for so many different things. From a guard captain boss to a bunch of guards helping another boss. The options are all up to you, as long as you can think of it. 

Details = https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-decataurs-152587 


7. Cerberus: $48

Three-headed mut of the underworld and pet to the god himself, Cerberus is not a puppy to mess with. Back again with Dwarven Forge, we have another mini you will definitely wanna use. An adorable pet or a creature out of a nightmare, you decide. Towering in size and made of ash and flame this dog is cute but deadly. 

What we like about this Cerberus:

  • As said before Dwarven Forge makes all their minis with a practically indestructible material called Dwarvenite. So this doggy is gonna last through all the battles he wants. 
  • One of the coolest features of this mini is it lights up! Due to LEDs implanted into it, just flip a little switch on the side and see the fire-haired dog really glow. 
  • Gorgeous colors and beautiful this creature is hand painted with no missed nocks or crannies. From the base to the face. It all looks quite real. 
  • Everyone either loves or is scared of Cerberus. Which are you? Well with this mini it is up to you what he is, a good guard dog or an enemy of his own. Let's see what we can really do 

Details = https://dwarvenforge.com/collections/miniatures/products/6-6-a166-p_cerb...


6. Blue Dragon: $12.99 - $350

Finally, here it is, the dragon. Part of the game's name and you can certainly tell why with this one. Huge creatures of terror and beauty that come in all different types. Who doesn't want a dragon as either a friend or a foe? So make sure you have the right mini to give it glory, like this one. 

What we like about this Blue Dragon:

  • Like several of the others on this list, this dragon can come painted or not. But you know the cool thing about this one? You can paint it to be any dragon you want, it's all up to you. Chromic, metallic, or crystal, up to what you can do. 
  • This Dragon comes in 4 different sizes. Regular, Large, Houmous and Ginormous. You can even get all for $700 if you want a flock of them. Are these not enough options? Don't worry they also offer custom size requests, to make sure you get what you are looking for. 
  • If you are deciding to go the painted route but don't like the current blue color, that's okay! This store offers customs paint jobs with your order if you would like. So you don't have to look somewhere else more expensive just to get the colors you want. 
  • This mini itself comes cleaned, and sanded and looks far sharper than almost all other minis you will get. Making it easier to paint and you less worried about scratches or dents. Just a good, epic-looking dragon. 
  • This dragon from its scales to its teeth has been made with extreme detail and care, and it clearly shows. Textured wings, sharp claws, molded stone. There is so much on here to find and love. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/880597467/blue-dragon-lord-of-the-print-dnd...


5. Treant Lord: $25

Tree or man? That is the question, isn't it? This beautiful miniature comes very large, almost unable to be called a "mini". It can be used with its original story or be a forest creature to make your players fear nature itself, and realize not all is as good as it seems. 

What we like about the Treant Lord:

  • Honestly I can't boast about it enough, this design is just the coolest. The tree bark and rocks with so much texture, the look of the water, and even the little face you have to look for to see. This is the sort of thing you show off to your friends. 
  • Because of its design, not only could it be used as a very interesting and surprising enemy, but it could also be used as a setting. Just set it in the background of a forest fight and now you have an interesting tree with a little waterfall. 
  • After you print this mini it comes in several easy-to-assemble pieces, which also means you can mix and match as much as you would like. Making the creature look like the woods or making it obvious this is a creature of its own. 

Details = https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-treant-lord-219288 


4. LED Bleakmyre Basilisk: $79

A creature able to turn you to stone. No not medusa this time, I'm talking about the Basilisk. With sharp teeth and a back rippling with jagged sharp scales, this mini just helps show its power. And with a little bright surprise could even be seen in darkness 

What we like about The LED Bleakmyre Basilisk:

  • Equipped with LED this mini helps show the danger of looking into the Basilisk's eyes. Glowing bright you may even be able to play with this in the dark, which is great for the Basilisk with Darkvision. 
  • Once again Dwarven Forge means that this creature is brilliantly made, detailed, and painted. 
  • Made with that Dwarvenite this creature can take a lot of beatings you don't have to worry about. It will always be large and in charge. 

Details = https://dwarvenforge.com/collections/all-products/products/7-a151-p_led-...


3. Forest Dragon: $19

One with the trees, through winter or fall, this dragon is more than one with nature. Large and in charge this dragon is an amazing addition to any campaign. From an evil enemy to a guardian of the forest or maybe even a helper who wishes to test your skills. This creature and its mini are just exceptional and will impress your players extremely. 

What we like about this Forest Dragon:

  • One of my favorite parts of this creature is the almost new take on a dragon. While many different races of dragons exist this one could be confused to be just a creature made from the forest. A very unique creature indeed. 
  • As this comes as prints that means the color scheme of this dragon is entirely up to you. To where other minis it might just be a cool aesthetic choice, for this it could change a lot. From the type of dragon, you want and what biome they reside in, and if you aren't a good artist, just put some white resin into the printer, and out comes a winter forest dragon. 
  • With this offer, the seller is also offering a 40% off deal on their entire design library if you support their patron.
  • I know I have said it before but I will say it again! You get it forever, you can make as many as you want and it is yours to edit as you, please. I don't see what could be better. 

Details = https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-forest-dragon-123646 


2. Lady of the Moon: $30

A dragon at her back, protected by the moon on her throne, this woman is a threat to be reckoned with. A goddess? An evil beastmaster? Anything you can imagine. A BBEG that will truly be a great ending to your story. 

What we like about the Lady of the Moon:

  • Stunning, from the flame-like mane of the dragon to the texture of the moon and the inhuman features on her face. I am stunned and so will your players. 
  • Say it with me! Forever, as many as you want, can change as you like. Enough said. 
  • Arching and wrapping around the whole base this woman comes with a dragon who listened to her will. Not only will this be a deadly team-up, but if you want you can have the dragondetach from the stand. So at any point, you could send it out separately to fight in the battle. 
  • The dragon and the women are enough but this designer just had to go overboard. Creating a whole throne as her stand and a huge moon as her backdrop, you almost don't even need a real map. This has all of the scenery for you. 

Details = https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-celadren-lady-of-the-moon-...


1. Lilith: $20.15 - $123.39

And finally the best miniature you can have for your next campaign is this! Lilith, the first blood daughter. Mistress of seduction, leader of demons. Your players simply won't know what to do when this appears on their map. So many options to use her with from a demon world battle, to a disguised friendly NPC turned BBEG, her power is unlimited. Take her out and destroy all who come before her. 

What we like about Lilith:

  • Lilith is known to make anyone fall to their knees and worship her. Turning angels into demons and humans into slaves. You can play with whatever power you would like her to have and reign destruction down on your players and their world. 
  • You want your players to have a little taste of the queen before her fight. Or maybe just use her as an influence on your enemies as she is too powerful to defeat. Why not choose the bust version you can get instead? 
  • I almost feel it is unnecessary to say but this figure is amazingly designed. The intense amount of detail on her armor and wings. While also being surrounded by bats and pillars of chain all detailed themselves, and her long cape which looks as if it is truly flowing in the wind. This is basically an art sculpture 
  • While you can get the bust or full model with a 100mm base. The seller also offers custom scaling, In case you need a smaller version of her to go easy on your players. Or a larger one to destroy them, it is fully open to you. 
  • With a large piece like this which has so many pieces, it can be common for shipping companies to mess these things up. However these are extremely well packaged and guaranteed for safety, so you don't have to worry about damages anymore. 

Details = https://www.etsy.com/listing/1095026679/lilith-the-first-bloodaughter-10...


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