Why D&D Is Popular: 10 Reasons It's Loved By Millions

The beholder, a staple enemy to d&d

The Dungeons and Dragons title next to one of the large villains of D&D Tiamat, god of the dragons.

D&D. Dungeons and Dragons. A role-playing game that is loved all around the world. From fantasy nerds in their basements to famous voice actors on the Internet. This game has become a sensation. But why is this game so popular? Well, I'll tell you why. 


10. Powers, Magic, and Beasts!

A magic wielding adventurer and his small friend fighting against a large white dragon!

Who hasn't wanted the ability to have powers before? To be able to use cool magic and fight large beasts? D&D gives you that exact option. 

In D&D you can make your character have all different types of powers. From those given by gods, power from your bloodline, or even magic learned through books. Different schools of magic, like Harry Potter but not quite, give you the option to specialize in all different types of magic as well. Necromancy, illusion, enchantment, and even more. But hey magic not your thing? Don't worry because you can be a martial (combat) class instead. So no swinging wands, now you will be slicing with swords or shooting with bows. Either way evil creatures will be finished when you come near. 

Having magic powers and slaying evil beasts is something most of us want in our real lives. The ability to be something greater. And with D&D now you can! 


9. You get put in a fantasy world.

A picture of a swap within the magical fey relm, filled with nature and magic.

Beautiful lands of trees larger than skyscrapers, sky turned pink, and whole planes made of fire. A world much, much different than our own. With D&D your characters get to live in these amazing new worlds. 

Because D&D is filled with different types of fantasy things, like magic, beasts, and adventure there's no way it can take place on our earth. So along with all the other things D&D puts you and your character into a supernatural fantasy world. Where you can go into the center of a volcanic dragon's den, or the dark depths of an underground keep. Or if you like something lighter you can go to the Feywild, a land overrun with beautiful nature where fairies fly and strange things lurch in the shadows. You can even make your very own fantasy world you wanna live in! The limit is only your imagination. 

Putting yourself in a beautiful world where magic happens, fairies fly, demons lurk in the shadows and so much more, it isn't a surprise this game is so loved. Experience the excitement of living somewhere different. Somewhere new. Where anything can happen. 


8. You get to share your creativity with others. 

A female DM (most left) talking to a table of adventurers including 2 on a computer surrounded by drinks, food and character sheets. And a froggy friend hiding listening in from a nearby chair.

If you're anything like me your brain loves to come up with ideas. Little stories or cool worlds. Like the ones, you see in your dreams. Well as a DM (Dungeon Master) in D&D you not only get to put those stories and worlds into practice but you get to share them with others.

Ever think of a great idea for a story? Or ever think of something and say man that would be a great video game? Well as a DM you can decide to make your own story in your own world for your players to play in! You get to decide who the villain is and who is the hero. You get to decide if the sky is green or even red. It is all up to you. But don't worry players I didn't leave you out. You also get to help make the story. Whether it's your backstory for your character or just your decisions as a player you get to shape how the world continues on.

A world you can change and shape at your fingertips. With just a flick of your pen or a few words out of your mouth, the whole game or even the whole world can change. That sounds like a power I would love to have.


7. You basically get to live out your own storybook.

A small girl walking up a staircase made of books into large story of her own, of a magical world. 

Ever read a story and imagine you are the main character? Me too. We have all wanted to be the heroes of our lives at one point in time. Maybe even the villain every once in a while... 

Because D&D is a theater of the mind game, it makes you feel as if you are literally in the game. Making you think for your character, and feel happy or even sad when they do. No longer on a screen and instead up to you and your imagination. You get to be the hero of your own story. And because you have a DM controlling the rest of the story you get to be surprised, hurt, or excited at the same time your character does. 

D&D gives you the type of connection to your character and the life they are living more than any other game can. To be the hero and main character in your story. Making people you grow to love and feelings you can't find anywhere else. 


6. An escape from reality. 

A strange world with a very large moon, strange lights and whales flying in the air instead of under the water.

Let's face it, life can be really hard sometimes. Work, sickness, social life. Sometimes it can all be too much. But when you play D&D you get to take a step away from all that and enjoy some fun fantasy. 

D&D is one of those games that fully immerses you as I said in my last reasoning. So if you need a break from some hard stuff going on in your life, D&D is an easy way to step away from all that. Give yourself a little break and stop worrying about whether you are doing or saying what's "right". Being a game the consequences are only in the game meaning it will not affect you as much as something in real life might. Instead, you get to go into a world of fantasy, be whoever you wanna be, and do whatever you want to help you get away from some of those problems we face daily. 

Surrounded by good friends. In a world where you can do great things. And the bad stuff doesn't affect the rest of your life. This is why we play games. This is why we play D&D.


5. You can do or be anything you want.

Campsight of a bunch of different adventurers of many races including humans, a teifling, drow and even a gnome.

Why are we all here? Because we LOVE games. However, most games have an invisible wall you can’t get past or a specific story you HAVE to stay on with only a few dialogue choices. Because, video games especially, can only hold so much code. Well in D&D there are none of those limits. 

In D&D your choices are only limited by your imagination. Want to attack a random patron in a bar? Cool. Wanna jump off the edge of a cliff to see how much it would hurt? Go for it. Wanna seduce that dragon? Why not! It's all available to you. No more limits on dialogue options, and no more paths you have to follow. And you can be whoever you want while doing it! A human, an angel, a devil, a goblin, or even an elephant, all are available choices to be the character you wanna be most. 

With so many options of things to do and people to play, it's no wonder D&D is so popular. Play with the person you find the most interesting or the most like you and blaze your own path to the story you want. 


4. It makes you feel real things.

An emotional scene from the end of the D&D online show, Critical Role, season one.

As I said in reason 7, D&D is basically like living out a storybook. So if you were put into the world and issues of your favorite main character, how would you feel about the situation? D&D answers this question.

Most of the time when you play D&D it is just fun times with your friends. Times where you can laugh at silly jokes, or play up a character getting drunk and doing something stupid. All fun things. But D&D also can make you feel other ways. Imagine you meet a great person in the game. Who helps your characters and has your back when fighting. Or is even just a good friend when needed. Now imagine that person was killed. A character you and your friends had grown to love, killed by your enemies. It might make you angry, ready for revenge, or might make you sad at the loss of a friend. But since you are invested in the character and you get extra immersed as your character (see reason 7) you will start to feel those feelings truly come through.

Having a game where you can laugh and goof around but also get serious and sad over, can be hard to find. But D&D helps you do that. The mix of emotions you get from the game is crazy. Something you would have to experience to understand 


3. All different people can play without judgment 

A diverse group of D&D players getting ready fro a session, including several POC nerds as well!

We've all had that time when we tell someone our geeky interests and they think it's weird. It stinks. And so we generally want to find people who won't judge our interests. Well, I got a great thing to help you find those like-minded people.

All different peoples from all different walks of life are welcome to play D&D. No matter your race, social status, or wealth class. People who may have never even met can now play together and become friends. Jocks, Nerds, Introverts, or even celebrities can all come together and play something everyone can enjoy. And best of all there will be no judgment. Surrounded by other people who have the same interest in fantasy and geeky stuff you don't have to be worried about being shamed or ridiculed for your interest. 

An amazing game that brings all different walks of people together. To play and have fun. Grow relationships that may never have been made otherwise. In a place where everyone is accepted. 


2. You get to explore things about yourself without consequences. 

A quote from Aristotle saying "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a villain? Or maybe someone of the opposite gender? Or maybe just some with loads of money? D&D says go for it.

With a customizable backstory and many different fantasy races to choose from, not only can you be anyone (see reason 5) but you also get to try things you might not do in real life. Wanna get wasted but not have to worry about feeling sick the next morning? Do it. Ever wanted to kiss a random stranger? You can! D&D helps many people explore things or aspects of themselves they never could before. Get more in touch with your feminine side. Be a laid-back character without any problems. Or have a romance with someone you feel you can't in real life. It is all up to you.

D&D being such a character and story-driven game helps you explore different things without worry. So go ahead! Try something new you never thought you could do. Let yourself be exactly what you have always wanted. 


1. Creates deep bonds that last a long time.

A group of friends and D&D players from a bunch of diversities laughing and having a good time together.

And finally our biggest reason. You see, a lot of games are great. They can make you feel things, help you escape reality, and have a good time. But the one thing that has always set D&D apart for me and so many other people is the bonds it creates. 

D&D first and foremost is a collaborative game. Meaning you play with a group of the same players several times in a row. Whether that is every week, every month, or just whenever you have time. D&D has you come and spend time with your group of friends for a few hours every time. Some campaigns can even last for years. Playing a game you get emotionally invested in, growing friendships between the characters and the players alike. These people may see the most real side of you as you and your characters go through laughs, battles, hard times, and sometimes even deaths.  

Your D&D group of friends isn't just people you talk to over a screen every once in a while. These are people you go through things with, people that you see all the time, people that are there for you when you need it. These bonds form strong and can be where you meet some of the best friends of your life. That is what makes D&D so loved. 


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