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10 Countries Esports is Growing Massively
The countries where Esports is kind of a BIG deal

3. China

Every country is known for different titles depending on what has become the most popular to their culture. It’s no secret that China has the best Dota 2 players and are well versed in MOBAs of all kinds. China's top five players have each made over $1.1 Million dollars each and continue to be the names that many players from this country aspire to be. If there is a Dota 2 tournament being played, you can expect to see China taking the top places. This country has many game lounges and is universally accepting of Esports, even being considered to encourage it, which is why the growth in the Esports scene is so massive for them and will continue to be.

2. United States

One of the only countries that have had success stories from the Call of Duty franchise, the United States has become a huge force. Home to the creators behind League of Legends and Dota 2, it’s only natural that the growth for the Esports scene would follow for them. Although it took some time to be considered a sport, the culture has become more aware and accepting of the idea, a few states have even labeled it as a sport which means the government is starting to recognize the competitive scene as respectable. A few colleges have already opened their arms offering scholarships and programs for successful or aspiring professional players.

1.  South Korea

The epitome of Esports and competitive play. South Korea has completely accepted and formed a culture that not only accepts but promotes the Esports scene as not only a hobby, or a dream, but a job and a life. The idea of competitive play in South Korea is so regionally accepted that internet cafes, also known as “PC Bangs”, are abundant and filled. The players coming from South Korea are on another level of dedication and determination as a whole. Players stemming from this country tend to be more respected as professionals. While it may seem amazing and great, this is the first country to have programs for internet addiction and to label it as a disease with programs surrounding helping those who fall victim. At the end of the day, we still see a country successfully implementing Esports as a sport.

Every country has it’s mark in Esports and are growing massively as competitive play is becoming more well known. As we evolve as a world and become more accepting of Esports we can expect the scene to take over and be broadcast on national television within the next 10 years.

Which country are you from and how is the esports scene in your country growing? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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