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Games Like Warframe
Blazing action and brilliant gunplay

5. Anthem

A hopeful return of BioWare

Anthem is, for some, a dream come true, while for others it is a foreboding pale horse. Teased as a “shared-world action-RPG”, Anthem’s trailer opens to a gorgeous cinematic introducing you to a wild frontier planet that humans have only just managed to stake their claim on. Rolling hills, lush flora, and deep winding tunnel systems characterize Anthem’s world as untamed and treacherous. As a Freelancer, something like a civilian militia, you utilize an augmented suit known as a Javelin Exoskeleton and scour the planet eliminating threats and uncovering resources for the frontier colonies.

Anthem hopes to be the next big step in the MMO industry. EA is looking to unshackle the player giving them freedom of exploration and unique goals. Players’ suits are equipped with thruster-packs allowing them complete 3D motion and even underwater exploration while granting them increases strength and perception. Freelancers are the cream of the crop and armed literally head to toe with the power to eviscerate threats to humanity.

It is somewhat hard to say what the game will be when it is eventually released early 2019 (if it is not pushed back again) but many players are looking forward to a powerful cinematic and story driven experience, something that would be a beautiful blend of the talents BioWare once personified.

What stands out:

  • Dynamic adventuring with the freedom to fly
  • Explore a seamless, evolving world

Power armor and vast environments

Join the fun, party up and devastate your enemies

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