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Games Like Warframe
Blazing action and brilliant gunplay

3. PlanetSide 2

Humans will never live in peace

Vast military campaigns fueled by an ever-changing battlefield. PlanetSide 2 stands out amongst stagnant arena shooters. A direct sequel and reimagining of the title PlanetSide, this first-person shooter fused with a MMO deploys you in the middle of endless warfare in a near-future sci-fi setting on a large and desolate island-continent. You and your chosen faction wage war on two fronts, utilizing a combination of both small arms, heavy arms, and vehicle-mounted weaponry.

The game’s major draw is it territory system which allows the expansive battlefield to change and flow following the events of decisive engagements. Players can build bases and defend zones to secure resources and fuel their campaign against enemy factions. It is a simple but intriguing system which brings us the scale of continental combat supporting over one thousands players on a single map for some truly exhilarating and potentially frustrating battles. A class system streamlines roles to medic, engineer, heavy and light assault, infiltrator, and MAX.

New players will face a difficulty curve as they attempt to learn the mechanics of the game and will face countless failures as seasoned players steamroll them at every turn. Even so, there are a number of loyal, albeit salty and miserable, veterans who have ensured that the game remains active and are more than willing to assist amateurs. Watch out for the trolls.

What stands out:

  • Massive confrontations. Over one thousand players on a server.
  • Adaptive world. Player actions matter

“Party up” with hundreds of other players

Customize your very one trooper

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