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Games Like Warframe
Blazing action and brilliant gunplay

6. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Fight for the future of a galaxy far far away

A beautiful cinematic conquest shooter characterized by hard hitting and unforgiving combat, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 urges you to user every angle and sporadic cover to push your advance on your enemies. An objective based shooter, Battlefront 2 arms you as a soldier of either The Empire or the Rebels. In this galactic conflict, you and your allies will squabble over planets, resources, and strategic points. This game uses a unique in-game progression system that awards you for your efforts and unlocks classes as you continue your push. From thermal grenades to jetpacks or rapid-deploy shields, each match is constantly evolving. If a player is truly dominating the field then they are enabled access to their faction’s Hero allowing them to blow through battlefields as Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or even Luke Skywalker himself.

EA struggled with a few changes to the game and as of March 22nd announced that they would be unlocking all hero characters and hero vehicles for free and that they would be removing all but cosmetic items from loot box drops. This is a turn in the right direction for Battlefront 2 and may be the best time to get into the title, but I would not expect much more to change.

What stands out:

  • Fight as some of you favorite Star Wars heroes
  • Galactic-scale space combat

Varied playstyles

Serve and eliminate en masse

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