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Zombie games similar to Dying light
Most famous Zombie games to quench your thirst of killing zombies.

6. Killing Floor 2

The blood and gore in this game is too good.

Killing Floor 2 is a first person horror shooter developed by Tripwire games and utilizes Unreal Engine 3. The game is a direct sequel to the highly acclaimed Killing Floor which was released in 2009.

Killing Floor 2 can be played both solo and co-op with upto 6 players. The game takes place a month after the original game. The mutant outbreak has spread to a large area and is causing heavy panic.

The players are armed with melee weapons and firearms & are tasked to kill hordes of zeds, zombie like creatures created using some bio-tech virus. Killing the zeds generates a lot of loot and experience which can be used to buy/upgrade your character’s weapons and armors. If you like killing lots of zombies, this game will keep you hooked.

Just calm down for a second, will ya.

One of the many mini-bosses in the game.

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