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Zombie games similar to Dying light
Most famous Zombie games to quench your thirst of killing zombies.

7. 7 Days to Die

You have to try to outlive and survive the zombie outbreak

7 days to die is a survivor horror open world video game developed by The Fun Pimps. The player controls a protagonist whose objective is to survive as long as possible in a randomly generated open world filled with zombies, as the days go by the level of difficulty increases and the zombies become more tough and aggressive.

The game features a well designed physics based crafting system in which the players can craft, destroy and manipulate real world objects to create various items, shelter and traps which are necessary for survival. 7 days to die also features a day and night cycle, the zombies are weak and slow during the day but fast and aggressive during the night. 

The game also features multiplayer modes and enables multiple players to interact and survive as a team within the same world.

The old school move, punching the zombies in the face.

The night must be cold, so warm yourselves up.

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