[Top 15] Best Zombie Apocalypse Games That Are Great Fun

Score some headshots with your buds.

[Top 15] Zombie Apocalypse Games

Zombie apocalypse settings are prevalent in all media and more often than not are always entertaining, and the setting can incorporate differenting tones as well. Zombie media can be terrifying, it can be serious and dramatic, it can even be presented in a comedic tone (Shaun of the Dead is a classic). Today, however, we’ll be talking about the best zombie apocalypse video games ever, so grab your guns and mind those headshots. 


15. DayZ (PlayStation/XBox/PC)

DayZ is an amazing zombie survival game with a huge map and allows you to play with other people trying to survive the zombie outbreak in Chernarus. Realistic survival elements are incorporated in the gameplay, such as looking for food and water, catching diseases, player customizability, among others. It’s an underrated game and it’s worth trying out if you haven’t yet.


14. Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War (PlayStation/XBox/PC)


13. State of Decay 2 (XBox/PC)


12. The Last of Us Part II (PlayStation)

Despite being somewhat polarizing in the gaming community (it was review bombed in MetaCritic), TLOU2’s graphics, characters, story, and gameplay all factor into why it’s still a brilliant game. The stealth survival gameplay improves upon its predecessor, and it’s the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusive yet.


11. Left 4 Dead (XBox/PC)

This game is one of the most popular zombie apocalypse games ever. You can play solo or with friends in co-op mode. There are firearms and explosives to arm yourself with, and different types of zombies you’ll need different approaches to defeat.


10. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PlayStation/XBox)


9. Plants Vs. Zombies (PlayStation/XBox/PC/Switch)


8. Days Gone (PlayStation/PC)


7. Dying Light (PlayStation/XBox/PC)


6. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PlayStation/XBox/PC/Nintendo Switch)

The Resident Evil franchise is a household name when it comes to zombies/survival horror. The first entry to incorporate a first-person perspective, Biohazard is extremely terrifying with its use of amazing visuals and sound design, and the gameplay wherein Ethan explores a worn plantation in Louisiana is spectacular.


5. Left 4 Dead 2 (XBox/PC)

Left 4 Dead 2 improves a lot from its previous game, from gameplay with a more detailed map and more weapons, a better story, characters, etc. It’s an easily accessible game you can play with friends and  with high replay value, it’s fun and it’s what gaming is all about.


4. Project Zomboid (PC)

This game puts the “survival” in survival horror, and its gameplay in which you have to manage a lot of things to stay alive is what draws players into it. Gameplay-wise it’s a very realistic zombie game and while visually simplistic compared to some games on this list, it’s a zombie apocalypse game that you’re unlikely to forget.


3. The Walking Dead (PlayStation/XBox/PC/Switch/Mobile)

A story-driven game with a choice-based gameplay, The Walking Dead video game, based on the comics is an episodic adventure where the player interacts with characters and items as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse. It’s a unique game and the writing is an excellent journey, garnering multiple awards.


2. Resident Evil 4 (PlayStation/XBox/PC/Nintendo)

Ranked by UK's Edge Magazine as the second greatest video game ever made, Resident Evil 4 is the best game in the franchise, probably the best survival horror game ever, and its influence on the gaming world is profound. The over-the-shoulder third-person perspective, memorable quicktime events, that sense of dread you look for in horror media, and gorgeous visual setpieces, all contribute to what makes it one of the best ever.


1. The Last of Us (PlayStation)

A swan song for the seventh generation of consoles, The Last of Us is a storytelling masterpiece. Combine this with an engaging narrative, relatable characters with valid motivations, and a polished gameplay with stealth and shooter elements, this game is arguably the best zombie apocalypse game ever released.

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