Top 11 Games Like Dead Island

Games Like Dead Island
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Check out the top 11 games like Dead Island to satiate your horror needs. 

Can't get enough of Dead Island? Have you played it so much that you can quote the dialogue or maybe you've just beaten it and you need a new fix? Now try out these top 11 games like Dead Island for a new and thrilling adventure. 

11. Contagion (2014)

Developer: Monochrome LLC

Genre: Survival horror, FPS

Theme: Man vs zombie

We can't ever tire from zombie games. Keep the zombie vibe going strong with Contagion.

In this game players can choose from eight survivors to control in three types of game modes: survivor, strong hold, and player vs player. Each gaming session is unique with the game's randomization system. But get used to seeing tons of limbs and organs fly around, that's a staple. 

Catch a flick and fight for your life all in the same night

Contagion gives players access to over 28 pieces of vital equipment that range from firearms, melee weapons, explosive, support items, and tools. Players need to do everything that they can in order to uphold their humanity. Regardless of what mode you are playing, when you die you become a zombie. Player zombies have a number of perks like spiriting and screaming, which gathers more zombies.

The game features multiplayer for up to four players and vs multiplayer for up to eight players. Another bonus for players is that all DLCs are free, regardless of when they are released. Contagion won't let players go so easily.

Contagion's official website

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