15 Best Multiplayer Horror Games You Should Play With Your Buddies

Best Multiplayer Horror Games
No horror game list is complete without a masked killer

15 of the best multiplayer and coop horror games to play with your friends

From zombies to post apocalyptic wastelands of terror to classic slasher, we have something for everyone looking for a terrifying good time with their friends. If you're looking to settle a score and prove you're the best zombie slayer, scare the crap of your friend, or just have a good time, these multiplayer horror games will not disappoint.

15. Miscreated

A gritty, hyper-realistic survivor game in which you must battle zombies, mutants, and Mother Nature herself in the aftermath of nuclear fallout caused by The Final War and corporate arms dealers. Set amongst a wild, untouched, and radioactive landscape, this game's aesthetic use common word is similar to Walking Dead and is a little too realistic for comfort.

The game requires players to build a base for survival and invite other players to work with them on their base. You can choose whether or not you want to interact with the other characters or fight the nuclear apocalypse alone. Hint: going alone not recommended. Miscreated features realistic day and night cycles and inclement weather conditions you must fight to survive, such as mutants hiding in heavy fog. Currently in the early access phase, Miscreated has the potential to be a huge hit.


14. Hunt: Showdown 

In this game, you're a bounty hunter assigned to track down and kill monsters lurking in the Louisiana swamp. The more monsters you hunt, the more advanced weapons and gear you can buy with your rewards. If the swamp monster gets to you first, you lose your gear and your custom character.

Hunt: Showdown allows for up to five players for the ultimate multiplayer experience. Build your monster fighting army, or Bloodline in the gameplay and banish the swamp monsters for good. This hybrid survival-horror monster shooter combines the group element of shooter games with the thrill and atmosphere of survival horror.


13. Dead By Daylight

Get two games in one with this multiplayer (4 vs 1) that allows players to switch between roles of killer and victim. Decide which role you want to play, stalk your friends, or be one of the victims and escape the savage killer.

The killer plays in first-person while the survivors play in third. Survivors can band together to escape the killer increasing their chance or survival, or can go off on their own and increase their chances of meeting their deaths at the hands of the killer. This games goes beyond the normal and every level and gameplay session is different. The Killer also chooses what they want to play as including a slasher or a supernatural entity creating a total unique multiplayer gaming experience.


12. DeadSpace 3

This sci-fi horror survival game takes place on various planets after humans have colonized space and need a new energy source. The game possesses a drop-in feature for online co-op mode allowing for other players to join the game and unlock additional story lines, characters, and weapons.

The drop-in feature opens up different side quests only available in that mode. Battle the franchise's villain, Nercomorphs, violent space zombies resulting for an extraterrestrial virus determined to spread the infection to any unaffected organism they find. DeadSpace 3 lets you play as franchise recurring characters Isaac Clarke and soldier John Carver. In this installment, Clarke and Carver are sent to alien landscapes and ice-covered planets on a mission to find the source and origins of the Necromorph outbreak.


11.The Forest

With a whopping 9/10 rating on Steam, The Forest is a terrifying first-person narrative where you play as a lone survivor of a plane crash in a mysterious and deadly forest full of mutant cannibals.

This immersive survival horror requires building, hunting, and scavenging to stay alive all while battling the elements and cave-dwelling cannibals. Multiplayer mode allows for your friends to join in to help survive the horrors of The Forest.

Still in early access on Steam, with positive reviews rolling in daily, this action-packed, creepy game is destined for success.


10. White Noise 2

Another 9/10 game with a 4 vs 1 mode where you and your friends are a part of paranormal investigation team tasked with hunting down horrifying creatures. Play as the investigators or as one of the many creatures.

With regular updates, this game is worth the price as it becomes many games in one full of creepy crawlies, interesting landscapes, classic survival horror motifs with but a modern twist. White Noise 2 is the game equivalent of found footage horror.


9. Deceit

Imagine waking up in an asylum with five other people. Three of you are infected with a virus, but you don't know who...yet. The power goes out and you must navigate through the creepy asylum while trying to avoid the viral infection which causes the infected to take another form.

With an environment designed to induce conflict and distrust amongst players, Deceit is an experiment in psychological terror meets first person shooter. The narrative forces you to choose between collaborating with your fellow players to find the asylum exit, or turn against them.

Described as "a game of trust and deception" the aptly-titled Deceit sounds like it very well could pull a Monopoly and ruin some friendships.


8. No More Room in Hell

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth." That is exactly what happens in this highly rated survival horror inspired by the works of the late George Romero. Zombies have taken over the world due to a virus of unknown origins. Many theories exist on how and why the virus came to be, but no one can decide on a concrete answer.

While squabbling about the origins of the virus ensues, a group of uninfected survivors must work together to hopefully send the dead back to hell. A variety of zombies to kill, including the classic slow ramblers and faster members of the undead, and over 30 weapons that you must scavenge this is the perfect game to test the survivor skills of your friends.


7. Friday the 13th

The immensely popular film series gets a modern twist in this third-person multiplayer. For the first time play as the hockey-masked menace. Stalk your prey at Camp Crystal Lake and unlock kill, weapons, and different versions of Jason from the movies.

Or, play as a partying camp counselor and run from the legendary slasher as he gets his revenge. Each counselor is programed with a certain skill, strengths, and weaknesses. Work together with other players utilizing your each unique skill set to escape Camp Crystal Lake alive.


6. Left 4 Dead 2

Ten years after the release of the original Left 4 Dead, the sequel is still going strong. In this game, players battle the undead across the American South from the swamps of Louisiana to beauty of Savannah, Georgia. As you fight both swamp and city zombies, players will be given tasks to obtain weapons ranging from the classic chainsaw to a frying pan.

You'll encounter a variety of undead foes ranging from run-of-the-mill zombies to Mudmen, terrifying muddy members of the undead!

Left 4 Dead 2 is an update on the classic co-op survival horror game.


5. Resident Evil™ 5

One of the most popular games in one of the original and most famous survival horror franchises, Resident Evil 5: Biohazard follows fan favorite character Chris Redfield as he travels to a fictional African region to investigate a biological agent that has been turning the population into mutated creatures.

Released in 2009 by game giant Capcom, Biohazard is still an excellent play almost ten years later. This is a classic, third person shooter, co-op game play experience in the infamous franchise. This installment departs some from the previous four games in the series and focuses more on action than survival horror, but still deserves a spot on this list.

As of September 2017, Biohazard has sold over 7.2 million copies making it Capcom's best-selling game and the best selling game in the Resident Evil franchise.


4. Contagion

Described as "gory and addictive" Contagion isn't your average zombie shooter game. Funded completely through Kickstarter, Contagion features three different modes: hunted, a free play deathmatch surrounded by zombies with the goal of being the last living player, escape, a co-op mode in which 8 players kill zombies while completing various missions, and extraction, a mode where players rescue survivors.

Each mode offers a different objective and gaming experience, all with one thing in common...when a player res they becoming a zombie and thus another threat to fight!

The game encourages intelligence and resourcefulness to survive and win. Perfect for a group that loves a challenge.


3. Dying Light

Fight against parkour zombies in this first-person, survival horror game. Set in a sprawling universe ranging from city, to desert, to the beach, Dying Light features a multiplayer co-op feature to improve kills, scavenge for better weapons and supplies.

The title comes into play at night when the hordes of undead gain new powers and strengths. As the sun goes down, the danger increases and the chance of survival decreases.

The game features several modes, including an online exclusive mode where you see the game from the flip side and play as the zombie. Featuring stunning, realistic graphics, Dying Light is a traditional zombie game with flair.


2. Killing Floor 2

This two-person shooter game has expanded into modes with 6 and 12 players for twice the fun. Set in Europe, a group of civilians band together to get to the bottom of a deadly mutating virus after society, government, and the military collapse. Set one month after the events of Killing Floor in which a mad scientist's military cloning experiment goes awry.

Killing Floor features notoriously graphic gore beyond the normal blood spatters, including entrails and severed limbs in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Not recommended for the faint of heart.


1. Cry of Fear

The number one entry is perhaps the creepiest on the list. Psychological horror, disturbing delusions, and supernatural creatures create a cinematic and atmospheric terror. Wonder through a deserted, cold Scandinavian town at night as you try to unravel the never-ever mystery.

Features over 24 weapons, single and multiplayer modes, Cry of Fear is a deep immersion into terror. As a bonus, there are multiple endings.

Rated 10/10 on Steam, players describe the game as "mysterious", "unnerving", and "just plain scary." One reviewer ominously wrote, "don't play if you're a cheerful person". Perfect for a group of friends who've seen every horror movie, played every horror game, and want to get scared.

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