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What Secrets Lie Within?

35. Saw Maze

"Finally! The way out of Ikea!"

This mysterious puzzle doesn’t appear on your pip-boy map, but it can be found in the parking lot connected to Fallon’s Department Store. Simply follow the arrows to the underground entrance, and you’ll find yourself in a booby-trapped maze leading to rigged loot.  

34. Carhenge

What a beautiful and mysterious culture.

Someone’s been worshipping Chryslus Motors. When you travel directly south of Walden Pond, you’ll come across a strange formation of cars stacked to look like Stonehenge. Maybe you’ll even meet the artist nearby!

33. Christmas in Diamond City

"Fa la la la la!"

Even post-apocalyptia celebrates the most wonderful time of the year. Travel to Diamond City when the in-game clock reaches Christmas day, and you’ll get to share in the festive sights—string up the lights and bring out the cocoa!  

32. Developer Room

If nobody ever finds out, can you really call it cheating?

PC gamers rejoice, because you can only reach the Developer room using the computer-exclusive console commands. Open up the console with “~“ and type in “COCQASMOKE” to enjoy all the game’s items (weapons included) to your heart’s content.

31. Lighthouse Cult

A classic location for creepy goings-on.

Head south of Poseidon Energy to reach the Kingsport Lighthouse, which has been taken over by radical followers of the Children of Atom. This may be a reference to the town of Kingsport from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, where cultist rituals took place.

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