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What Secrets Lie Within?

5. JAWS Easter Egg

Killer sharks are one thing, but killer mutant sharks are another. If you travel northwest of Diamond City, you’ll come across a boat along the river shore. Aboard the boat you’ll find the corpse of a mutant sea creature besides the skeleton of Quint, the shark hunting fisherman from the movie JAWS.

4. Good Will Hunting Easter Egg

Matt Damon never had a chance to solve this math problem.

Inside the C.I.T. Ruins you’ll find the skeletal remains of a janitor besides a chalkboard. The familiar drawings are from a scene in Good Will Hunting, though they’re only halfway complete. Someone got a little interrupted by the war.

3. Alien Easter Egg

An obscure reference only the determined would look for.

During a Brotherhood of Steel quest for Scribe Haylen, you’ll pick up a piece of tech called a flux sensor. Examine the back of the device to see the following inscription: “FLUX SENSOR CM-88B 180924609”. This is the model and registration number of the USCSS Nostromo, the ship from the movie Alien.

2. True Detective Easter Egg

Sounds about right.

If you read through the Brotherhood of Steel terminal in Cambridge Police Station, you’ll find a report playfully poking at Rust Cohle, a main character in the first season of True Detective.

1. Blade Runner Easter Eggs

There’s not one but two nods to Blade Runner in Fallout 4. The first is in Diamond City. A robot named Takahashi runs a noodle shop similar to the guy in the movie. They even share the same line!  

The second easter egg can be found on the roof of Mass Fusion Containment Shed. A posed mannequin and the body of a raider depicts the final scene between Deckard and Roy. Visit during a rainy night for better effect.   

There are so many insane things to see in Fallout 4. All these imbedded secrets make the game even wilder. Checking out secrets is fun, but stumbling upon them is exhilarating! Have you come across any hidden gems or easter eggs? Share your discoveries in the comments below.

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